Did you ever wonder where a "Return to Misty Moorings" scenery designer goes to get warm after fighting all the ice, snow, rain, fog, cold ..... well, here's where I go to "warm up" and "relax." Probably the opposite geographical extreme from the beautiful and icy Misty Fjords of Alaska is the equally beautiful and tropical Hawaiian Islands. There are wonderful airports and air fields and strips in Hawaii, however, being a bush pilot, enjoying all the water landings ... you will find there is a big shortage of lakes in Hawaii. You will also find there are wonderful water landings at the port docks for all of the islands, but few facilities where you could "tie up" ... grab a quick lunch at a Brad's BBQ and sit back in the cockpit with the windows open and enjoy the tropical breezes. So if you don't have it, and you are an RTMM scenery designer, you make it yourself!

I have worked only on the dockage areas for this scenery set, mostly where the Matson barges tie up to deliver supplies to the islands. So all of these are associated with water. I've tried to keep them as realistic as possible, (having been to most of these myself), and placing the "most appropriate" objects into the Hawaii Photoreal. The photoreal actually gives me exact placement for objects. You can click on the thumbnails for the locations to see a larger picture of the location.

Vehicles: If you are a bush pilot on vacation, you will want to fly your float planes and amphibians. These scenery locations are made for those and for boats and ships. My personal favorite plane is the Misty Grumman Goose (click on image at the bottom of this table to get it), and you can get the Smit Roterdam and NordHavn from Deltasim. The Misty Goose will get you there at 190 mph, and the ships can be tweaked for about 30 knots. Another interesting vehicle is the CIRP Project hovercraft .. about 60 mph. (download it here). This is a great way to be on the water, but move faster.

Scenery-wise, for a place like Hawaii, PhotoReal works perfectly ... when you are flying over it, it cannot look more real and PhotoReal Hawaii is about as good as you can get. One drawback to photoreal, all the autogen buildings get wiped out. So if you are in a boat coming up to the dock at water level, it is like coming up to a desert island (all flat). I've put buildings into the dock areas and, since I have personally seen most of these, I've been able to recreate the "feeling" of these locations. Of course we are limited by the objects, but if you have visited any of these, you will recognize them. I've used the photoreal to "place" things ... the photoreal "paintings" tell me where to place the objects like jettys, ships, docks and buildings. So I've tried to match the photoreal with the objects, the objects I've placed are where objects should be.

Remember, Lahaina (Mau'i) was a whaling port. You can download the HMS Bounty from Avsim and sail by wind power only feeling just what it was like in this EXCELLENT replication of the Bounty. The attention to detail on this model is quite amazing. Here is a way to seehow the early visitors (tourists?) got around!

Object Libraries: If you use RTMM scenery, you already have the scenery libraries necessary for "Doug's Hawaii." If you need them, you can download them HERE. You will need ORBX Global/Vector and you should not use the "hybrid" mode. In the readme with each scenery location is a "how to" on getting the necessary object libraries, and all of the recommended packages for making this a great tropical vacation. And once you have your tan, and your temperature is back up to 98.6°, then you can head back to Misty's Place for a change.

I'm doing this mostly for my own personal pleasure, this is not meant to be a "commercial" site, nor a totally realistic site. I have added a little dockage for the Lahaina Princess at most of the ports I've done. Eventually, I'll make these AI to actually travel to the docks. Also, this is a work in progress, and as I work on it, I will update the "Change Log" below so you know if you have the latest. If you have comments on this, you can contact me at EFMM Comments. I hope you enjoy the locations.

Enjoy and Aloha!

NOTAM: The "10m mesh by  (Ray Taburet)" is recommended for Hawaii Photoreal ... it is NOT being used for "Doug's Hawaii" ... if you have it and want to use Doug's Hawaii, please "uncheck it" and Doug's Hawaii will show up for you. I'm making this scenery mostly for RTMM fans with ORBX Global and Vector, and who use the RTMM modified scenery packages.

NOTAM: This site is an extension of Return to Misty Moorings so all of the Copyrights and Policies of Return to Misty Moorings apply to this site. (See Details). If you have comment or questions on this page, you can contact me at EFMM Comments

NOTAM: There is a "tsunami" or "water anomaly" just off the coast of PHLI Lihue Airport on Kauai. You can fix this by going to ORBX Global, look for ADE_FTX_FTXG_PHLI_CVX.bgl and turn it off replacing "bgl" with "off". ADE_FTX_FTXG_PHLI_CVX.off ... the problem will go away.

What you will need, waypoints and updates ....

What you will Need:

  1. All RTMM (Return to Misty Moorings) Object Libraries Installed (Here)
  2. ORBX Global/Vector (Here)
  3. PhotoReal Hawaii (Here)
  4. Doug's Hawaii Locations installed (See below)

Waypoint List: (These can be added to your GPS ... here is HOW)

  • HI001 ... PHNL SPB, Oahu
  • HI002 ... Lono Harbor, Molokai
  • HI003 ... Kaunakakai Port, Molokai
  • HI004 ... Kaumalapau Port, Lana'i
  • HI005 ... Manele Bay, Lanai'i
  • HI006 ... Lahaina, Mau'i
  • HI007 ... Ma'alaea, Maui
  • HI008 ... Hana, Maui
  • HI009 ... Kahului, Maui
  • HI010 ... Pako'o, Molokai
  • HI011 ... Hilo, Hawai'i
  • HI012 ... Kona, Hawai'i

Change Log:

  • 06.20.2015 - Added Pako'o on the eastern shore of Molokai
  • 06.20.2015 - lowered fuel dock at Lahaina so wings would clear amphibians
  • 06.22.2015 - added another ship in a "white spot" at Kaunakakai Port. Added to the NAVIGATION bgl marking navigational obstacles along the northern Maui coast.
  • 06.23.2015 - added the Hilo port area, fixed floating buoy at Hana in the Navigation folder, also added some bushes around a "flying building" at Hana.
  • 06.25.2015 - added Kona. Quite a bit of landscaping on this one to make it realistic.
  • 06.10.2016 - put all of the scenery locations into a single zip folder. One file to download and activate.


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Sail Plans for Shipping

PHNL SPB to Kaumalapau Port, Lana'i

  • Start at PHNL SPB
  • Clear the SPB Harbor
  • Set heading for 113° and clear Diamond Head
  • Set GPS for LNY14
  • Set GPS for HI004
  • Navigate to dock

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Scenery Files for Doug's Hawaii

All of the scenery locations listed can be downloaded with the single Zip this button:

NOTAM: This was updated 02.22.2017 for the new Photoreal PLUS - And we are still updating, this is interim.

Click to Enlarge
Hana, Maui
By Doug Linn -6.05.2015

This was probably the "saddest" location rendition I've encountered. Buildings flying in the air, water running up the mountains ... a total mess. Don't believe me? Check this BEFORE and this AFTER. See the difference.

Water Position: N20 45.4796 --- W155 59.1027 --- Heading 337.8
Helo Position: N20 45.3400 --- W155 58.7288
Waypoint: HI008

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Maui v.0.95 Setup.exe

Hilo, Hawaii (Big Island) - 07.11.2015

Here is Hilo, one of my favorite Hawaiian ports. Very active with lots of water activites happening. This port has an unusually large jetty or breakwater which makes for a quiet and expansive bay area, enhancing all sorts of water activities ... from sailing to Hawaiian canoe racing. Another very active Matson port, supplying the Big Island.

Water Position: N19 43.7462 --- W155 3.3929 --- Heading 251.7
Helo Position: N19 43.7644 --- W155 3.2907
Waypoint: HI011

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Maui v.0.95 Setup.exe

Kahului, Maui
By Doug Linn -6.07.2015

Some misplaced ORBX objects, worked around those, put a cruise ship in to cover the freighter. Added the Lahaina Princess site with a fuel trigger for airplanes. Put a helipad on the small dock.

Water Position: N20 53.5986 --- W156 28.1317 --- Heading: 218.9
Helo Position:N20 53.7053 --- W156 28.1186
Waypoint: HI009

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Maui v.0.95 Setup.exe

Kaumalapau Port, Lana'i
By Doug Linn 05.29.2015

The main shipping port for the island of Lana'i. This is an interesting port as the land flows, seemingly, down onto the dock (which is actually built around it). The facilities include a helipad, fuel, water dock and a terminal for the Lahina Princess.

Water Position: N20 47.3025 --- W156 59.4806 --- Head: 238.4
Helo: N20 47.2216 --- W156 59.5295
Waypoint: HI004

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Lanai v.1.0 Plus Setup.exe

Kaunakakai Port, Molokai
By Doug Linn - Updated 6/26/2015 (Compat with Hawaii Photoreal Molokai)

The main entry port for shipping for Molokai. Locaated on a spit of land extending out into the sea. The scenery includes a dock and terminal for the Lahina Princess, a dock for float planes, a ramp for amphibians and fuel.

Water Position: N21 4.8227 --- W157 1.6897 --- Head: 215
Amphib (land): N21 4.87 --- W157 1.6791 --- Head: 203
Heipad:N21 4.8525 --- W157 1.7056
Waypoint: HI003

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Molokai v.0.99 Plus Setup.exe

Click to Enlarge
Kona on Hawai'i (Big Island)
By Doug Linn - 07.11.2015

A lot of work on this one, like Lahaina, it gives you the "feel" for it even though the objects are never perfect. But walk from the dock area toward the church on the sidewalk by the seawall and you are "there". The cruise ship "docks" offshore at this location. The Kona Airport is nearby (PHKO). There is no "real" helipad at the dock on Kona, but I put one in for our helicopter folks. See Before / After pics and the Seawall Sidewalk.

Water Position: N19 38.3557 --- W155 59.7939 --- Head: 152.3
Helipad: N19 38.3573 --- N19 38.3573
Waypoint: HI012

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Maui v.0.95 Setup.exe

Lahaina, Maui
By Doug Linn - Updated 06.20.2015

My favorite place in Hawaii ... I couldn't exactly duplicate it because some of the "scenery" objects are already there, so I had to build "around" them. But if you have ever been there, you will recognize it, especially in the marina area. Also with the Hawaii PhotoReal, I tried to place objects over the "painting" so from the air, it all blends together perfectly. If you can't find me, look here first ... I know where the "shave ice" store is!

Water Position: N20 52.3458 --- W156 40.7377 --- Heading: 145.3
Helo Position: N20 52.4872 --- W156 40.7239 --- Altitude: 36 feet
Waypoint: HI006

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Maui v.0.95 Setup.exe

Lono Harbor, Malokai
By Doug Linn - Updated 6.26.2015 (Compat with PhotoReal Hawaii Molokai)

A short flight from Honolulu on the southwestern shore of Molakai, you'll find Lono Harbor. It comes with two lodges, walking paths through palm forests. There is a campsite, a dock and a fueling station, a helipad and a small airstrip for small wheeled aircraft (C182). This is a man-made harbor, but the finishing touches we've put on it make it a fine resort to fly to. There is a lot of exploring you can do here with a segway or a jeep.

Water Position: N21 5.2042 --- W157 15.0358 --- Head: 171.1
Air Strip: N21 5.4961 --- W157 14.3782 Head: 217.6
Waypoint: HI002

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Molokai v.0.99 Plus Setup.exe

Internet References:

Ma'alaea, Maui
By Doug Linn -6.04.2015

The Maʻalaea District of Maui is located in Central Maui about six miles south of Wailuku, where the Honoapiʻilani Highway (Hwy 30) reaches the south coast. There are plenty of things to keep you busy for a full day in Maʻalaea. You can begin with a morning snorkeling or whale-watching cruise followed by an afternoon visit to the Maui Ocean Center. You can end the day with an evening sunset walk on Maʻalaea Beach and then dinner at one of the harbor area's excellent restaurants, Brad's is there!!!

Water Position: N20 47.4962 --- W156 30.6606 --- Heading 237.5
Helo Position: N20 47.4722 --- W156 30.8290
Waypoint: HI007

Hawaii Photoreal needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Maui v.0.95 Setup.exe

Manele Bay, Lanai'i
By Doug Linn 06.01.2015

This is where the rich people go ... you know the names ... this is where they live! I've enhanced the little fishing harbor, and added a (fictitional) shipping port and a dock for the Lahina Princess. This is a fairly detailed and expansive scenery. (Hey, if you have the money, spend it!

Water Position: N20 44.3636 --- W156° 53.1370 --- Heading: 181.3
Helo Position: N20 44.3394 --- W156° 53.1815
Waypoint: HI005

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Lanai v.1.0 Plus Setup.exe

Navigation Markers for EFMM
By Doug Linn - Updated 06-23-2015

If you are boating near the shoreline going around the islands, there are several areas where there is very shallow water that extends some distance from the shoreline, these are the remnents of the lava flows created when the islands were forming. I have placed navigational markers (lighted buoys) on these areas so you will know to navigate to the "outside" of them to stay safe. Also, don't be surprised if you see an occasional whale breaching the offshore areas. As I work on this project and circle the islands, I add the navigation markers ... check the "update" date often, this file will change with time.

Honolulu International Sea Plane Base
By Doug Linn - 05.29.2015

NOTAM: NOT compat with Hawaii Photoreal Oahu

Once you fly to Hawaii and land at Honolulu International, take a taxi over to the Sea Plane Base . You can fly an amphibian and start of on "dry land" or you can start with a float plane at the dock. There is fuel available.

Land Position: N21 19.0328 --- W157° 54.7653 ---Heading: 184.9
Water: N21 19.0103 --- W157 54.7815 --- Heading: 47.4
Waypoint: HI001

Pako'o Harbor, Moloka'i
By Doug Linn - 06.20.2015

Just a safe harbor in a storm. A fuel supply is available. Located on the Eastern Shore of Molokai in the interesting "fishpond" area. An amphibian can "climb up" onto the shore easily and park near the lodge, but there is no landing strip. Very close to the actual location, see the Google Earth view HERE.

Water: N21° 4.30' --- W156° 47.88' --- Heading: 293.2
Waypoint: HI010

Hawaii Photoreal Needed: Hawaii Photoreal Vol. 2 - Molokai v.0.99 Plus Setup.exe

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