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The Misty Flying Club and Misty Multi Player Project

Frequently Asked Questions and Facts

PART 1 - Misty Flying Club (VA)

  • There are many Virtual Airlines (VAs) available for flight sim enthusiasts. At RTMM, we wanted to create something a little different:
    1. A "VA" that is "more casual" or even "lite" ... more in the style of bush flying. For that reason, we are calling this a "Flying Club" rather than a formal "VA".
    2. Bush flying, unlike most commercial flying, is far less defined and almost all VFR. There are no formal airways or IFR flights. There are no "controllers" and the major rule is simply "Safety First."
    3. The flights offered by the Flying Club will take you to all of the regions and scenery locations in RTMM. We have placed our many scenery locations carefully so that, when they are visited, some of the most beautiful scenery in the world can be explored and enjoyed.
    4. The "routes" and "tours" are all stored and can be obtained at the Misty Flying Club Page.
    5. Rules: The Misty Flying Club is only for use flying the RTMM Areas (PFJ, PNW, SAK, Tongass X, BWEP area. "Doug's Hawaii" may also be included at a later date to give you a break from the snow and ice! So these will be the only flights that are "validated" on the site. The other rule is that you must land at less than 600 fpm (not crash!) to have the flight validated.

PART 2 - Misty Multi Playermultiplayer

  • "Misty Multi Player (MM)" - The second part of the Misty Flying Club will be the multi player function. We will be using FSCloud for Sim Connections and DISCORD for communications. Both of these programs suit all of our purposes and goals very well.
  • Two Part Web Page - For the above reasons, there will obviously be two parts to this web page, MFC and Multi Player. There are navigation links to quickly get you from place-to-place on the page.

What is the Misty Flying Club?

  • Misty Flying Club (MFC) will be the operational avenue or OPS Division of RTMM and using a group of systems which provide the operational environment.
  • This is the operational side of RTMM. The Flying Club Division of sorts that creates a structured documented system in which to explore the scenic areas of Alaska and BC and all the RTMM scenery, enhancements and other add-ons that have been created for these areas and captures all the #flights, flight hours, departures and arrivals for a pilot in a personal and system logbook. So a pilot can knows and see what he has flown, and can further see what there is to explore into other areas in a structure way if a pilots want to do that. But that is only the start as more over-time is added plus more flights and routes to fly as well as "Flying Events" using "Misty Multi player".
  • MFC is a method of the capturing or logging of Flight simulation flights (FSX, P3D primarily) that can be flown by a pilot.

Why is it called "Misty Flying Club" rather than Misty's Flying Club?

  • "Misty's Flying Club would make it the ownership of Misty. But this isn't about Misty (the fictional lady) or Misty's Place. "Misty" in this case describes the flying....as in "clear weather flying or misty flying". This matches our theme of Misty Moorings. That is why the name was created in this fashion.

What is the Target Geographical Area?

  • where MFC/RTMM is primarily based in the areas of Alaska and BC.
    • ORBX PFJ - Pacific Fjords
    • ORBX PNW - Pacific Northwest
    • ORBX SAK - SE Alaska
    • Tongass X - Tongass Forest Area
    • ORBX Global Base/Vector - BWEP - RTMM's Pipeline Scenery

How will these work, software needed?

We are building the site that will handle the routes and the software for the Misty Flying Club. When it is ready for beta, it will be announced.

Software for "Misty Flying Club" MFC .................................................................

1.CIGAR BOX (the magic box holding all the tours). You download this from the BOTTOM of the downloads page on the Admin Center web page. (This is actually out special module for KACARS II.

2. Route and Tour downloads from the Misty Flying Club Page. (Located in the left column of the Admin Center...click on "Downloads."

Software for "Misty Multi Planer" ...

1. DISCORD for Chat/Voice COMMs (Chat or voice Comms). (Voice works best or Group VFR Multi Player events or group flying)
Software download and install: https://discordapp.com/

2. FSCloud for Multi player - This connects you to a server where your friends will be flying. It is found at https://fsc24.net/fsc24/

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PART 1 - Installation and Usage


Misty Flying Club Setup:

  1. Register on the Misty Flying Club Web Page.
  2. Set up your user Name and Password
  3. Download the "Cigar Box II" ... at the bottom of the Admin Center page /downloads link in the left column. ... and install it using the name and password you set up to register at MFC. When asked for the url, use this: http://www.mistymooringsflyingclub.com/

Setting up your first "PiRep" (Pilot Report) Tour at MFC

  1. Open the CIGAR BOX... Make sure the "url" is http://www.mistymooringsflyingclub.com/
    • If everything is set ok, you will see a "good conneection" in the lower right corner in red.
  2. Log in (first time) with your new Pilot ID and your password for the MFC site
  3. Go to the MFC site on the TOUR CENTER page and select a tour
    • All of the available tours are listed there "
  4. When you SELECT a tour, you must "sign up "for it. Go to the bottom of the page for "Tour Signup".
  5. You will get a page with the tour details .. after "book flight" you will see a "Fly Leg" shortcut, click on it
  6. When your bid is accepted ... view the bid and it has a flight number, example: MFC431 (note it)
  7. Go back into the Cigar Box. Under PIREP Data, put this flight number for the tour into the Flight Number box. The PiRep fills in with the data for the leg. Go to the lower left and in the dropdown, select your aircraft. Be sure to click on "load aircraft".

Setting up your Sim for the Tours and Routes

There are many ways you can set up tours and flight plans in your sim. Here is the procedure I use and it works very well:

  1. In your USER/Documents area add a folder named Prepar3D Flight Sets or FSX Flight Sets if you have FSX.
  2. In that folder, make two folders: MFC Flight Plans and RTMM Flight Plans.
  3. For MFC Tours: When you select a tour, go to the MFC Admin Center/Downloads area and download the zip containing the tour information. In that zip will be a folder named 2. FP (.pln). Copy the contents of that folder and paste it into your new MFC Flight Plans folder. (When downloading the next set of plans, you can first DELETE the contents of this folder then put the new tour plans into it).
  4. For RTMM Flight Plans: Go to the RTMM HERE2THERE Page and click on the RTMM FLIGHT PLANS button. This takes you to the table where you will find the latest "zip" folder containing all of the flight plans to all of the RTMM locations (there are about 800 of them). Put the contents of that latest folder into your new RTMM Flight Plans folder. (When you update these, getting the latest RTMM Flight Plans.zip, be sure to first DELETE all of the plans in that folder before you put in the new ones).
  5. Browsing for your Flight Plans: When you want to load an MFC or RTMM flight plan, you open your simulator's FLIGHT PLANNER and select the BROWSE button. Go to your "Flight Sets" folder and pick either MFC Flight Plans or RTMM Flight Plans. Press OK. Now browse down through the plans until you find the one you want, click on it and say OK. That plan is then put into your simulator.

NOTAM on RTMM Flight Plans: These are continually being updated. Norm Richards is painstakingly coming down the entire list and setting up each pln file so it can be used with the MFC Cigar Box. It will take some time to have all of these done, but you will find 300 or more of them "ready" for use now.

To FLY the Leg:

  1. Put the flight number for the tour or plan into the "flight plan number" box in the CIGAR BOX.
  2. Make sure your flight planner has LOADED the route or plan to your computer and you are sitting at a "cold / dead" start.
  3. Go to Cigar Box and click on "Start Flight". (Every action you make in the sim is now recorder).
  4. Minimize Cigar Box and fly the leg.
  5. When you have landed and parked, open the CIGAR BOX and click on "Stop Flight". I will say "PIREP READY". Then you click on FILE PIREP. This sends the information on your flight back to MFC when it is tabulated.


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PART II - Misty Multi Player


Wikipedia - (For those new to Multi player ... here's the definition)

  • A multi player video game is a video game in which more than one person can play in the same game environment at the same time. Video games are often single-player activities, putting the player against pre programmed challenges or AI-controlled opponents (which lack the flexibility of human thought). Multi player games allow players interaction with other individuals in partnership, competition or rivalry, providing them with social communication absent from single-player games. In multi player games, players may compete against two (or more) human contestants, work cooperatively with a human partner to achieve a common goal, supervise other players' activity, co-op, and objective-based modes assaulting (or defending) a control point. Multi player games typically require players to share the resources of a single game system or use networking technology to play together over a greater distance.

For RTMM, this will be a way to share the RTMM flying experience with others. You can "hook up" with your friends and go find that difficult-to-find cabin. You will be able to "see" the people in the sim with you and you will be able to chat with them live during the flights.

Software Needed:

  • 1. FS Cloud - The Multi Player Software we will be using is "FSCloud". You can download it HERE. Download the software and install it. We are asking the RTMM Team members to use, for example, "RTMM_Doug" or "RTMM_Norm" for their nicknames. This way, you can tell if an RTMM team member is online (so you can ask for help, etc).


  • 2. DISCORD - The "chat" software we use is "DISCORD" and you can find it HERE. Download the software and install it. Download Norm's Ops Manual for it (below) for details on using it.



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