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Introduction to P3D V4
The Following information comes direct from the Lockheed Martin Website:

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RTMM and Prepar3D Version 4

Return to Misty Moorings, RTMM, is going to stay current with the latest technology from Lockheed Martin. As Lockheed moves from a 32 bit to a 64 bit platform, we are quickly assessing our libraries to see if any need to be modified for compatibility.  The good news is that 99% of our files are already compatible with P3Dv4.  Most of the changes that are required are in our Enhancements section that contains some old SimObjects AI models that will no longer be compatible with P3Dv4. 

We will be making the small amount of changes required as quickly as possible to make sure RTMM works smoothly and perfectly for you. This web page is dedicated to that goal as well as providing additional information that will help make moving to P3Dv4 easier for you. The information RTMM places on this page (below) will basically come from our users. We are discussing Version 4 on our forum at HERE. Feel free to join into the discussion. If you have questions, ask them at that forum link. As we get answers and come up with Tips and Tricks, we'll be posting the results on this page.

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P3D-V4 Installation or Conversion

How do we install Tongass X into P3D V4?

(HatTip Dex Thomas) How to move Tongass Fjords to P3Dv4 (an excellent tutorial by Elaine Dixon ("Poppet") who is an excellent technical writer. Here is How from Poppet

Here is how Dex installed Tongass: The tutorial by “Poppet” is a great one for an install. I didn’t do that, I did a copy. I copied the FSAddon folder to P3Dv4 and then copied the 40 entries from the P3Dv3 terrain.cfg and pasted them to the P3Dv4 terrain.cfg and made sure the numbers were correct. If you do this before adding other scenery ( a virgin P3Dv4) the sequence numbers should be correct. Just change the total to reflect the 40 additions. From the P3Dv3 Scenery\World\Scenery I copied the Elevation Corrections for Tongass and Pasted them to the Scenery\World\Scenery folder in P3Dv4. Open your sim and go to the scenery library an add the Tongass Higher and Lower to you scenery.cfg After that, you can open FTX Central and install the regions that you own. In the scenery library you can move Tongass Higher and Lower below the Orbx stuff. The set the insertion point using FTX Central. I have done this procedure numerous times starting with P3Dv1. (07.10.2017)

NOTAM: Dex's procedure should only be used by the person that is familiar with file moving and editing. If you are not familiar with these procedures, then you should use Poppet's "How to".

How do I add the ORBX Regions?

(HatTip Norm Richards) When you install P3D V4, do the update for FTX Central. It will recognize the V4 and give you the list of things that can be downloaded and added. In FTX Central, just click to install. (07.10.2017)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I interface with ORBX once Prepar3D-V4 is installed? Which ones are compatible?

(From Norm Richards): The FTX Central 3.2 update is now available and with it comes the ability to install P3Dv4 ready FTX products into P3Dv4. There is also a important Orbxlibs update that is required for P3Dv4 compatibility. See the full instructions HERE. (07.10.2017)

ORBX Freeware ... is it available?

(HatTip Norm Richards): Freeware will be available as it is converted for P3DV4. You can follow the ORBX thread HERE (07.10.2017)

Henrik Nielson's Global Ship Traffic ... available, compatible?

(HatTip Norm Richards): Henrik Nielson's Global AI Ship Traffic has been updated: V1 and V2. *In v2, 4 models were fixed so this v1 and v2 package is all good for use in Prepar3dv4. (07.10.2017)


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Adding Tongass X to V4 (From P3D V3)

For Scenery Library Adjustment, I highly recommend the Lorbi Addon Organizer found HERE.

1. Copy the the Tongas X Higher Priority and Tongass X Lower Priority files in your P3D Scenery

2. Use Addon Organizer to add these to the scenery library and place them below the RTMM Scenery Libraries and just above the FTXAA_ORBIXLIBS entry.

3. Find the Terrain.cfg file located at PROGRAM DATA/Lockheed Martin/P3D V4 - make a backup of this

4. Go to this AVSIM FORUM THREAD and look at the bottom and you will find 40 "terrain.cfg" entries. Copy these and paste them to the bottom of the terrain.cfg file

5. Look at the last entry above your entries. Add "1" to its number to name the 1st Tongass X texture file. Renumber all of the new Tongass X entries in increasing order (adding 1 to each one).

6. Look at the last texture number you have for your last Tongass X entry. Now go to the top of the folder to the DEFAULT TEXTURE COUNT ... change that number to the last Tongass X entry number.

7. Next you must enter the elevation correction. Go to your P3D 3 Scenery/World/Scenery ... look for these files:

  • AFT_FSX_TF_CAB5_elevation adjustment
  • AFT_FSX_TF_CBM5_elevation adjustment
  • AFT_FSX_TF_CBW4_elevation adjustment
  • AFT_FSX_TF_PAFE_elevation adjustment
  • AFT_FSX_TF_PAKW_elevation adjustment
  • AFT_FSX_TF_PAPG_elevation adjustment
  • AFT_FSX_TF_PASI_elevation adjustment
  • AFT_FSX_TF_PAWG_elevation adjustment

Copy these and paste them into your P3D V4 Scenery/World/Scenery folder.

8.  Before running TFX, an update needs to be made for most of the Tongass AI models or you will experience CTDs.RTMM has identified four TFX AI Airplanes and one Rotorcraft that are not compatible with P3Dv4 now that Lockheed Martin has removed the SimObjects backwards compatibility for AI  models constructed under the FS8 and FS9 SDKs.   This update converts these models to be FSX models so that they will work properly in P3Dv4.  The models converted are the two DHC-3s, the DHC-6, the Dash 7 and the Bell 206L.  (If you don't have these models in your SimObjects folder then this update cannot be made.  Your TFX installation is not complete and you will be missing most of the wonderful TFX AI). (By Rod Jackson)

Here is Rod's update folder for doing this.

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Aerosoft Beaver - Update Procedure for P3D V3

When you open your Aerosoft Beaver in P3D-V4 ... there are gauges missing under the throttle area. Here is how to fix this problem.

Aerosoft Beaver update for P3D-4

Copy Aerosoft Beaver from P3D-V3 to P3D-V4
Download Dehav Beaver Folder:
Put the PANEL folder for it into the Aerosoft Beaver Folder (replacing the one there)
Go to: (Sim Outhouse)
Paste the text displayed there to replace the Virtual Cockpit Files in your panel.cfg file

To Add the Cockpit Sounds:

Go to and read Post #6
Follow the instructions there


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Misc Topics

The ULTIMATE P3D v4 Add-On Update Compatibility List (LINK)

Here is a list of most of the 3rd Party Addons showing you if they are updated, working, not working, etc. This is a very comprehensive list ... he has links to the websites for you too. This is done by Ivana Fly at the skylounge.


Comparison V3 vs V4:
If you are wondering about the difference in performance between P3D-V3 and P3D-V4, this video will help you.


P3D-V3 vs P3D-V4 Performance / FPS

The Above link gives you comparisons in FPS between Version 3 and Version 4

Another Side by Side performance test for P3D-3 vs P3D-4

There is a summary after each of the 3 segments, notice V3 Outperforms V4 at night ... interesting.

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