R E T U R N - TO - M I S T Y - M O O R I N G S


1 Misty's Place

Use FSX starting point for Misty's Place.

Amphib, Float, Heli

We have a long check list ahead of us. It is critical that we get parts at the Totem Bight Operations Center and deliver them to the Fleets Bay Parts Dock ... two fishing trawlers are taking downtime and need the parts badly. However, on our trip we must also investigate a bear/cabin destruction incident at Portage Bay Cabin. Then we move on to the Klinkwan Fish Camp to drop off a passenger then a short hop to the Hunter Bay Cannery to drop off equipment and pick up a broken deaerating heater valve and pick up a passenger for Aiken Bay Cabin. From there on to Fleets Bay to drop off the critical parts. We then fly up the eastern shore of Prince of Wales Island looking for pollution, it has been reported a tanker flushed tanks in this area. We head to Aiken Bay to drop the passenger then on to Dan's Hideaway to pick up a passenger bound for PAKX ... our final destination.

2 Totem Bight Ops Center
Direct Heading: 348
Distance: 8.2 m
Way Point: R103A
(Set your GPS) As we leave Misty's Place, we contact PAKT and ask permission to over fly. Then we fly on to the Totem Bight Operations Center to pick up the critical parts that have been retooled for the trawlers waiting at Fleet Parts Dock. A USFS Ranger meets us while the parts are being loaded to tell us what to expect at the Portage Bay Cabin. The occupants were not injured, but the bear actually broke into the cabin while they were sleeping. The renter fired 3 quick shots from a 30.30 into the ceiling and the bear ran away. But be sure you have some roofing material to patch the cabin's roof ... a 30.30 slug can make a sizable hole!

3 Portage Bay Cabin
Direct Heading: 223
Distance: 28.0 m
Way Point: R208A
(Set your GPS) Leaving Totem Bight, We fly around Vallenar Point coming onto a heading of 195 for 15 miles. This takes us to Cholmondeley Sound. Once in the sound, we'll turn to a heading of 263 and follow the port shore for 13 miles. This "North Arm" of the sound ends, follow the valley, the cabin is 3 miles ahead. Soon you'll see Portage Bay come up, be prepared to land immediately.. The cabin is just as Portage Bay starts It is located on the starboard shore. Land and investigate the reported bear damage, take pictures and fill out the report for the USFS for Portage Bay Cabin. The roof damage was not severe and we fixed that up in about a half hour.

4 Klinkwan Fish Camp
Direct Heading: 141
Distance: 21.6 m
Way Point: R163A
We take off on a heading of 226 then as the inlet turns to port, so do we, holding a rough 150 heading following the Hessa Inlet to Lime Point (a sharp peninsula on port) where we set a heading of about 150 over open water for 3 miles to then following the port shore line which slowly curves to port. When you come to the tiny Ship Islands and Shipwreck Point, set a heading of 078 direct to the Klinkwan Fish Camp. You will see shipping in Hunter Bay, Klinkwan Cove is the small cove to port of that traffic. Land and drop off the passenger (who actually helped us fix the roof at Portage Bay) we thank him and go on toward Hunter Bay.

5 Hunter Bay Cannery
Direct Heading: 094
Distance: 1.25 m
Way Point: R158A
Begin takeoff from the fish camp's pier toward Grave Point. At liftoff, turn to port and make a 180 turn, you will be going down the channel to Hunter Bay Cannery. Watch for shipping traffic here ... some are stationary and some are moving ... also, there is aircraft traffic in the area. We tie up at the dock and a box is loaded onto the plane containing a deaerating heater valve that must be repaired back at Totem Bight. We lash it down and are ready to go, leaving Hunter Bay cannery for Fleet Bay Parts Dock.

6 Fleet Bay Parts Dock
Direct Heading: 114
Distance: 15.0 m
Way Point: R138A
Fleets Bay is on down the coast, From the Hunter Bay Cannery Dock, take off on a heading of 240, once over the ridge,come to 133. Line up on Tah Bay and maintain 133.You then fly over Hessa Inlet. Over the inlet, set a heading of 115. Look ahead for a gap between the hills, fly through that gap. Just beyond the gap is Nichols Bay. When Nichols bay meets the ocean, turn to port and follow the coast. Fleet Bay Parts Dock is on the port shore, 2 miles ahead. As you approach a worker guides you to the unloading area near the fuel pump. (Park in front and get a fill up!). Tie up at the dock and they will unload the parts for the trawlers. You also pick up 2 passengers from the trawler fleet. One lives in Metlakatla. We will drop of the first passenger there. The other is flying out of PAKT this evening, we'll drop him off at PAKX.

7 Metlakatla
Direct Heading: 009
Distance: 30.0 m
Way Point: R175A
We can fly direct to Metlakatla, however we've been asked by the US Coast Guard to fly close to the eastern shore of Prince of Wales Island up to about Moira Sound. We take off from Fleet Bay on the marked channel and turn to port and keep the shore line to port. After we pass Cape Chacon Light, we will be on a heading of about 340 then 360 to follow the coastline. We get the binoculars out from under the seat and start scanning the Clarence Strait and the inlets along the coast for any signs of oil or pollution. It was reported that a tanker came through here last night and flushed some tanks. If we see a sheen, we stop to pick up a sample and take pictures noting the latitude and longitude. Nothing is seen, so at Rip Point, we turn to a heading of 045 for 15 miles to Metlakatla. Beautiful sight as we approach Metlakatla. We tie up at the mooring at Village Point and drop off the trawler captain.

8 Ketchikan SPB (PAKX)
Direct Heading: 321
Distance: 14.0 m
Way Point: PAKX
Leaving Metlakatla, we take off on a heading of 330 and fly across the Nichols Passage on a diagonal to the entrance of the Tongass Narrows. We turn to port into the Narrows flying directly over Pennock Island, we line up and land at PAKX. After landing, we drop off our passenger and tie up for the night. Tomorrow, we'll take the broken deaerating heater valve over to Totem Bight Operations Center as they are probably already closed up for the day. We turn in our reports, give the Coast Guard a call reporting no sighting of the pollution, and head to the ferry to go into Ketchikan to Annabelle's Keg and Chowder house for the best chowder on the coast!

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