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Accidents and emergencies will happen ... it is part of the nature of "the Alaskan Bush." To reflect on this certainty, we have created the RTMM Medical Facilities Page. This gives you key medical facilities for all four RTMM areas. We then "place" emergencies out in the bush, using only waypoints (not flight plans) that you must "find". You will then be instructed to fly to one of the nearest Medical Facilities where a medical reception team will be waiting for you. You can turn these "on and off" using the RTMM Medical Facilities Selector Utility, created by Rod Jackson. This is another way to enhance your enjoyment of flying "From Here to There" in the RTMM area.

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RTMM Medical Facilities - Page Directory
RTMM Medical Facilities Project - Overview

About RTMM Medical Facilities:

  • With all the visitors coming to Alaska, and all the opportunities they have to explore the areas, medical facilities are needed to help them when they get into trouble. If you Google “Tourist accidents in Alaska” you'll get 446,000 “items found.” You'll see everything from heart attacks on cruise ships to helicopter accidents and everything in-between. The medivac helicopters and planes are sufficiently busy in our RTMM area.
  • Many hospital facilities are already in the SAK, PNW, PFJ, Tongass X scenery packages. We are highlighting those and adding facilities where there are none, trying to keep them as “real” as possible in terms of location. We are taking a bit of poetic license by adding “medical docks” nearby the urban facilities so the fixed wing simmers will also be able to participate in the RTMM Medical Dispatches.
  • The RTMM Medical Facilities project puts in urban medical hubs, which are fed by more remote emergency centers, which in turn are fed by accident sites. The RTMM Medical Facilities project will include all three aspects, making this as realistic as we can.
  • This project will have frequent updates as we add facilities and dispatches. Be sure to look for the latest "TEMP" library and the latest RTMM Automated Dispatches.zip and RTMM Facilities.zip.
  • README instructions can be found HERE.
A New Kind of Flying for RTMM
  • At RTMM we usually have detailed flight plans to help you get from "Here2There" low and slow and between the formidable mountains in our areas. We have found the best and safest routes for you. For those used to that flying method, this will be a significant departure.
  • You will be given an emergency waypoint that you put into your GPS (Instructions Below). This gives you an "as the crow flies" or direct route to the target. On a clear day, such flying is easy and quick ... you simply go to an altitude above the mountains and fly the GPS to the target. HOWEVER ... when the weather is bad and you have to stay below 1200 feet ... "how" you get there will depend upon your skills of understand the topography, reading your GPS and "figuring out" how to make the trip safely, yet as quickly as possible. This is a whole new way of flying ... and probably the most realistic we have offered to date.

Starting Points and GPS Functions are Important ... know how to use them!

  • In the dispatches, you will be asked to place your aircraft at a starting point. One of these gives you a latitude, longitude and heading. The other will tell you to start at a certain airport/dock. Please go to the "HOW TO" for Starting Points to make sure you understand how to do these.
  • Also, you will be putting waypoints into your GPS. If you are not familiar with this process, look at the "HOW TO" for GPS Usage so you can practice it and do it easily.

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There are three items you need to download:


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RTMM Medical and APP Libraries - Clicking on the zip button will take you to the table on the Object Library Page where you can find the download for the RTMM Medical and APP Libraries.


To get the latest RTMM Automated Dispatches.zip, download it from the Here2There Page under Dispatches. Click on dispatch button on left to go there.

  • NOTAM ON UPDATING: When Updating, use the SAFE and REPLACE process. Delete the old folder, then put in the new folder.
  • NOTAM FOR OFF/ON: To turn OFF all the dispatches and emergency waypoints, simply UNCHECK the RTMM Medical Dispatches folder in your simulator's scenario library.
  • NOTAM for Other Downloads for the Dispatches: You may have to download a scenery location to make this work. Under "RTMM" below, the scenery you need is listed. Notice, if the scenery has been changed recently, there is a date. This probably means you should download the scenery location and reinstall it. (Use Safe and Replace). You can click on the link there to download the new file.
  • NOTAM: The RTMM Medical Dispatch Selector can be found on the Here2There Page under "Dispatches and Missions/Automated Dispatches".
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RTMM Automated Dispatches - Ready for Use
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  • IF THERE IS NO DATE AND YOU ALREADY HAVE the scenery, then you DO NOT need to re-download it
  • IF YOU ARE NEW AND DO NOT HAVE THE SCENERY, click on the link and it will download for you.

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Google Earth KMZ - RTMM Medical Locations Map

Search, no waypoint Rescue Only Search and Rescue Needed

Evac# ORBX Scenery Links Description Fr/To/By
You can Search and Find on this web page: Apple: Command F, Windows: CTRL-F


SAK WChugach #1 Instructions
Local Map
Glacier hiker injured from fall. Probable injuries are compound fractures & possible Head Trauma. F:Soldotna
Hosp: AK38
By Rod


SAK WChugach #1 Instructions
Local Map
Heart Atack! F:Soldotna
Hosp: AK01
By Rod


PFJ Dean River
Local Map
Cabin Fire at Segutlat Village with Injuries, set up for helo, float and amphibian. F:Dean Riv
T:Dean Riv
Hosp: M012
By Doug


PFJ 1 Eddystone Rock
2 Misty's Place
Local Map
A climber has fallen and needs to be transported to PeaceHealth in Ketchikan. Re-download Misty's Place if you have not. F:Ketchikan
T:Mistys Pl.
Hosp: M031
By Doug


PFJ 1 Wilson River
2 Spud's Creek
Local Map
Bear Attack at Spud's Creek Cabin. Fly from Wilson River Lodge 16 miles to the Cabin, transport to CAC3 F:Wilson Riv
T:Alice Arm
Hosp: M016
By Doug


PFJ   Instructions
Local Map
Skeena River Bridge Automobile Crash. Several injuries, one critical needing Medivac to Prince Rupert, BC F:Pt Simpson
T:Pr Rupert
Hosp: M009
By Doug


PFJ 1 Ocean Falls
2 Whiskey Cove
3 NAC Bases
Local Map
Aircraft crash at Helen's Fright, one of the NAC Bases. Position aircraft and fly from Ocean Falls, (MD21) to the emergency site, then on to the Whiskey Cove Med Dock (MD20). F:Ocean Falls
T:Whiskey Cv
Hosp: M020
By Doug


TF   Instructions
Local Map
Rescue a family stranded when their boat sunk. 2 adults, one child. No major medical problems, exposure. F:Klawock
Hosp: M023
By Doug


PFJ   Instructions
Local Map
Start Misty's Place. Dock woker injured on the cannery floor. They have moved him to the boat dock area. Injury is a broken arm. Fly the patient to the Hydaburg Medical Center (MD25) F:Mistys Pl.
Hosp: M024
By Doug



Local Map
An “SOS” spelled out in rocks and a large bonfire was spotted by a small fixed wing aircraft. People on the ground waving arms. We can land a float plane or a heli at the emergency position. F:Waterfall
T:View Cove
Hosp: M022
By Doug


PFJ Filmore Cove Instructions
Local Map
Hiking in lower glacier area, fall and resulting compound fracture of left leg. Bleeding mostly under control. Expect Shock and need for fluids. F:Filmore Cv
T:Alice Arm
Hosp: M025
By Doug


TF RTMM Docks Instructions
Local Map
Multiple injuries, tree fell on victim in a logging accident. He was moved to the dock in a Logging Truck. F:St Johns
Hosp: M002
By Doug


TF Little Port Walter Instructions Local Map Heart Attack Victim. Conscious, resting in remote cabin. Seems stable. Has had problems before, has self-medicated for stabilization. Pick up victim and transport to Sitka General Hospital. F:Pt Walter
Hosp: M007
By Doug


Gilbert Bay
Local Map
Hiking accident, female victim with broken ankle, conscious and able to move about with assistance. Pick up at Turner Lake East Cabin and transport to Bartlett Regional in Juneau for treatment. F:Gilbert Bay
Hosp: M001
By Doug


Note 2*
Local Map
A fishing boat is on fire and sinking, it was fishing near the Lituya Glacier. Float planes will be picking up the survivors in the water. Helicopters will have to evacuate survivors by hover, there is no place to land except nearby on the glacier. Some survivors have burns, others will have exposure from being in the cold water. F:Gilbert Bay
Hosp: M019
By Doug


TF   Instructions
Local Map
Burn patient brought in from the burning fishing trawler (in E021B) needs transport to Bartlett Regional Hospital S.T.A.T. F:Hoonah
Hosp: M001
By Doug


TF   Instructions
Local Map
Mountain climbing accident. A fall with several broken bones. Will need immediate transport to Bartlett Regional. F:Cape Spen
Hosp: M001
By Doug


TF   Instructions
Local Map
Campers have been overcome with carbon monoxide using a BBQ grill in an enclosed area, it was raining and they moved the grill into their tent. Two are unconscious, one is able to move around and talk. Be sure you have a good supply of oxygen and breathers for 3 people. F:Scud River
Hosp: M002


TF   Instructions
Local Map
A cabin guest has injured himself with a chainsaw. Severe lacerations. Time is of the essence. Pick up patient, one other person and dog. F: False Isld
Hosp: M028
Steve W


TF   Instructions
Local Map
Hunting Accident, gunshot wound. Victim in shock, semi-stable condition, needs fast transport to Telegraph Creek Hospital. Victim has been transported to the Schaft Creek Airstrip for MedEvac. Landing zone is old airstrip (dirt). F:Bob Quinn
T: Telegrh Cr
By Doug


PNW   Instructions
Local Map
Accident at logging facility, fractures and concussion. Need immediate transport to St Josephs General Hospital M010.

F: Tofino Hbr
T: Comox
Hosp: M030
By Doug


PFJ McLeod IceStn Instructions
Local Map
Severe hand injury in maintenance shop, victim is ambulatory. Needs immediate transport to Stewart Trauma Centre.

T:McLeod IS
Hosp: M030
By Doug


PFJ Bronson Creek Instructions
Local Map
Heart Attack at Bell Lodge, Fly from Bronson Creek to the lodge, pick up the victim and return to Stewart Trauma Centre F:Bronson Cr
Hosp: M030
By Steve D


PFJ 1 Summit Ice Stn
2 Soule Glacier

Local Map
CIRP R&R Lodge boating accident, fly from Summit Ice Station to R&R then to Stewart Trauma Centre

F: Summit IS
T: Stewart
Hosp: M030
By Doug


PFJ 1 Mt Mcleod I.S
2 Brads BBQ Stewart

Local Map
Helicpoter Down! Overdue on flight from CZST to Mt McLeod Ice Stn. Unknown location. Start at CZST or Brad's BBQ near Stewart, follow helo last known route. F:Brad's BBQ
Hosp: M030
By: Doug


PFJ 1 Summit Ice Stn
2 Soule Glacier
Local Map
Snow Cat Accident on glacier, victims are near Fred Mackie Research Camp. Need transport to Stewart Trauma Centre. Fly from Soule Landing to Research Camp and return to Stewart Trauma Center. F:Soule Lndg T:Stewart
Hosp: M030
By: Doug


TF   Instructions
Local Map
A dump truck ran into a tanker carrying fuel to the mine. The resulting fire badly burned one of the truck drivers. Victim is in shock with burns, semi-stable condition, needs immediate transport to Telegraph Creek Hospital. Victim has been moved to the Iskut Village Airstrip for MedEvac. F:Dease Lake
T:Telegrph Cr
Hosp: M027
By: Steve D


SAK   Instructions
Local Map
Two victims, near drowning when canoe overturned near their campsite. Both are unconscious but on oxygen and stable. F:Skagway
Hosp: M032
By: Doug


SAK 1 Kloo Lake

Local Map
An ATV overturned injuring the occupant. He has been brought to the Silver City Airport, near the dock. Transport to Whitehorse General Hospital is needed. F:Silver City
Hosp: M032
By: Doug


TF Tongass X
Local Map
Expedition lost, no radio reception, assume an accident. Three people involved, last contact bearing was 020° from SCR8 (Saddle Camp). Locate, and if a medical emergency exists, take the victims to Scud River Trauma Centre, way point M033B

F:Bob Quinn Lake CBW4
T:Telegraph Creek M027B


TF Tongass X
Local Map
Expedition lost, no radio reception, assume an accident. Three people involved, last contact bearing was 020° from SCR8 (Saddle Camp). Locate, and if a medical emergency exists, take the victims to Scud River Trauma Centre, way point M033B

F:SCR8 Saddle Camp
T:Scud River MO33B


TF   Instructions
Local Map
ATV accident some distance from the Shakes Slough Cabins (1 & 2). One person, male. Broken bones and some head trauma. Will need immediate transport to nearest medical facility, Wrangell (PAWG). F:Petersburg T:Wrangell
Hosp: M002
By: Doug


TF   Instructions
Local Map
Multiple vehicle crash, a logging truck and two cars. The truck is on fire. Need transport to Wrangell Airport Hospital Facility as quickly as possible. F:Wrangell T:Wrangell
Hosp: M002
By: Doug


PNW   Instructions
Local Map
Car accident, neck injury, some paralysis. Needs immediate transport to St Paul's
Hospital in Vancouver.
F:Powell Riv T:Vancouver
Hosp: M034
By: Doug


PNW   Instructions
Local Map
Small Aircraft has crashed into a Electrical Utility Pylon. The pilot has been rescued and brought down to the water's edge. Multiple injuries. Needs S.T.A.T. transport to St Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, BC.
Hosp: M034
By: Doug


PFJ   Instructions
Local Map
Smartphone emergency call to local authorities: Severe landslide up valley Nusatsum River and glacier creek from East Saugstad Glacier on narrow road. 1 car hit directly, driver reported dead. Tourist biwack camp involved. Boulders crashed in camping car, no persons in it. Two persons injured, probably bone fractures, maybe abdominal bleeding, stable, actually not critical.
>> Transport: urgent!<<

NOTAM: New Author, Dr. Thomas Menzel

F: Bella Coola
T: Bella Coola
Hosp: M035B
By: Thomas


PNW BCP Lighthouses
BCP Light Plan-G
Local Map
Helicopter: Fly from the helipad at Alert Bay (CYAL) on a heading of 240° for 50 miles to the Quantisno Light area. The Lighthouse is on a small island. Look to the north at the tallest mountain just across the water from the island. You will see a radar tower on the top. Orange smoke is deployed so you can pick up a single victim that has fallen while doing maintenance on the radar tower. A red cross of blankets has been placed in the best landing zone. Fly the victim to Port Hardy Hospital at Waypoint M013H. F: Alert Bay
T: Pt Hardy
Hosp: M013H
By Doug


PFJ (For realism, set weather to Gray and Rainy" , Season at Summer, Time at 3:15 pm.) Instructions
Local Map


Coast Guard Petty Officer Lauren Steenson said the agency received a report around 2:15 p.m. that the plane was overdue. Troopers said an emergency locator transmitter activated in the Misty Fjords National Monument, transmitter position is E044B. This is a Sight-Seeing float plane, based in Ketchikan that carries 8 passengers and a single pilot. Search the area, if the plane is spotted, report exact location and possible rescue efforts needed. (Based on actual accident)

T: Ella Lake
Hosp: None
By Doug




Gilbert BayNAC Bases

Local Map
ATV Quad crash in a little creek close to a tourist cabin. Man and girlfriend injured. The woman was transported to MM hangar at Gilbert Bay Airstrip for fixed wing evac. The injured driver is still at first aid treatment at the emergency location and waits for helo evac. Medical status unknown. Give fast professional help and transport the victims to Trauma Centre Bartlett Regional, Juneau, Ak. F: Randolf Pk
T: Juneau
By: Thomas


Taku Lodge

Local Map
A worker was spilled in the mine and transported by a pickup to the helipad of Tulsequah Chief Mine airstrip. F: Taku Ldge
T: Juneau
Hosp: M01H
By Thomas


PFJ   Instructions
Local Map



This is a search and rescue. A Piper Cub with two passengers aboard is missing on a flight from Ketchikan to Stewart. The pilot was using a hand-held GPS and radioed he was following a course from Mountain Point directly to Stewart CZST and would be at about 5000 feet. Controller Logs show the pilot checked in at 2:11 pm over Mountain Point stating his direct route to CZST. He was lost (normal) in ground clutter on the flight-following radar. At 2:49 pm there was a short burst mayday, then no other communications. The Cub travels at 75 mph. Find the cub, rescue and return to M031 or report position and status of the downed aircraft. F: PAKT
Toward CZST
Hosp: M031
By Doug


PFJ   Instructions
Local Map
A fishing party boat with 18 passengers has had an explosion and fire while fishing in Kendrick Bay on the Prince of Wales Island. Many burn injuries, some broken bones, several people still in the water. Land-based Fired and Rescue have arrived, but the more critical victims must be stabilized. The Remote Medical Facility at Misty's Place is the closest. Patients will be ferried to that facility (MO31) and once stabilized, transported on to Prince Rupert or Juneau. F: PANT
T: Misty's
Hosp: M031
By Doug


SAK   Instructions
Local Map
Fall of the lighthouse chief on a slippery stairway. The right ankle joint is broken und dislocated. He needs surgical treatment. Haines medical facility can accept him, Skagway Dahl Memorial Hospital is actually busy with the management of a railroad accident (E050H). F: ParidiseCv
T: Haines
Hosp: M005
By Thomas


SAK   Instructions
Local Map
A Panoramic Train coming down from White Pass to Skagway Cruise Ship Station went off the rails. Several injured but no life threatening. The emerg. doc will decide which injured have to be evacuated directly to the hospital or can be transported to WPRY Glacier Train Station for ground evacuation, a rescue train already is up from Skagway to take all passenger and minor casualties back to Skagway. F: Haines
T: Wreck
Hosp: M004
By Thomas


PFJ   Instructions
Local Map
Mayday transmission from small fishing boat. Not a medical emergency (yet), the engine has stopped and the boat is in need of a tow. We need to locate the exact lat/long (way point) for the disabled boat and radio back coordinates so the Coast Guard ship can rescue the fisherman and tow the boat to safety. We know the direction of the transmissions from the emergency from three locations, CYPR, PANT and Langura Lighthouse. F: PFJ Area
Return Base

By Doug
BLANK     Instructions
Local Map
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Medical Facilities Alpha-Numeric by M Number
M #Facility NameLocation
M001 Bartlett Regional Hospital Juneau, AK
M002 Wrangell Medical Center Wrangell, AK
M003 Petersburg Medical Center Johnson/Petersburg, AK
M004 Dahl Memorial Hospital Skagway, AK
M005 Haines Medical Dock Haines, AK
M006 PeaceHealth Ketchikan - Deactivated for Payware Ketchikan, AK
M007 Sitka General Hospital Sitka, AK
M008 Central Peninsula Hospital Soldotna, AK
M009 Prince Rupert General Hospital Prince Rupert, BC
M010 St. Joseph's General Hospital Comox, BC
M011 Machmel Village Medical Center Machmel Village, BC (Fictional)
M012 Dean River Medical Center Kimsquit, BC (Fictional)
M013 Port Hardy Hospital Port Hardy, BC
M014 Valdez Community Hospital Valdez, AK
M015 Providence Alaska Medical Center Anchorage, AK
M016 Alice Arm Remote Emergency Services Silver City, SPB, AK
M017 Port Simpson Remote Emergency Services Port Simpson, BC
M018 Yukatat Community Health Center Yukatat, AK
M019 Hoonah Medical Center Hoonah, AK
M020 Whiskey Cove Remote Emergency Center Bella Bella, BC
M021 Ocean Falls Medical Center Ocean Falls, BC
M022 View Cove (TF18) Remote Emergency Center View Cove, AK
M023 Steamboat Bay Remote Emergency Center Steamboat Bay, AK
M024 Hydaburg Medical Center Hydaburg, AK
M025 Greenville Med Ctr, Kincolith, BC Kincolity, BC - PENDING QC
M026 Providence Medical and Care Center Seward, AK
M027 Telegraph Creek Hospital Telegraph Creek, BC
M028 Tenakee Springs Trauma Center Tenakee Springs, AK
M029 Mills Memorial Hospital Terrace, BC
M030 Stewart Trauma Centre Stewart, BC
M031 Misty's Place Trauma Center Ketchikan, AK
M032 Whitehorse General Hospital Whitehorse, YT
M033 Scud River Trauma Centre Scud River
M034 St Pauls Hospital Vancouver, BC
M035 Bella Coola General Hospital Bella Coola, BC
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Medical Facilities Directory - Alpha by Location Name
All are part of RTMM Medical Facilities.zip unless otherwise indicated.
Name: Alice Arm Remote Emergency Center --- M016
Location: Silver City SPB, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N55 28.2153 --- W129 29.7642
GPS Medical Dock: N55 28.2116 --- W129 29.7780 --- Mag 262.1
Facility Waypoint: M016B
Mag Declination:
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.05.2015
Click to Enlarge
Name: Providence Alaska Medical Center --- M015
Location: Anchorage, AK
GPS Facility: N61 11.3208 --- W149 49.1869 --- Alt 221'
Helipad Waypoint: AK38
Developer: Rod Jackson
Added: 03.17.2015

NOTAM: Coming Soon with Chugach Scenery from Rod Jackson

Name:Bella Coola General Hospital - M035
Location: Bella Coola, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N52 22.4220 --- W126 45.5150
GPS Medical Dock: N52 23.2650 --- W126 35.3400
Helipad Waypoint: M035H
Dock Waypoint: M035B
Mag Declination: 21.00°
Developer: Dr. Thomas Menzel
Added: P E N D I N G --- Q C
Name: St Joseph's General Hospital - M010
Location: Comox, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N49 40.8418 --- W124 59.1736 --- Alt: 123'
GPS Medical Dock: N49 40.9659 --- W124 59.0312 --- Mag 292.4
Helipad Waypoint: M027H
Dock Waypoint: M027F
Mag Declination: 17.5°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 03.26.2015
Name: Dean River Medical Center (Remote) M012
Location: Kimsquit, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N52 49.6698 --- W126 57.7548
GPS Medical Dock: N52 49.7073 --- W126 57.9532 --- Mag 201.3
Helipad Waypoint: M012H
Dock Waypoint: M012F
Mag Declination: 18.21°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.03.2015

NOTAM: Remote Facility, Fictional, Dean River Scenery Needed

Click to Enlarge
Name: Haines Medical Dock --- M005
Location: Haines, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N59 13.7538 --- W135 26.3994
GPS Medical Dock: N59 13.7406 --- W135 26.2612--- Mag 019
Helipad Waypoint: M005H
Dock Waypoint: M005F
Mag Declination: 20°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 03.17.2015
Name: Hoonah Medical Center --- M019
Location: Hoonah, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N58 6.4197 --- W135 26.5434
GPS Medical Dock: N58 6.4226 --- W135 26.6504 --- Mag 125.3
Helipad Waypoint: M019H
Dock Waypoint: M019F
Mag Declination: 19.47°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 04.06.2015
Name: Hydaburg Medical Center --- M024
Location: Hydaburg, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N55 12.6401 --- W132 49.6425
GPS Medical Dock: N55 12.6547 --- W132 49.6602 --- 299.6
Facility Waypoint: M024B
Mag Declination: 19.4°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.13.2015
Name: Bartlett Regional Hospital - M001
Location: Juneau AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N58 19.6800 --- W134 27.7949 --- Alt 140'
GPS Medical Dock: N58 19.5709 --- W134 27.9791 --- Mag 174.5
Helipad Waypoint: M001H
Dock Waypoint: M001F
Mag Declination: 19.5°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 03.15.2015

Name: PeaceHealth Ketchikan --- M006
Location: Ketchikan, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N55 21.2439 --- W131 40.9593 --- Alt 230'

GPS Medical Dock: N55 21.4074 --- W131 42.0469 --- Mag 288.6
Helipad Waypoint: M006H
Dock Waypoint: M006F
Mag Declination: 19.1°
Developer: Steve Downing
Deactivated: 04.29.2015

This facility was archived because it was not compatible with PAKT PayWare. The facility that takes its place will be Misty's Place Trauma Center.

Name: Greenville Medical Center --- M025
Location: Kincolith, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N54 59.5257 --- W129 57.3402
GPS Medical Dock: N54 59.4923 --- W129 57.2877 --- 53.1
Facility Waypoint: M025B
Mag Declination: 18.5°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.15.2015
Name: Machmel Village (Remote) M011
Location: Machmel Village, AK (Owikeeno Scenery Needed)
GPS Facility Helipad: N51 39.3327 --- W126 41.7270
GPS Medical Dock: N51 39.3669 --- W126 41.8145 --- Mag 026.6
Helipad Waypoint: M011H
Dock Waypoint: M011F
Mag Declination: 17.52°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 03.30.2015

NOTAM: Remote Facility, Fictional, Owikeeno Lake Scenery Needed

Name: Misty's Place Trauma Center --- M031
Location: Ketchikan, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N55 15.8186 --- W131 46.2557
GPS Medical Dock: N55 15.7997 --- W131 46.1902 --- 173.8
Facility Way Point: M031B
Mag Declination: 19.1°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.29.2015

NOTAM: Misty's Place Scenery must be updated.

Name: Ocean Falls Medical Center --- M021
Location: Ocean Falls, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N52 21.1921 --- W127 41.6184 --- Alt 45'

GPS Medical Dock: N52 21.1842 --- W127 41.6609 --- 241.9
Facility Waypoint: MD21B
Mag Declination: 18.9°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.11.2015

NOTAM: Ocean Falls Scenery Needed

Name: Petersburg Medical Center --- M003
Location: Johnson/Petersburg, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N56 48.7989 --- W132 57.2964
GPS Medical Dock: N56 48.6019 --- W132 58.2522 --- MAG 217.6
GPS Airport Facility: N56 48.3283 --- W132 56.1664 --- MAG 286.9
Helipad Waypoint: M003H
Dock Waypoint: M003F
Airport: ICAO = PAPG
Mag Declination: 19.35°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 03.16.2015
Name: Port Hardy Hospital - M013
Location: Port Hardy, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N50 43.1876 --- W127 29.2953
GPS Medical Dock: N50 43.1669 --- W127 29.2504 --- Mag 267
Helipad Waypoint: M013H
Dock Waypoint: M013F
Mag Declination: 17.40°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 04.04.2015
Name: Port Simpson SPB --- M017
Location: Port Simpson, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N54 33.6055 --- W130 26.0091
GPS Medical Dock: N54 33.6246 --- W130 25.9339 --- Mag 153
Facility Waypoint: CAN8
Mag Declination: 18.56°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.05.2015
Name: Prince Rupert Regional Hospital --- M009
Location: Prince Rupert, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N54 18.3106 --- W130 19.8050
GPS Medical Dock: N54 19.8524 --- W130 16.8587 --- Mag 229.2
Helipad Waypoint: CBR8
Dock Waypoint: CBF6
Mag Declination: 18.52°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 03.26.2015

Name: Scud River Trauma Centre --- M033
Location: Scud River
GPS Facility Helipad: N57 17.6943 --- W131 49.7020
GPS Medical Dock: N57 17.6756 --- W131 49.6482 --- Heading: 332.1
GPS Amphib Start: N57 17.6686 --- W131 49.7217 --- Heading: 8.6

Airport Start: ICAO is CAB6 Start on medium ramp
Facility Way Point: M033B
Mag Declination: 18.04°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 05.10.2015

Name: Providence Medical and Care Center--- M026
Location: Seward, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N60 6.3298 --- W149 26.7650
Helipad Waypoint: AK01
Mag Declination: 17.7°
Developer: Rod Jackson
Added: 04.16.2015

Name: Sitka General Hospital --- M007
Location: Sitka, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N57 3.3534 --- W135 20.6271
GPS Medical Dock: --- N57 3.1424 --- W135 20.6980 --- Mag 108
Helipad Waypoint: M007H
Dock Waypoint: M007F
Mag Declination: 19.30°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 03.19.2015
Click to Enlarge
Name: Dahl Memorial Hospital --- M004
Location: Skagway, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N59 27.6151 --- W135 18.5946
GPS Medical Dock: N59 26.9436 --- W135 19.5393 --- MAG 198
Helipad Waypoint: M004H
Dock Waypoint: M004F
Mag Declination: 20.12°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 03.16.2015
Name: Central Peninsula Hospital --- M008
Location: Soldotna, AK
GPS Facility Roof Helipad: N60 29.5139 --- W151 4.4766 --- Alt 170'
GPS Facility Ground Helipad: N60 29.5459 --- W151 4.6471
Facility Waypoint: M008H
Mag Declination: 16.3°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 03.24.2015
Name: Steamboat Bay Remote Emergency Center --- M023
Location: Steamboat Bay, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N55 31.9254 --- W133 38.3739
GPS Medical Dock: N55 31.9096 --- W133 38.3610 --- 74.1
Facility Waypoint: M023B
Mag Declination: 19.3
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.13.2015
Name: Stewart Trauma Centre --- M030
Location: Stewart, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N55 55.0526 --- W130 0.6003
GPS Medical Dock: N55 55.0105 --- W130 0.5682 --- 358.2
Facility Way Point: M030B
Mag Declination: 19.33°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.28.2015

Name: Telegraph Creek Hospital --- M027
Location: Telegraph Creek, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N57 53.9968 --- W131 10.1057
GPS Medical Dock: N57 53.9661 --- W131 10.1879 --- Mag 55
Facility Waypoint: M027B
Airport ICAO: PTF6 (with med receiving center - runway)
Mag Declination: 19.57°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.22.2015

NOTAM: River Freezes in Spring, Winter, Fall

Name: Tenakee Springs Trauma Center --- M028
Location: Tenakee Springs, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N57 46.7589 --- W135 12.9552
GPS Medical Dock: N57 46.7568 --- W135 12.9325 --- Heading: 253.9
Facility Way Point: M028B
Mag Declination: 19.41°
Developer: Steve Weinkamer
Added: 04.25.2015


Name: Mills Memorial Hospital --- M029
Location: Terrace, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N54 30.6462 --- W128 35.8586
GPS Medical Dock: N54 29.9399 --- W128 36.4482 --- 251.3
Helipad Waypoint: M029H
Dock Waypoint: M029F
Mag Declination: 18.50°
Developer: Steve Downing
Name: Valdez Community Hospital - M014
Location: Valdez, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N61 8.0949 --- W146 20.5478
GPS Medical Dock: N61 7.5638 --- W146 20.9596 --- Mag 237
Helipad Waypoint: M014H
Dock Waypoint: M014F
Mag Declination: 18.19°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 04.04.2015
Fuel: Available at Dock
Name: St. Pauls Hospital --- M034
Location: Vancouver, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N49 17.5393 --- W123 7.7555 --- Alt: 81'
GPS Medical Dock: N49 17.5959 --- W123 7.6871 --- 281.6
Helipad Waypoint: M034H
Dock Waypoint: M034D
Mag Declination: 16.40°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 05.16.2015

NOTAM:Hospital Position avoids conflict with "Vancouver Plus" addon.

Name: View Cove Remote Emergency Ctr --- M022
Location: View Cove, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N55 4.9793 --- W133 1.2002
GPS Medical Dock: N55 4.9687--- W133 1.2191 --- 233.5
Facility Waypoint: M022B
Mag Declination: 19.1°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.13.2015
Name: Whiskey Cove Remote Medical Facility --- MD20
Location: Bella Bella, BC
GPS Facility Helipad: N52 9.4103 --- W128 6.1603
GPS Medical Dock: N52 9.4098 --- W128 6.1797 --- 76.9
Facility Waypoint: MD20B
Mag Declination:18.7°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 04.11.2015

NOTAM: Whiskey Cove Scenery Required

Name: Whitehorse General Hospital --- M032
Location: Whitehorse, YU
GPS Hospital Helipad: N60 43.1378 --- W135 2.5628 --- Alt: 2187 Feet
GPS Medical Dock: N60 41.4638 --- W135 2.2327 --- Heading: 306.6
GPS Airport Helipad: M032H
Hospital Helipad Waypoint: M032H
Airport Helipad Waypoint: M032A
Dock Waypoint: M032D
Mag Declination: 20.34°
Developer: Doug Linn
Added: 05.05.2015

NOTAM: Med Dock Freezes in Winter

Name: Wrangell Medical Center --- M002
Location: Wrangell, AK
GPS Hospital Helipad: N56 28.4063 --- W132 22.8109
GPS Fire Stn #1 pad: N56 28.4063 --- W132 22.4586
GPS Fire Stn #2 & Dock: N56 28.1927 ---W132 23.1325 --- MAG 22
GPS Airport Facility: N56 29.0425 --- W132 22.5709 --- MAG 57.9
GPS Airport Med Helipad: N56 29.0468 --- W132 22.5838
Airport Waypoint: ICAO is PAWG
Hospital Helipad Waypoint: M002H
Fire Stn 1 Waypoint: M002S
Fire Stn 2 & Dock Waypoint: M002F
Mag Declination: 19.30°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 03.16.2015
Name: Yakutat Community Health Center --- M018
Location: Yakutat, AK
GPS Facility Helipad: N59 30.4195 --- W139 40.1635 (At PAYA)
GPS Medical Dock: N59 33.7735 --- W139 44.4975 --- Mag 73.7
Helipad Waypoint: M018H
Dock Waypoint: M018F
Mag Declination: 19.34°
Developer: Steve Downing
Added: 04.06.2015
BLANK Name: M036
GPS Facility Helipad:
GPS Medical Dock:
Helipad Waypoint:
Dock Waypoint:
Mag Declination:
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GPS - Adding Waypoints

The Medical Facilities Project utilized waypoints as we have never done before. Here is a short "how to" on adding waypoints to your GPS. First of all, the waypoints must be "pre-loaded" by the software. In this case, all of the waypoints are pre-loaded when you download and install the RTMM Medical Facilities scenery folder. Now you must get your GPS to "point" to the waypoint. First, look up the waypoint you want to use. If you are told to go to Bartlett Hospital (Juneau), you will find the waypoint for Bartlett on the table above and it will also be in your PDF instruction for the Medical Dispatch. For an example, we will look at M001H, the helipad for Bartlett Hospital.

NOTAM: (Suffix of "H" designates helicopter, "F" designates a waypoint for fixed wing aircraft)

Step #1

Use the "Direct" button on the right side of the GPS.

Step 2

Click on the little arrows on the curser knob ... just on one of those two SMALLER arrows. When you do, you will get what you see to the right. Now you type in "m001h". (Never Use CAPS when entering information into the GPS).

Step 3

Once the waypoint is typed in correctly, you then click on the "ENT" (enter) button.

The GPS will ask you if you want to "Activate?" You click the "ENT" button again to activate the new direct route. The GPS will then display your direct route to the waypoint as seen in the image to the right.

Repositioning Tip: Often, you will have to deviate from the original GPS track. When you want a quick NEW track directly to the GPS target. Click on the "D" on the GPS and then click on ENT twice. That gives you a new direct course to your waypoint without having to enter anything.

  • NOTAM: DO NOT use caps when entering GPS waypoint names, lower case letters only.
  • NOTAM: If you make a mistake ...click on the "PUSH CRSR" button to start over.
  • NOTAM: Finding the Dock ... The Med Docks can be difficult to find. If you fly toward the facility at dusk, night or dawn, we will turn on a string of red flashing lights to let you know where it is. Fly over low and you will see the string of red lights, then knowing where to land and taxi.
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Using A Starting Point with Latitude and Longitude (How to)
How to use Starting Points and Starting Position: Often, there will not be an "airport" to start from and the program will ask you to "position your aircraft using the starting points". All starting points for all medical facilities are listed in the above facilities tables. You will find LATITUDE, LONGITUDE and MAG (magnetic heading). To position yourself directly at the starting point:

Open the MAP feature of your Simulator (If you don't use "Magnetos" reprogram your keyboard for "M" opening up the simulator's MAP).

  1. Copy the Latitude, paste it into the latitude box.
  2. Copy the Longitude, paste it into the longitude box
  3. Copy the Heading (mag) and paste it into the heading box.
  4. Set the Altitude to ZERO -- UNLESS altitude is given (for elevated helipads)
  5. Set the Airspeed to ZERO

6. Press OK ... your aircraft will be positioned exactly at the starting point.

  • NOTAM 1: We use 4 digits for minutes to EXACTLY place your aircraft by the dock (not on it or away from it)
  • NOTAM 2: Altitude is critical if you are "positioning" your helicopter on an elevated helipad. If you do not put it in, you will "start" under the helipad on the ground.
  • NOTAM 3: We have starting points for over 1000 locations in RTMM, you can find them on the "Starting Points" table on the "Here2There" page.
Start at Airport or Dock

Often a starting position will be an airport runway, helipad or dock. Here is how you position the aircraft for this situation:


1. Use your simulator's "GO TO AIRPORT" function. Put the name of the location or the ICAO code into one of the two boxes.


2. Click on the "Active Runways" box and you will get a "drop down" for that airport allowing you to start in any place you choose there.


3. Press OK, you will find yourself positioned in the correct place.

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Using the RTMM Medical Dispatch Selector

Click to Enlarge

Rod Jackson has created a utility for the Medical Dispatches that allows you to choose and explore the many dispatches available. This is "how" you install and use it:

Installation: The Selector is built into the Medical Dispatch Folder.

  1. Optional for Windows: Create a desktop shortcut to the selector. To do this, in the Medical Dispatches folder, right click on the RTMM Medical Dispatch Selector.exe. Select "Create Shortcut". It makes a shortcut in that folder. Do a "Cut and Paste" cutting it from the RTMM Medical Dispatches folder and pasting it to your Desktop.
  2. Optional for MAC: Create an alias. Right-click on the app, file, or folder that you want to have a shortcut. When the menu shows up, just click on the option to "Make Alias." A new file will show up that looks just like the old one, except it has the word "alias" at the end of its name. If you look closely enough, you'll also see a tiny little arrow in the lower left of the file's icon, letting you know it's a shortcut and not the real thing.


  • If you have dlownladed the latest dispatch zip (RTMM Medical Dispatches.zip) and have placed it, then all of the dispatches available will show up in the left-hand (red) column. To view the details on one of these, click on one to select it, then go to the three buttons beneath the left-hand column. There you can 1. Display the Map, 2. Display a full screen map, 3. Display the selected dispatch's instructions, and 4. you can select a "random dispatch" and check it out.
  • You can select a dispatch for activation by clicking on it in the left hand column, then clicking on the button between the columns named: "Activate Selected Dispatches". They now appear in the right hand (green) column are are "activated". If you want to explore ones you have activated, you can use the buttons under the right column (green) to explore any dispatch you click on first.
  • Clicking on the blue botton below the middle column, you will bring up the RTMM Medical Dispatches page where you can do more exploring.
  • Activation: When a dispatch is "activated" ... the "reception committee" will active when you fly the dispatch. If all are activated (as they are not using the selector), then all of the reception committees will be present every time you go to that facility. (They should not be there if there is no emergency).
  • If you have any questions on using the selector, go to the RTMM Forum under RTMM Medical Facilities and discuss the problem there.
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Known Problems and Compatibility Issues with Medical Facilities Locations
Occasionally there will be a conflict with scenery or a "known problem". We will list all those and the possible fixes for them in this table.
  1. PeaceHealth Hospital in Ketchikan --- This bgl in the Medical Facilities package is NOT compatible with the PAKT-SP1 Pay ware program. To solve the problem, go to the Medical Facilities folder/Scenery and look for files with "PeaceHealth Ketchikan". Delete all 5 of those bgl files. This hospital and dock will then not show up in your modified PAKT-SP1 modified scenery. (We have put a notam in the dispatch instructions too)
  2. Tongass Fjords X Fix for Pelican (PEC). There is a totally misplaced dock at the end of a pier. (Image) If you want to fix this Go to Addon Scenery / Tongass Fjords Higher Priority / Scenery and look for "TF_FSX_SPBs_and_marinas_Pelican.bgl." Change the extension from ".bgl" to ".off". Then download the following and paste it into that folder: TF_FSX_SPBs_and_marinas_Pelican.bgl. If you want to use it as a helicopter starting point, position the helicopter at: N57 57.5637 W136 13.7598, Heading 060°. The E021B dispatch works "as is", but if you make this change, you can use the new heli starting point. Making this change is NOT NECESSARY it is only for people who want to do it.
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Design & Development Section
Dispatches will be numbered E001, E002, E003, etc. If it is for Fixed Wing ONLY, a suffix of "F" is added. If it is for Helicopters only, an "H" is added. if BOTH fixed wing and helicopter can be used, a "B" will be added.. The table below is for developers to reserve a number when they begin working on a project. (E-mail me for the next dispatch number and I'll post it here). Green is "finished", Yellow is "reserved."

Next Available Number/Name for E-Ticket
E001H TW Chugach Area - High Mountain Hiker Rescue - SAK Rod
E002 Reserved for Rod Jackson - Chugach Area - SAK 
E003Reserved for Rod Jackson - Chugach Area - SAK 
E004Reserved for Rod Jackson - Chugach Area - SAK 
E005Reserved for Rod Jackson - Chugach Area - SAK 
E006Reserved for Rod Jackson - Chugach Area - SAK 
E007Reserved for Rod Jackson - Chugach Area - SAK 
E008Reserved for Rod Jackson - Chugach Area - SAK 
E009B Dean River Area - burning cabin in Dean river Area - PFJ Doug - 04.06.2015
E010B Climber Fall at New Eddystone Rock - PFJ Doug - 04.07.2015
E011B Alice Arm area - Bear Attack - Transport to Alice Arm - PFJ Doug - 04.07.2015
E012B Skeena River Automobile Crash - PFJ Doug- 04.10.2015
E013B Helen's Fright Airplane Crash - PFJ Doug - 04.11.2015
E014B Water Rescue - Stranded, not serious but needing MedEvac - PFJ Doug - 04.15.2015
E015B Dock Worker Injury - Hunter Bay Cannery - PFJ Doug - 04.15.2015
E016B Unknown SOS with Rocks - PFJ Doug - 04.15.2015
E017B Kincolith ... broken leg from glacier hiking Doug - 04.17.2015
E018B Logging Accident at Tonka Mountain TF17 Doug - 04.18.2015
E019B Sitka Remote Cabin, heart attack - PENDING QC Doug - 04.20.2015
E020B Turner Lake East to Juneau Doug - 04.20.2015
E021B Fishing Boat Fire in Anchorage Cove Doug -04.20.2015
E022B Fishing Boat Burn Transfer from Hoonah to Bartlett in Juneau Doug -04.20.2015
E023B Mountain climbing accident from Cape Spencer Doug - 04.20.2015
E024B Cirque Galore Creek ... asphyxiation ... three victims Doug - 04.20.2015
E025B Suloia Lake Chainsaw accident ... from False Harbor Steve W - 04.26.2015
E026B Hunting Accident near Shaft Creek Airstrip Doug - 04.26.2015
E027B Logging Facility Accident Comox area Doug - 04.26.2015
E028B CIRP Emergency Doug - 05.04.2015
E029B Bell 2 Lodge Steve D - 05.04.2015
E030B CIRP Summit to MedEvac at R&R Doug - 05.04.2015
E031B CIRP Lost Helicopter Doug - 05.04.2015
E032B Snow Cat Accident up on the Glacier Doug - 05.04.2015
E033B Gasoline Truck Accident near Iskut Village Steve D - 05.04.2015
E034B Carcross Canoe accident Doug - 05.05.2015
E035B Kloo Lake ATV accident victim Doug - 05.08.2015
E036B Diabetic attack at research camp Doug - 05.15.2015
E037B Lost Expedition Doug - 05.15.2015
E038 ATV Accident Near Shakes Slough Cabin Doug - 05.15.2015
E039 Log Truck Accident 20 miles from Wrangell Doug - 05.15.2015
E040 Traffic Accident, using new Vancouver Hospital Doug - 05.16.2015
E041 Plane Crash onto Utility Pylon ... Vancouver Area Doug - 05.21.2015
E042 Avalanche ... Vancouver Area Thomas -05.31.2015
E043 Lighthouse ... accident on new radar tower Doug - 06.01.2015
E044 Actual Plane Crash near Ketchikan (search only) Doug- 07.06.2015
E045 Gilbert Bay Rescue (ATV accident) Thomas - 07.06.2015
E046B Tulsequah Chief Mine accident Thomas - 07.11.2015
E047B Search and Rescue, Plane down between Mtn. Point and CZST Doug - 07.09.2015
E048B Kendrick Bay Party Fishing Boat Explosion and Fire Doug - 07.10.2015
E049B Accident at Lighthouse Thomas - 07.17.2015
E051H Train wreck above Skagway Thomas - 07.17.2015
E051B Search for a disabled small fishing boat Doug - 07.17.2015
E052B Heart attack at Stikine Ice Station #3 Doug - 06.12.2019

For Designers ONLY - This gives designers the "reception files" that we have for adding "people and equipment" at each of the receiving (reception) locations. If you make a new dispatch, Example: E001X ... and you are going to M001 facility, then you choose the "M001_reception.bg"l and rename it to "E001X_M001_reception.bgl" and add it to the E-Folder.

NOTAM: All Medical Facilities now have a "Reception" file which puts in emergency personnel and equipment when the dispatch is "on."

Click Here=->Making an RTMM Medical Dispatch <-= Click Here

Here are the files you will need to Create a Dispatch. Read the instructions above carefully!

<= Medical "reception" files 01.07.2018 @ 11:28 AM (M031 updated)

<= click to download the "templates" for a dispatch - 05.10.2015.

<= click to download the "workshops" folder (just a helper aid)

List of Medical Facilities that do not have a dispatch to them:

M006 PeaceHealth Ketchikan - Deactivated for Payware Ketchikan, AK
M007 Sitka General Hospital Sitka, AK
M008 Central Peninsula Hospital Soldotna, AK
M011 Machmel Village Medical Center Machmel Village, BC (Fictional)
M014 Valdez Community Hospital Valdez, AK
M017 Port Simpson Remote Emergency Services Port Simpson, BC
M018 Yukatat Community Health Center Yukatat, AK
M021 Ocean Falls Medical Center Ocean Falls, BC
M029 Mills Memorial Hospital Terrace, BC


<= Click logo to download

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