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Sail Plan: Bella Coola to Ocean Falls
River Mooring: N52 23.32 W126 35.74 Head 244
Marina Mooring: N52 22.35 W126 47.66 Head 350

Cruise Overview: You will spend most of your time just looking around on this cruise. Almost every way you turn is a keep-able screenshot. The scenery is nothing short of spectactular.

You have to starting options on this plan. You can start at the airport anchorage (Airport Anchorage) which gives you a treacherous but stunningly beautiful voyage on the Bella Coola River passing by the actual community of Bella Coola. If you are less adventurous and want to start in more open water, then use the Marina Mooring that puts you at the dock at the Bella Coola Marina (be sure to add the neading).

If you use the river mooring, be sure, when you leave the river to look to port to see the marina on the port shore as you pass by. It is worth deviating from course to actually look it over. There's a BC Ferry Dock there too.

The scenery on this cruise is absolutely spectacular with the high British Columbia mountains as your background. Your course leads you down the north arm of the Betnick Channel which is actually the furthest extension of Port Charlotte Sound. If you would follow this waterway ... you would arrive in Bella Bella.

From the north arm you pass the south arm to port and continue into the Burke Channel. You will soon turn into the smaller connecting channel, the Labouchere that flows into the Dean Channel.

You will follow the Dean Channel until you arrive at Cousins Inlet. You will turn to starboard into Counsins Inlet and follow it until it ends at Ocean Falls. You will see many power lines coming from Ocean Falls, that is because this is the largest electricity generating facilities for the area. (Yes there really is a falls).

NOTAM1 : Autopilot can be used in the open water, but it does not work on the river and in close quarters. It is recommended you keep your GPS open so you can anticipate the turns, especially on the rivers and narrow channels.

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc