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Sail Plan: Griffin Passage
Initial Mooring: N52 9.80 W128 8.46 Heading 157

Cruise Overview: The cruise starts off at the dock in Bella Bella, BC. (Use the Mooring Start Point). It then tracks out of Bella Bella Harbor into the Seaforth Channel going to Ivory Island and turning to starboard around Ivory Lighthouse into Milbank Sound. The course then takes you up the Mathieson Channel until you reach to turnoff to port into the Griffin Passage

The Griffin Passage is at times wide as a lake and at other times not much wider than the beam of the vessel. You should not run autopilot and be sure to "zoom" in on the rings for the GPS as you will be making some critical turns around obstructions.

The Griffin Passage is a beautiful cruise that is unique. In the passage, you will sometimes feel like you are on a pleasant lake, then at other times on a twisting river.

After the Griffin Passage, you will enter Sheeps Passage and turning to port will be sailing down the Finlayson Channel to Boat Island. You will turn to starboard passing the Boat Island Lighthouse, then to port to Klemtu passage that is between the shoreline and Cone Island. Klemtu arrives on your port quarter.

NOTAM 1: Be very careful in the Griffin Passage, toward midway there is a critical island to go around ... just slow down when you see it coming at GRIFF7 and GRIFF8.

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc