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Sail Plan: Hartley Bay SPB to Brad's Cornwall Pt.
Initial Mooring: N53 25.42 W129 15.12 Heading 099

This is a deep water trip from Hartley Bay SPB to the Brad's Bait & BBQ at Cornwall Point. This is an EASY trip, one where you can sit back and enjoy the scenery, perhaps read a little or listen to some good music. The purpose of this sail plan is that it is a leg connecting the Grenville Channel Run (Prince Rupert to Hartley Bay) to the Fountain of UTE (Brad's at Cornwall Point to Xavier's Cabin). You can use this plan as the "middle leg" that will connect you all the way from Prince Rupert to the Fountain of Ute. (NOTAM: VHR GPS trip is in the zip file at the download site)

Sail Plan
  • Select "airport" of CAY4 ... this will position you at the dock at Hartley Bay. Leave the dock at Hartley Bay on a heading of 115.
  • Round Money Point to port and turn into the Verney Passage on a heading of about 17 degrees.
  • Follow this heading to Jenkinson Point which will come up to port.
  • The Verney Passage curves to port so set a new heading of 350 to clear the point to starboard on Gribbell island. Follow the western shore of Gribbell Island (to starboard) to Amy Point, the northenmost point on the island. Your heading along this shoreline should be about 10 degrees as you follow the shoreline, you will come to about 20 degrees as you pass Amy Point and the Boxer Reach.
  • At Amy Point, you will see the Boxer Reach to starboard, continue on the 10 degree heading, do not turn into the reach. Keep on the same course to reach for Mary Point to starboard.
  • Rounding Mary Point, keep the shoreline to starboard, but set a heading of about 65 degrees to the next point to starboard. You will see a point ahead to port. This is Eva Point. Steer 64 degrees to sail just off this point about 2 miles ahead.
  • At Eva Point, you will see Staniforth Point to starboard almost dead ahead at 3.4 miles. Adjust the heading to about 50 degrees. We will be rounding Staniforth Point to starboard. Stay along the starboard shore on a heading of about 134 to allow Rix Island, 2.7 miles ahead, to pass to port.
  • After Rix Island, the point ahead to starboard is Walkem Point. You are now entering a body of water called the Alan Reach.
  • As you approach Walkem Point, you will see Triumph Bay veering off to starboard, to the right of Walkem Point. Stay to the port side of Walkem Point and follow the starboard shore on a rough heading of 80 degrees. When the starboard shore starts to recede (sort of a point) set your heading for 104 degrees for Europa Point. (NOTAM: This does not show up on FSDiscover until you are 1 mile from the point). It is approximately 4.3 miles ahead.
  • Round the point to port and head for Allen Point about 3.8 miles ahead on the starboard shore … after rounding Europa Point, steer approximately 60 degrees. You are now in the Europa Reach. After Allen Point, head for Bare Point, about 2 miles ahead on the port shore.
  • At Bare Point, set a heading of 49 degrees for Salient Point. Stay along the port shoreline and round Salient Point ahead turning to port to about 04 degrees. Brad's Bait and BBQ will be on the starboard shore directly ahead 1.4 miles on Cornwall point.

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc