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Return to Misty Moorings - Trip Tic

Destination: Herring Bay Cannery

Route Notes

  • This Scenery is for Return to Misty Moorings only.
  • Minimum Altitude: 800 feet
  • Landing zone is: Water, does not freeze in winter
  • GPS for destination: N55 19.51 W131 31.38 Alt 6'
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  • Flight Seeing Plan HERE

VFR Directions to Herring Bay Cannery

Herring Bay Cannery is located on the Southwest corner of Revillagigedo Island, the largest island in Alaska. The cannery is only a short flight from the Ketchikan airport. The production at the cannery has expanded in size and output since the early 2000's and given it's close proximity to Ketchikan, it's an ideal location. Also look for the marina set up for the fishing fleet nearby. Originally built for smaller operations, the cannery has grown with modern technological advances and is a place that get's the job done efficiently. Being closer to the main airport affords this growing facility with the potential to surpass the production of the older Hunter Bay Cannery.

WaveTop VFR Plan

FROM: MIsty's Place (PF20)
TO: Herring Bay Cannery

This is a nice, short trip. A good one to make late in the evening or night to go to dinner at one of the many restaurants around Herring Bay. Fly this one any time of the day, but night time is best.

We start at Misty's Place. It's getting dark, been a long day, time to kick back and relax in a good restaurant. Where shall we go? How about Herring Bay, they've got some great seafood restaurants there! Good idea! We head out to the ramp and climb in our favorite plane.

If your favorite plane is an amphibian, you can use the ramp across from the hangar and drive right into Misty's Canal between the two white signs. Follow the canal to starboard (be careful) and where it empties into Bostwick Inlet (near the remains of the old shipwreck), set yourself for takeoff configuration. There are red and green lighted buoys that mark the channel ... this is also your take off zone.

Of course in the amphibian you can also line up on Rwy 17 for take off.

If your plane is a float plane, start at the docks out by the end of Rwy 35.

  • NOTAM: If your plane is wheels only ... you should probably consider another aircraft because water landings with wheeled aircraft in Herring Bay are frowned upon. They are tired of dragging them out of the water!

Take off and fly the length of Bostwick Inlet. It is about 4 miles long.

Where the Bostwick Inlet empties into the Nichols Passage (the left/right channel ahead of you), turn to port around Bostwick Point on a heading for Mountain Point. (About 32 degrees).

If you are flying at night, you can probably see the lights in the community at Mountain point. Walden Point will come up on your starboard side in about 4 miles, then Race Point will only be a mile or so ahead. Line up to have Mountain point a mile or so off your port wing.

As you are flying to Herring Bay, be sure to look up the Tongass Narrows, the wide channel to port. You will see PAKT all lit up as well as Dairy, Saxman and Ketchikan. Keep an eye out for the Coast Guard cutter that plies the waters of the Tongass, at night it is all lit up for you to see.

With Mountain point on your port wing, come down to landing configuration. Remember if it is night, that water surface is a little more difficult to see, so be careful as you come down.

As you round Mountain Point, steer to port to about 0/360 degrees. The indentation ahead on the port shore is the inlet to Herring Bay. You will actually be turning into Herring Cove where the actual Cannery and restaurants are located.

Watch carefully for small boats and fishing boats as you approach your landing zone. Plan to touch down at the point where Herring Cove (the indentation) starts, then taxi to the channel marked by red and green navigational buoys and on into the Bay passing the Herring Bay Cannery.

There are docks for float planes and amphibians just beyond the Cannery on your starboard side.

Welcome to Herring Bay Cannery. Enjoy your Dinner!

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc