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High Lake Cabin - Trip Tic

Destination: High Lake Cabin

Route Notes

  • This Scenery is for Return to Misty Moorings only.
  • Minimum Altitude: 1200 Feet
  • Landing zone is: Water, does not freeze in winter
  • GPS for destination: N54 55.68 W 132 28.70 Alt 584'
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High Lake Cabin

This cabin lodging is situated on the northwest arm of High Lake on Prince of Wales Island. You should be able to spot black bear, grizzly bear, moose and various birds. There are plenty of hungry, aggressive rainbow trout jumping in the lake. There is a dock for mooring your floatplane and sufficient room for lodging 4-7 people. Canoes and kayaks are ready for use and cooking facilities are available along with plenty of firewood. The cabin is a former park service headquarters and was a ranger outpost before being privately acquired.

The approach to High Lake is tricky. Pilots should exercise extreme caution when trying to land at this location. It is recommended that the pilot over fly the location and make themselves aware of the proper landing area. The favored approach is from the South because the lake is small and pilots landing from the South have more distance to land and slow down.

WaveTop VFR Plan

FROM: Misty's Place
TO: High Lake Cabin

We start out at Misty's Place on Rwy 35. Turn to a heading of 312 and fly up the center of the valley there. You are heading toward Vallenar Bay, about 7 miles ahead. 1200 feet is a safe altitude if you stay in the valley.

As you near Vallenar Bay, turn to port to about 290 degrees to cross over South Vallenar Point 1.5 miles ahead.

At South Vallenar Chasina Point 7.2 miles ahead. You are crossing the Clarence Strait at this point. As you approach Chasina Point, adjust for it to pass to port. The Skin Islands will pass to starboard. You then line up on the sound ahead, this is Cholmondeley Sound. Fly down the center of the sound.

Ahead you will see the sound curving to starboard. Adjust your heading to fly with its curve. Stay in the center of Cholmondeley Sound. Dora Bay will come up on your starboard side, continue curing with the direction of the Sound.

When you see the channel ahead narrowing, you will find Sunny Creek and Sunny Point coming up on your starboard side. On the port side you will see Divide head and a channel of water veering off 90 degrees to port. That is the South Arm of Cholmondeley Sound. Turn sharply to port into the South Arm. (Heading should be approximately 200 degrees). Fly down the South Arm.

Ahead the South Arm curves to port; continue to follow it. The sound soon ends in a "Y" with an island in the "Y". Follow the starboard leg heading for land ahead.

You are heading toward a low mountain, steer a little to starboard to keep the mountain there just off your starboard wing and fly straight ahead. You will see a low crest of the mountain ahead. Fly over that crest. (If you are careful, 1200 feet is still (relatively) safe!)

As you cross over the crest, turn to port to 175. Adjust your heading to fly to the water you see about 3 miles ahead. This will be the Klakas Inlet.

Fly the center of the Klakas Inlet.

Soon you will see a very small bay in the inlet to port. Look then to starboard, and you'll see a flat area of land , turn sharply to port to 204 to fly to the water on the other side.

Come to port and follow the shoreline of that small channel, you will see Clam Cove ahead. Fly directly for Clam Cove. Get into landing configuration, flaps, low speed.

  • NOTAM ... this is a tricky landing ahead!! Full flaps and minimum safe airspeed!!

You will fly over the low mountain crest after Clam Cove and immediately drop to land on High Lake just beyond that crest. As you approach the crest, the little lake you see ahead is your landing zone. Adjust to land there. Fly down the slope of the crest to the lake.

Once you've landed, you will have passed the High Lake Cabin. Turn 180 degrees and taxi back up the lake ... watch for a channel off to port, take that channel into the western side of the lake. The cabin is to starboard as you enter the larger area.

Welcome to High Lake Cabin.

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc