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These are special mentions to people who are "doing something" for our users. If special discounts are given to our users, then those poeple will earn a place here for all of us to say "thank you" to them. We will also highlight here any special FREEware that is used extensively on the site. There are also special considerations for individuals who have given us permission to use their materials for the enhancement of Return to Misty Moorings. To all of those people ... this is our way of saying ....


"Friends of Misty" list, These are folks who give us very special, and appreciated HELP!

Back to Top is one of RTMM's "Friends". They have given us exceptional support from their website and we are pleased to reciprocate by having a link to their premier website. (Click on the Logo to go to will soon be doing complimentory reviews of RTMM for their readers. We will link to those here when they are finished.



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Tongass Fjords X is a PAYware addon that gives you a flight area "Beyond Misty" but also adds to some of the key enhancement features of Return to Misty Moorings. Adding this package adds the AI Aircraft objects and many other scenery objects you can find in Return to Misty Moorings.

Adding Tongass Fjords X to your Misty Moorings scenery will give you an additional depth that immerses you even further into the scenery and the experience of flying Misty Fjords.

Francois Dumas at FSAddon+ is offering Return to Misty Moorings fans a discount on this package exclusive just for us. Below is a message to all RTMM members from Francois:

You can find this software HERE.

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QuebecFSX - Thank You!

RTMM would like to expressly thank Jean-Pierre Fillion of QuebecFSX for allowing us to use a number of models in our scenery library. QuebecFSX creates scenery primarily located in The Province of Quebec, Canada, as well as custom static aircraft models found throughout the area. Visit QuebecFSX at this website:

This site is in French, but there is a translation feature that you can use for navigation. You can also visit Jean-Pierre’s personal website located at

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Individuals - Special Mentions
  • Dieter Linde - a special thank you for the latest PLAN-G updates to the Plan-G Database (See Maproom)
  • Ken Hall from the OZx for allowing us to use the grass/flower objects. Ken's objects have the initials "KH" in them. Thank you Ken for sharing these with the community.
  • Mark Lee from OZx who has given us permission to use his objects ... these are objects with " MWL" in the name. Thank you for sharing these, Mark.
  • Jim Dhaenens ... Jim has created the strobe "objects" that we use on the glaciers for CIRP. Jim's work is freeware and you can find what we are using at Many thanks to Jim for this great contribution to the community ... all of us apperciate this kind of fine effort. The file is: FinneyAir_FSX_Strobe_Collection that you can download HERE
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TA Software - (PLAN-G)

One of the most important tools we have at Return to Misty Moorings is the FREEware program called PLAN-G. This is a product of TA Software, created by Tim Arnot. Part of the intriguing nature of Return to Misty Moorings is that we have 350,000 square miles of forest and waterways, highly detailed and highly confusing in terms of navigation. This is what makes flying in the Misty Moorings area so challenging. PLAN-G is a "must" tool for finding your way around this beautiful scenery. All of our maps and routes at Return to Misty Moorings are created using this amazing FREEware tool.

Click on the image to the right to see the enlarged screen shot so you can see the detail that has gone into this program.

PLAN-G, What it Does:

  • Map of where you are: At any time, you can bring up the map of the area you are flying and your aircraft's position will be shown. On this map, you can also see other AI aircraft in the area.
  • Google Earth Link: Do you want to se the "real" terrain? There is a link that will give you your route over Google Earth's terrain map.
  • Direct, higher altitude routes: If you want to fly from Ketchikan to Stewart direct, you can do it easily. PLAN-G sets up the high altitude route for you, you can then use it to set you autopilot and sit back and relax. The program can also give you full "round trip" maps and routes. It will even give you the elevation of the terrain you are passing over, a very critical element for flying in our chosen area.
  • Your own Waypoint Database: The program allows you to create your own waypoints for an area, saving them in a database so you can use them later. This saves time when you are creating routes that use the same waypoints.
  • LSD (Low Slow and Dangerous) Routes: These are the routes of the Trip Tics in Return to Misty Moorings. The ceiling is usually at 1200 feet and for "flight-seeing" the pilots up there stay below the clouds so the tourists can see the sights. This is easy when you are over water, but when you are taking campers to a cabin or fishermen to a remote fishing lodge, the navigation through the twists and turns of the mountain passes and fjords can get very tricky indeed. We use PLAN-G to make intricate, low level routes "down into" the maze of Misty Fjords. You can easily see the contours on the maps when you zoom in on them and can "edit" your route to stay between the ridges closing in on both sides.

If you look closely at the image to the left (click to enlarge) you will see how you can "plan" your route through intricate curving passes. Some of our Flight-Seeing trips will give you a thrill ... are we going to "make" that next turn? But you do make it and you feel the thrill that a flight-seeing tourist would feel. PLAN-G gives you the routing accuracy you need to make this happen.

These are only a few of the many features PLAN-G has built into it. There is also an excellent forum where you can "talk" about PLAN-G, get loads of help (I did, and Tim was right there for me), and learn new trips and tics for using this excellent program. We have highlighted the features we use most in Return to Misty Moorings. But this only is a small portion of all the other things this program can do for your flight simming experience. Go to their home page and read more.

And, best of all, PLAN-G is FREEware. What a terrific program that they have freely given to the Flight Sim Community. We place PLAN-G into our FRIENDS of MISTY page because of their effort that results in our pleasure. PLAN-G, like Return to Misty Moorings, is created not for profit, but for the pleasure of those using the program. We thank TA Software for this great program made available to us at no charge. From RTMM to TA Software ...

Thank you, Tim.

Download Plan-G from the TA Software site: HERE

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