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Getting Started Using Here 2 There

Welcome! This is the "Here2There" page, the focus point for Return to Misty Moorings. Yes, we create scenery locations, and there are hundreds of them already in the ORBX SAK, PFJ, PNN, and the Tongass X scenery packages. But the FOCUS of our website is on the JOURNEY between these amazing scenery locations. Many of the locations are simple USFS Cabins, and some are highly complex communities created by RTMM... finding the cabins and the RTMM scenery locations in the vast areas of Alaska/BC defines "Here2There."

Suggested Quick Start on Here2There for Beginners

If you have Tongass X, PFJ and SAK, you already have 350 locations to find.

  1. Download the necessary libraries and install them (Object Library Page)
  2. Download the Missing Cabins zip file and install it (USFS Cabins Page/Installation)
  3. Download the RTMM Flight file ... Below on this Page
  4. Start at the top of the Flight Plans list. ... Admiralty Cove USFS Cabin.
  5. Load your flight sim, go to Flight Planner and select Admiralty Cove USFS Cabin
  6. Fly it and ENJOY! (The autoroute will take you flawlessly from the start point to the destination).
  7. Next on the list is Aiken Creek Camp. Notice it does not have USFS in its name. This means it is an RTMM scenery location. Go to the scenery page, download Aiken Creek Camp and install the scenery and activate it in your simulator
  8. Fly it and ENJOY! (The autoroute will take you flawlessly from the start point to the destination)
  9. Continue down the list ...
  • NOTAM: Keep in mind, without downloading a single scenery location from RTMM, you have over 400 USFS cabins to visit that are already in SAK, PFJ, and Tongass X. All you need are the object libraries and the Missing file and over 400 locations are waiting for you. All the flight plans for them are in the RTMM Flight file.

We do not have a single download package for all the RTMM scenery locations. Those are for the "scenery collectors" ... and that is not what we are about. RTMM is about SEEING and EXPERIENCING Alaska and BC. The hundreds (over 800 to and from) autoroutes will show you breathtaking scenery and give you the feeling you have actually visited the area. We are proud of the scenery locations we create, but these are only the "reward" for a safe and beautiful flight.

You will find many ways to go "from here2there" at RTMM ... some are dispatches that give you a task to complete, usually multiple locations. Some are Trip Tickets. These are flight-seeing tours ... you can put the plane on autopilot and read about what you are seeing in the Trip Ticket. We have "river runs" that let you take a simobject boat up a river that we have "river-scaped" to make it interesting and safe for you. (You'll get a whole different perspective of the amazing ORBX and RTMM scenery packages from ground level). There are special projects like Medical Facilities & Dispatches that send you to a location where there is an injury to pick up and bring back to a medical facility where medical personnel will be waiting on the dock. There are 15 hydroelectric plants in the Alaska Power Project you can visit ... all are real or proposed. There are not just "hours" of pleasure waiting for you with RTMM, there are "days" and perhaps "years" of excitement awaiting you. All FREEware thanks to the efforts of the RTMM team.

If you require ANY help with any of this, please go to the From Here2There thread on the forum and submit your question. We will be ready to answer it as soon as we see it posted.

From Here to There - Background

From Here to There - At Return to Misty Moorings, our focus is on the JOURNEY. Yes, we create many scenery locations, some extremely complex and some very simple. However, these are what they are, "starts" and "destinations." Most of the time you spend will be in the air BETWEEN the start and the finish locations. With this in mind, our scenery developers discover some of the most beautiful, scenic and exciting places where even small scenery can be located. They place it there, then develop a flight plan that takes you "low and slow" to view the beauty along the way to the scenery location. The landing zones can be tricky and dangerous, just like the real ones in Alaska. So how do you get "from here to there?" That is the purpose of this web page. Here we offer dispatches, trip tickets, starting locations, missions, float trips ... all focused on moving you from point A to point B. There is joy in seeing a beautifully constructed scenery location ... but there can be an even greater joy in actually FINDING it. This page is about enhancing your JOURNEY ... from Here to There.

RTMM - MFC Flight Plans

Total RTMM-MFC Flight Plans Set - Every scenery location we offer at RTMM has a flight plan, usually from a [relatively] nearby airport or seaplane base. These plans can be entered into your aircraft's gps and will give you a route to fly (many with autopilot) directly to the RTMM scenery location.

Click on the "zip" button below to download the RTMM-MFC Flight Plans folder. Copy the flight plans in the folder and paste them into your sim's "flight plan documents area"

NOTAM: If you do not want to mix these in with your own flight plans, make a separate folder for them and place them in the flight plan documents area. This is explained in the "readme" in the RTMM-MFC Flight Plans folder.


<--- Click to Download the latest RTMM-MFC Flight

(UPDATED: 07.02.2019)

  • NOTAM: To learn about RTMM RSA (Route Safe Altitudes) click HERE
  • NOTAM: Descent Curves in Elevation Plans for MFC Flight Plans click HERE
  • NOTAM: If you have downloaded this previously, DELETE all of the files in your "/...RTMM Plans" folder and paste in the new ones from the downloaded zip.
  • NOTAM: Viewing the txt file ... be sure you expand the "name" column (drag vertical line to the right) you will then see a series of periods (dots) and the flight number will be at the end of the dots. Your list should look like this:


* MFC = Misty Flying Club. Each plan is being given a flight number. These are used with SIM-ACARS when you are flying an MFC-Credit Route. We are starting at the top of the list and working down. This does not affect the flight plan, these are simply being given a flight number as they are entered into the MFC database.

GoTo Table: All of the flight plans listed in the RTMM-MFC Flight folder are represented with informational details, including maps, on the "GoTo" table. You can get there by clicking on the GoTo button on the left.
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Dispatches and Missions
Automated Dispatches

The Automated Dispatches
(for Medical Facilities and BWEP)

RTMM Automated Dispatches use the RTMM Dispatch Selector and works for only RTMM Medical Facilities and BWEP. You can download a single "zip" file that has BOTH Medical and BWEP in the folder, it is the "RTMM Automated" folder which is found below. NOTAM, this file is DATED, make sure you have the latest. You place the "RTMM Automated Dispatches" folder into your sim's Scenery Library and activate it like you do a normal scenery location. You then create a shortcut to the "RTMM Dispatch Selector.exe" found in your new RTMM Automated Dispatches/Scenery/ folder. You run this short program OUTSIDE of the flight sim (when the sim is not running). It lets you select which dispatches you want to fly, you can turn them on and off with this program. Automated Dispatch Selector Readme is HERE.

NOTAM: All of the Medical and BWEP dispatches are INSIDE the RTMM Automated Dispatch Selector.

zip DOWNLOAD the RTMM Automated Dispatch Selector 06.13.2019

(maintenance log for Dispatch Selector)

For Medical Dispatches: Installation Instruction are HERE

For BWEP Dispatches: Installation Instructions are HERE

  • How they work: You download the RTMM (folder inside), found below, and place it into your sim's Scenery Library. You use the RTMM Dispatch Selector to turn the scenery locations on and off. If you are going to run a dispatch, turning the scenery on places special objects at the dispatch site. (For instance medical personnel at a hospital awaiting your return with the patient, or an oil leak in the pipeline). When you turn this dispatch "off", that scenery disappears. So it is only going to show if you have the dispatch "on." Again, the "ReadMe" for the Dispatch Selector is HERE. The readme in the downloaded zip will help you with the instructions.
Manual Dispatches

Wondering where to fly today? You can try a dispatch!


There are two kinds of dispatches:

  • Manual Dispatches: The Manual dispatches are more like trip tickets and will guide you to individual locations.
  • Automated Dispatches: The automated dispatches uses the new RTMM Dispatches selector and will work for RTMM Medical Facilities and for BWEP (Blue Wave Energy Partners) only. You can download the RTMM below for the automated dispatches.

The Manual Dispatches

RTMM Manual Dispatches: Unlike "flightseeing" routes and many of the Trip Tics ... these routes simply point you in the direction of the next location. It is up to you to get there safely. On a clear day, you set your heading and go. On a cloudy day, you stay below the ceiling of the clouds and you must wind your way through the mountains and fjords to obtain your next objective. This is the way it "really happens" up there. And having the assignment to pick someone up at a cabin (who has a flight out) and not showing up because of some low clouds is not acceptable! So the flying can get "white knuckle" at times.

The key to using the Dispatch is the "Dispatcher's Ribbon". This is a web-based "ribbon" that you place beside the flight simulator window so you'll know what headings to set. When you do it correctly, you can pull it out, look at the map, read the leg comments, (briefing), then tuck it away again to the side of your screen. "HOW-TO" do this is on the FAQ page under "Dispatcher's Ribbon'. Also, if you would like to submit a route, the "how to" is there also. We continue to believe the best part of PFJ are not the scenery locations we put into it, but getting from one to another. RTMM is about getting "from here to there" ... this is another way to do that! Click on a Dispatch Link below and the web-based Dispatcher's Ribbon will appear. Enjoy!

NOTAM: Be sure to read the small "What you will Need" box below the briefing. It will list all of the things you must have to "see" the dispatch. Also for some of these, there are "missions" that match the dispatches (these by Jeff Green). Those are so-indicated as (See Missions Page). Missions, as of yet, are not functional in P3D.

  • Dispatch 001- Start at Misty's Place, Final Destination Wilson River Lodge with five stops between. NOTAM: There is a mission available for this dispatch, see MISSIONS Page.
  • Dispatch 002- Ride with USFS for Cabin Inspections north of Yes Bay. This dispatch is good for someone who is just beginning ... most of the scenery is already "in" the program. NOTAM: There is a mission available for this dispatch, see MISSIONS Page.
  • Dispatch 003 - Ride with USFS for Cabin Inspections in the Ketchikan Area ... another good one for someone just beginning with RTTM.NOTAM: There is a mission available for this dispatch, see MISSIONS Page.
  • Dispatch 004 - Ride with the USFS for Cabin Inspections in the Misty Fjords National Park Area. NOTAM: There is a mission available for this dispatch, see MISSIONS Page.
  • Dispatch 005 - Ride with the USFS for Cabin Inspections in the Prince of Wales Island area. NOTAM: There is a mission available for this dispatch, see MISSIONS Page.
  • Dispatch 006 - A tour of the lighthouses in the RTMM Area with links to "reality"! (See "lighthouse", gallery)
  • Dispatch 007 - From Metlakatla to Kincolith ... assumed bad weather, low level flight plan.
  • Dispatch 008 - Story by "Foggy Bottom" ... Totem Bight to Fleet Bay Part Dock with other stops.
  • Dispatch 009 - The Pacific Communities of Tongass Fjords
  • Dispatch 010 - Foggy's Mail Run
  • Dispatch 011 - Klaus' Glacier Tour - Route from Klaus Troppner (Requires Tongass Fjords)
  • Dispatch 012 - Stikine River Mail Drop - Auto piloted Trip - (Requires Tongass Fjords)
  • Dispatch 013 - USFS Admiralty Island Cabins (Requires Tongass Fjords)
  • Dispatch 014 - USFS Prince of Wales Cabins (Requires Tongass Fjords)
  • Dispatch 015 - Prince Rupert to Big Fall Hydro
  • Dispatch 016 - Border Lake Dispatch
  • Dispatch 017 - Kenai Area Airports - Fly a route that visits all of them (Requires SAK and MMops)
  • Dispatch 018 - Here are the three parts of the Northern Connections Trilogy - readme HERE
NOTAM: Don't forget the Trip Tickets available for most locations, see Map Room Start Points for Availability or you can download them and flight-seeing plans also from the Scenery Page for many locations.
Return to Misty Moorings Missions are available on the Missions Page.

These are installed and function like all other FSX missions. Each comes with a "readme" that tells you how to install and execute the mission.

The missions are all designed by the RTMM team and will take you on interesting, beautiful, and sometimes dangerous missions back into the RTMM scenery locations.

Go to the Missions Page

NOTAM: Missions not yet P3D Compatible

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River Runs (Float Trips)
Rapids! Waterfalls! Lakes! Rivers!

Boating at RTMM: Return to Misty Moorings is a flight sim site. However, when you need a break from the rigors of flying and want to jump in your boat and enjoy the water, you can do that too here at RTMM. Misty Fjords is beautiful from the air, however seeing this package from "down on the water" is just as exciting.

On "The Moorings" page, we place everything nautical for RTTM. You will find many exciting "cruises" and "river runs" there with associated scenery packages. It is amazing and just like "being there." Go to The Moorings, jump in a boat and enjoy the beautiful area from a different perspective of being down "in" the scenery not just "flying over" it. The details will amaze you. We have "river-scaped" many major rivers for your enjoyment. We have "riverscaped" the rivers adding scenery along the way, animals and many other surprises for your boating enjoyment.

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Trip Tickets

Location Trip Tickets

Trip Tickets have been created for many locations so you can use your VFR skills to find the various RTMM locations. These are meant for "flight-seeing" tours, and often they include historical or geographical information that a bush pilot would share with his passengers.

Also the right hand column on the Map Room Starting Points page indicates if a Trip Ticket or Dispatch is available for that location.

See the FAQ page to understand Trip Tickets. To see a real example, click on the example to the left to view the Trip Ticket for Darb Lake.

If a trip ticket is available for the location it will be indicated in two places:

1. On the SCENERY PAGE under each location ("Tic" or "V2/Tic" buttons)
2. On the STARTING POINTS table in right hand column

Non-Location Trip Tickets

These Trip Tickets are not matched to any particular scenery location, they are usually airport to airport.

ORBX SAK Trip Tickets

Tongass X Trip Tickets

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Flight Planning User Points
Plan-G Data (CSV Files)

Choosing a location to fly from or to is as easy as looking over a Plan-G map of an area showing the many RTMM way points (RTMM Locations and the USFS Cabins) and choosing one that looks interesting.

Plan-G: Of course you will need Plan G, Get it with a free download from the TA Software site.

"CSV Files: You will also need the Plan-G Data files, created for us by Dieter Linde. On the Misty's Place Page Go to "Dieter's Corner" (the 2nd section) and download the "csv" files there. These are the way points for Plan-G. Once downloaded, go into Plan-G and IMPORT them into your Plan-G. You will then have all RTMM way points on your Plan-G maps.

In Plan-G, once you have found a place you would like to fly to or from, right click on the way point and select "Edit Way point" ... note the name of the way point, then CLOSE DO NOT EDIT ANYTHING. Using the name of the location, go to your RTMM Flight Plans, select the TO LOCATION or FROM LOCATION in the Flight Planner and you are on your way. See Flight Plans for more information.


Some of our packages come with GPS way points To add these to your GPS, do the following:

  1. On your GPS, click on the "Direct" button (left side, a "D" with an arrow through it).
  2. Go down to the cursor knob on the lower right and click on one of the SMALL arrows nearest the center of the curser.
  3. WITH NO CAPS, enter the gps name (example GBT03)
  4. Once entered, click on the ENTER button, then again to ACTIVATE the route.
  5. Once activated, you will see the new route to the way point on your GPS and your Autopilot will track it.
  6. If you have to fly "off the track" and want to update the GPS on a fly to route, click on the DIRECT button and then Click on ENT twice and the new direct route will be activated.

NOTAM: for more information on using the GPS 500, go to the RTMM FAQ Page

VFR Flight Data (upx Files)

For those of you who are using VFR Flight as your flight Planner. All of the user points from RTMM (Return to Misty Moorings) and EFMM (Escape from Misty Moorings - Hawaii) are all included in a single UPX file. Instructions to install the upx file is HERE.

NOTAM: Be careful with this, do not use it if you have your own personal user points, this process cleans out all the data and adds the new data.

icon Updated: 11.12.2017 (Brad's BBQ Stewart)

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US Forest Service Cabins and Area Lighthouses

USFS Cabins:
One of the most exciting features of Tongass X, PFJ and SAK software packages are the addition of United States Forest Service cabins, actual lighthouses, and actual oil rig platforms into the beautiful FSX scenery of Alaska. Many of the cabins are so tiny you will rarely see them at altitudes above 1200 feet.

"The Cabins" page is dedicated to those "low and slow flying" pilots that enjoy seeking out the many cabins, lighthouses and oil rigs that are nested and often slightly hidden in the complex and realistic scenery of Alaska. These Payware addon programs added many of the cabins, but they did not add all of them. RTMM has gone down the complete list of USFS cabins and has added all the ones that were missing from each area. RTMM now has the complete list of USFS cabins. We added over 80 locations to complete the package. This page now represents ALL of the USFS cabins in our area (Tongass/PFJ/SAK).

12 lighthouses are included in the PFJ package. You will find all of them (with pictures and locations). On "The Cabins" page you will find the lighthouses and light stations that are faithfully represented by the PFJ and SAK.

Clicking on the "location name" will take you to the "Friends of the Lighthouse" page for that location. Each has a gps position for the actual structure and a gps setting for the "mooring" or probably starting point. As you visit each lighthouse, go to the Friends of the Lighthouse site and read about each. There are some fascinating stories about their histories. All of the pictures are per courtesy of their site.

  • HERE is a GOOGLE MAP listing all the lighthouses in Alaska.
  • HERE is a GOOGLE MAP for all the lighthouses in BC. The PFJ Lighthouses are listed first, the SAK lighthouses are in the second group.

Oil Rigs in RTMM - We also have a list of the oil rigs that can be found in the RTMM area. This list is found at the bottom of "The Cabins" page.

Click on this button to go to The Cabins page.

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Misty Flying Club

Click on Image Below to go to the MFC Operations Web Page

Frequently Asked Questions and Facts

PART 1 - Misty Flying Club (VA)

  • There are many Virtual Airlines (VAs) available for flight sim enthusiasts. At RTMM, we wanted to create something a little different:
    1. A "VA" that is "more casual" or even "lite" ... more in the style of bush flying. For that reason, we are calling this a "Flying Club" rather than a formal "VA".
    2. Bush flying, unlike most commercial flying, is far less defined and almost all VFR. There are no formal airways or IFR flights. There are no "controllers" and the major rule is simply "Safety First."
    3. The flights offered by the Flying Club will take you to all of the regions and scenery locations in RTMM. We have placed our many scenery locations carefully so that, when they are visited, some of the most beautiful scenery in the world can be explored and enjoyed.
    4. The "routes" and "tours" are all stored and can be obtained at the Misty Flying Club Page.
    5. Rules: The Misty Flying Club is only for use flying the RTMM Areas (PFJ, PNW, SAK, Tongass X, BWEP area. "Doug's Hawaii" may also be included at a later date to give you a break from the snow and ice! So these will be the only flights that are "validated" on the site. The other rule is that you must land at less than 600 fpm (not crash!) to have the flight validated.

PART 2 - Misty Multi Playermultiplayer

  • "Misty Multi Player (MM)" - The second part of the Misty Flying Club will be the multi player function. We will be using FSCloud for Sim Connections and DISCORD for communications. Both of these programs suit all of our purposes and goals very well.
  • Two Part Web Page - For the above reasons, there will obviously be two parts to this web page, MFC and Multi Player. There are navigation links to quickly get you from place-to-place on the page.

What is the Misty Flying Club?

  • Misty Flying Club (MFC) is the operational avenue or OPS Division of RTMM and using a group of systems which provide the operational environment.
  • This is the operational side of RTMM. The Flying Club Division of sorts that creates a structured documented system in which to explore the scenic areas of Alaska and BC and all the RTMM scenery, enhancements and other add-ons that have been created for these areas and captures all the #flights, flight hours, departures and arrivals for a pilot in a personal and system logbook. So a pilot can knows and see what he has flown, and can further see what there is to explore into other areas in a structure way if a pilots want to do that. But that is only the start as more over-time is added plus more flights and routes to fly as well as "Flying Events" using "Misty Multi player".
  • MFC is a method of the capturing or logging of Flight simulation flights (FSX, P3D primarily) that can be flown by a pilot.

Why is it called "Misty Flying Club" rather than Misty's Flying Club?

  • "Misty's Flying Club would make it the ownership of Misty. But this isn't about Misty (the fictional lady) or Misty's Place. "Misty" in this case describes the in "clear weather flying or misty flying". This matches our theme of Misty Moorings. That is why the name was created in this fashion.

What is the Target Geographical Area?

  • where MFC/RTMM is primarily based in the areas of Alaska and BC.
    • ORBX PFJ - Pacific Fjords
    • ORBX PNW - Pacific Northwest
    • ORBX SAK - SE Alaska
    • Tongass X - Tongass Forest Area
    • ORBX Global Base/Vector - BWEP - RTMM's Pipeline Scenery

How will these work, software needed?

Software for "Misty Flying Club" MFC .................................................................

1.CIGAR BOX (the magic box holding all the tours). You download this from the BOTTOM of the downloads page on the Admin Center web page. (This is actually out special module for KACARS II.

2. Route and Tour downloads from the Misty Flying Club Page. (Located in the left column of the Admin on "Downloads."

Software for "Misty Multi Planer" ...

1. DISCORD for Chat/Voice COMMs (Chat or voice Comms). (Voice works best or Group VFR Multi Player events or group flying)
Software download and install:

2. FSCloud for Multi player - This connects you to a server where your friends will be flying. It is found at

Click on Image Below to go to the MFC Operations Web Page

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RTMM GOOGLE EARTH KMZ by "Rustam" (Vüqar Quliyev)

RTMM KMZ by "Rustam" (Vüqar Quliyev)

This is a Google Maps KMZ file covering the whole RTMM area. It's compiled respecting the naming convention for RTMM sceneries released as of Nov. 2014 but also includes locations of the USFS cabins and historical lighthouses shipped with Orbx/FSAddon/RTMM packages. The KMZ file consists of 605 individual place marks in total.

All individual locations and some of the scenery folders will provide you with some basic info about the area/scenery but apart from these descriptions, most of these "clickable" spots contain buttons which will take you to relevant flight maps, trip tickets and/or external information resources such as Wikipedia or Lighthouse Explorer, where possible.

Click on the picture above to see a larger image. But even the larger image will not do the details of this justice. There is an amazing amount of data contained in this file. The "readme" is in the zip along with the "KMZ" file.

- Latest Updated Dropbox Link

Here is "how to" select the labels you want to see in this amazing file (Click on Pic below to Enlarge):

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Starting Points for ".gfp flight plans" for Flight1 GTN 650/750 Series GPS Data

This information and data contributed by Peter Stark . . .

This data file adds the RTMM cabins, lodges etc. listed on the RTMM Starting Points Table Legend to the Flight1 GTN 650/750 series GPS.

Flying low and slow beneath a lowering cloud base in restricted visibility can sometimes mean we are not quite sure of our precise location, which can make finding a specific cabin or lodge etc. a bit tricky. Now users of the Flight1 GTN 650/750 GPS gauges can view and navigate to the RTMM cabins, lodges, canneries, lighthouses etc. in their vicinity while still being able to utilise the other GTN features.

readmeAdding them to the GTN database of user way points also allows users to quickly determine the bearing and distance to the selected cabin etc. as well as manually entering a flight plan. This data is NOT designed to replace the RTMM .PLN flight plans as the GTN does not support the flight sim .PLN format. However, they may be converted. More details and full installation instructions are in the included PDF file

  • Click on the yellow "Readme" button on the right for more information
  • Click on the zip button below for the data
  • If you have questions, suggestions, or corrections, contact Peter on the forum under Enhancements.


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Starting Points for all Flight sim "pln files" for all RTMM Locations

STARTING POINTS: Below is a table of the "mooring" or "starting" points for all RTMM scenery locations. For an explanation of how to use them, see Starting Points.. Be sure to add the heading as this will point you in the correct position. For locations with both water and land, both are listed.

LOCATION MAPS: Click on the Title of the Scenery and you will see the map to that location.

TRIP TICKETS: Look in the Right Hand Column to see which locations have trip tickets and dispatches. Click on the link there to view the ticket. Trip Ticket and Dispatches are explained on the FAQ Page.

Scenery Finder Excel Spread Sheet, the latest, from DocBird can be downloaded HERE. This is a close approximation of the table below, but you can sort it, etc. Our thanks to DocBird for this contribution.

Starting Points for The Cabins - All of the USFS Cabins have a starting point, map and flight plan. You can find all of these on The Cabins page.

RTMM Remote Starting - This is the latest scenario set for P3D-V3 and V4 ... this will not work for FSX. The readme enclosed in it tells you how to use it.


(Windows tip: This is a long list, you can press CTRL F and enter the name to find a location on the list)

Facility Name
Name of location as it is listed on the Scenery Page, Click on name for map to location
Heading The Heading will have you "pointed" in the correct direction at the starting point.
*** Indicates Water Freezes in the winter time
** Indicates no map available because scenery is located near an airport
SPB Indicates a Sea Plane Base Start Point (No Map Available)
Pkg Necessary software PFJ, PNW , TF, SAK, NRM or GV (Global Vector)
Type Type of landing zone, water, ice, land, etc.
Tic (click to view) Indicates a trip ticket, D Dispatch available, FT Float Trip Available
# Indicates an unlisted Dock Starting Point found in RTMM_Docks.Zip (Latest 09.02.2012)

Facility Name (Click for Map)
Adams Inlet Cabin N58 53.0902 W135 48.8853 168 Water SAK  
Aiken Creek N55 7.18 W132 12.19 004 Water PFJ V2
Aishihik Lk North Cabin N61 35.6540 W137 28.4471 248 Water SAK  
Aishihik Lk South Ruins N61 11.7938 W137 0.0241 359 Water SAK  
Allakaket Lodge N66 33.7736 W152 39.4076 173.4 Land VEC  
Anderson Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N61 40.88 W128 49.90 036 Water SAK  
Andrew Bay Dock N53 51.3833 W126 19.2060 209 Water*** PFJ  
Armin F. Koernig (AFK) Hatchery N60 3.0481 W148 3.9049 318 Water SAK  
Ashlulm Creek Fishing Lodge N51 45.27 W126 55.09 138 Water PFJ V2
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Badger Lake Cabins N55 12.8658 W130 48.1373 049 Water PFJ  
Baird LeConte Glacier Tour N57 15.16 W132 12.72 038 Snow TF V1
Bear River Lodge (CIRP) N56 5.43 W129 53.27 059 Water PFJ  
Bear Lakes Cabin N61 16.3663 W137 34.2017 338 Water SAK  
Bennett Lake Cabin N59 50.7343 W134 59.7195 193 Water SAK  
Big Creek Lodge PF61 N51 9.1404 W123 33.5587 248 Water*** NRM  
Big Creek Lodge PF61 N51 8.9537 W123 33.5863 311 Land NRM  
Big Falls Hydro Power Plant N53 59.08 W129 43.48 137 Water PFJ D
Big Falls Cove Cabin N53 59.00 W129 44.39 079 Water PFJ  
Big Lake Cabin N55 25.62 W131 11.01 004 Water PFJ V2
Black Rapids, The Lodge at N63 33.0851 W145 52.3421 66.5 Water B/V  
Blue Cat lake Cabin N55 30.5191 W133 40.0474 44.3 Water *** TFX  
Bob's Bay Cabin-Water N55 12.6226 W133° 9.7150 250 Water TFX  
Border Lake Provincial Park N56 20.34 W130 44.71 186 Land PFJ D
Boswell Bay Airstrip Dock N60 25.4398 W146 7.6639 114 Water SAK  
Bowser Lake Cabin N56 25.31 W129 43.29 303 Water *** PFJ V2
Boya Lake Provincial Park N59 22.06 W129 6.24 301 Water SAK  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Ashlulm Crk N51 41.30 W126 53.95 239 Water PNW V2
Brad's Bait&BBQ Big Fall Cove N53 59.01 W129 44.25 082 Water PFJ  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Cornwall Pt N53 28.64 W128 21.79 015 Water PFJ  
Brad s Bait&BBQ Hang Em High N55 11.8650 W132 15.1702 127 Water PFJ  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Hollis N55 34.1041 W132 34.0012 164 Water PFJ/TF  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Dean River N52 49.8735 W126 57.8309 091 Water PFJ  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Owikeno N. N51 50.6195 W126 39.9167 229 Water PNW  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Owikeno W N51 40.9853 W127 10.4584 204 Water PNW V2
Brad's Bait&BBQ Skeena River N54 19.22 W129 13.17 156 Water PFJ  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Stewart BC Float N55 55.0926 W129 59.7053 350 Water PFJ  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Stewart BC Heli N55 55.0892 W129 59.6468 Any Helipad PFJ  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Spud's Creek N55 29.7272 W130 6.4422 179 Water PFJ  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Terrace BC N54 26.40 W126 34.83 347 Water ** PFJ  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Victory Valley N53 6.67 W127 9.88 111 Water PFJ  
Brad's Bait&BBQ Wilson River N55 27.7411 W130 36.7322 323 Water PFJ  
Bradley Lake Hydro Outfall *** N59 46.7919 W150 55.9091 099 Helipad SAK  
Bradley Lake Hydro Dam*** N59 45.29 W150 51.25 278 Water SAK  
Bromley Peak Ice Station (CIRP) N55 53.92 W129 40.48 206 Ice PFJ  
Bronson's Creek N56 40.59 W131 5.63 132 Land Ton  
But Inlet Cabinrnet N56 9.76 W132 27.99 104 Water PFJ V2
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Cambria Ice Station (CIRP) N55 53.92 W129 40.48 205 Ice PFJ  
Canoona Fish Camp (Water) N53 1.75 W128 38.52 310 Water PFJ V2
Canoona Fish Camp (Land) N53 1.78 W128 38.65 234 Land PFJ V2
Canyon Cabin (Mooring) N51 35.83 W126 26.59 135 Water PNW  
Canyon Cabin (Helipad) N51 35.81 W126 26.55 109 Helipad PNW  
Canyon Lake Campground N61 4.8662 W137 0.4368 313 Water SAK  
Cape Decision Lighthouse # N56 0.11 W134 8.19 140 Water TF  
Cape Spencer Lighthouse # N58 11.93 W136 38.27 236.8 Water PFJ  
Carol Glacier Cabin N58 57.5200 W136 34.0077 135 water SAK  
Carol Glacier Campsite N58 59.3584 W136 25.4020 135 water SAK  
Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat N55 49.24 W131 23.15 247 Water PFJ V2
Chalet de Venema N48 44.4521 W121 34.3156 184 Water PNW  
Charlotte Lake Lodge (Land) N52 9.2378 W125 16.7718 142 Land PFJ  
Charlotte Lake Lodge (Water) N52 9.3757 W125 16.8508 111 Water*** PFJ  
Chauginan Lake Lodge (Land) N51 35.1556 W123 52.5365 320 Land PNW  
Chauginan Lake Lodge (Water) N51 35.1413 W123 52.6942 083 Water*** PNW  
Chicamin Bay Dock N53 27.6010 W126 56.2227 012 Water*** PFJ  
Chilanko River Sales & Serv (Land) N52 6.6429 W124 8.9462 096 Land PFJ  
Chilanko River Sales & Serv (Water) N52 6.4611 W124 8.8526 319 Water*** PFJ  
Chilanko Lodge (Land) N51 57.3555 W124 53.0379 151 Land PNW  
Chilanko Lodge (Water) N51 57.5017 W124 52.7925 172 Water*** PNW  
Chilanko Lodge (Heli) N51 57.3407 W124 52.9549 any Helo PNW  
Chilcotin Plateau Airfield N51 53.91 W124 36.24 200 Land PFJ V2
Circle City Lodge (water/ice N65 49.8334 W144 3.8581 139 Water/Ice VEC  
CJ's Bed 'n Breakfast N55 1.7221 W129 34.4899 070 Water PFJ  
Coghlan Lake Cabin N61 35.6049 W135 28.7863 306 Water SAK  
Copper Creek Camp Pullout (TWC II) N60 29.1091 W149 53.2099 161 Water SAK  
Corner Bay Dock # N57 44.28 W135 8.28 072 Water TF  
Crevice Creek (1AK1) N67 22.2115 W152 0.8516 277 Land VEC  
Cry Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N58 49.80 W128 55.31 230 Water SAK  
CU Ranch N55 11.5159 W131 23.0922 182 Water PFJ  
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Dalayee Lake Cabin N60 19.8796 W133 39.4979 283 Water SAK  
Dallory's Cabin N51 40.3732 W127 2.4106 183 Water PNW V2
Dallory End Cabin (boat) N51 36.0837 W127 3.4942 325 Water PNW V2
Dallory End Cabin (heli) N51 36.09 W127 3.50 177 Heli PWN V2
Dan's Hideaway N55 9.03 W132 21.04 146 Water PFJ V1
Darb Lake Cabin N56 33.3778 W126 10.5839 139 Water *** PFJ V2
DareDevil's Roost N55 25.45 W131 43.87 138 Land PFJ  
Davidson Glacier Airstrip N59 5.1949 W135 22.8427 345 Land SAK  
Dean River Float Rental N52 49.55 W126 58.25 280 Water PFJ V2
Dean River Float Rental (Heli) N52 49.55 W126 58.24 Any Heli PFJ V2
Dean River Half Way(dock) N52 45.12 W126 28.48 044 Water PFJ V2
Dean River Half Way (heli) N52 45.12 W126 28.52 Any Heli PFJ V2
Dean River Medical (dock) N52 49.78 W126 57.96 023 Water PFJ V2
Dean River Medical (heli) N52 49.68 W126 57.87 Any Heli PFJ V2
Dean River Sigutlat Lake N52 57.04 W126 11.36 254 Water PFJ V2
Dean River Sigutlat Lake N52 57.03 W126 11.39 any Heli PFJ V2
Dease Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N58 48.26 W130 5.50 326 Water SAK  
Desparate Moose Lodge N53 9.91 W125 23.94 312 Land PFJ  
Dezadeash Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N60 28.38 W136 54.79 142 Water/Land SAK  
Dog Salmon Creek N55 20.84 W132 30.15 323 Water PFJ V1
Donnelly Dome PF57 N63 50.68 W145 44.19 167 Land B/V  
Doos Creek Cabin N51 39.4236 W126 53.9500 350 Water PNW V2
Dora Bay Log Transfer N55 13.61 W132 14.45 042 Water PFJ  
Doug's Outfitters (Base) N53 53.90 W129 37.31 103 Water PFJ  
Doug's Outfitters (Base) N53 53.89 W129 37.31 100 Heli PFJ  
Doug's Outfitters (Lake's End) N53 52.88 W129 44.02 012 Heli PFJ  
Doug's Outfitters (Lake's End) N53 52.82 W129 44.09 306 Land PFJ  
Doug's Outfitters (Lake's End) N53 52.88 W129 43.90 082 Water PFJ  
Doug's Outfitters (River's End) N53 57.46 W129 17.40 138 Water PFJ  
Doug's Outfitters (River's End) N53 57.46 W129 17.29 180 Heli PFJ  
Downdraft Lake Cabin N55 12.15 W131 47.36 347 Water PFJ V1
Driftwood Depot N55 48.87 W126 24.63 125 Land PFJ V2
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Eagle Lake Cabin N56 2.28 W131 27.48 343 Water PFJ V1
Edgar Lake Cabin (Cabin by the Lakes) N59 23.0547 W134 7.9087 336.3 Water SAK  
Edna Bay Dock # N55 57.78 W133 37.36 277 Water TF  
Egg Harbor Fish Camp N55 54.25 W134 18.80 045 Water TF  
Eliguk Lake Lodge N52° 57.2430' W125° 27.0902' 066 Water*** PFJ  
Elkin Creek Guest Ranch (Land) N51 30.7060 W123 48.3004 086 Land PNW  
Elkin Creek Guest Ranch (Water) N51 31.2393 W123 48.4588 150 Water*** PNW  
Elkin Creek Guest Ranch (Helo) N51 30.7722 W123 48.3120 any Helo PNW  
Elliot Cabin N56 25.20 W129 43.39 004 Water *** PFJ V2
Elliot Firebase N56 24.89 W129 44.29 358 Land PFJ V2
Endicott River Airstrip N58° 47.5245' W135° 15.1003' 308 Land SAK  
Entiako Fire Tower Helipad N53° 12.0216' W125° 52.9219' any Helipad PFJ  
Erickson Glacier Ice Station (CIRP) N56 8.56 W129 39.56 303 Ice PFJ  
Eutsuk Airstrip N53 17.9037 W126 49.4805 054 Land PFJ  
Eutsuk Docks N53 18.9224 W126 45.7045 130 Water *** PFJ  
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Fairfax Lake Campsite N52 42.31 W131 58.28 358 Water PFJ V1
Falling Creek Cabin (Lower Cabin) #1 N51 32.2917 W126 59.2736 326 Water *** PNW V2
Falling Creek Cabin (Upper Cabin) #2 N51 32.31 W126 58.56 317 Water *** PNW V2
Fantail Lake Cabin N59 37.8833 W134 35.5070 235 Water SAK  
Fawnie Creek Cabin N53° 8.5710' W125° 32.8122' 308 Water *** PFJ  
Fawnie Creek Shelter N53 8.58 W125 32.81 200 Water*** PFJ  
FedEx-CMB5 (Telegraph Crk) ** N57 55.07 W131 7.25 243 Land TF  
FedEx-CYPR (Prince Rupert) ** N54 17.51 W130 26.74 351 Land PFJ  
FedEx - CYXT (Terrace, BC) ** N54 28.42 W128 34.90 332 Land PFJ  
FedEx - HYL (Hollis) ** N55 29.45 W132 37.47 320 Water PFJ/TF  
FedEx - PAFE (Kake, AK) ** N56 47.92 W133 54.93 333 Land TF  
FedEx - PAKT (Ketchikan AK) ** N55 21.05 W131 42.09 008 Land PFJ  
FedEx - PAKW (Klawock, AK) ** N55 34.73 W133 4.23 67 Land PFJ  
FedEx -PAPG (Petersburg, AK) ** N56 48.29 W132 56.20 274 Land PFJ  
FedEx - PASI (Sitka, AK) ** N57 3.21 W135 22.06 043 Land TF  
FedEx - PAWG (Wrangel, AK) ** N56 29.09 W132 22.07 225 Land TF  
Fillmore Cove N54 55.96 W130 27.73 329 Water PFJ  
Finlayson Lake Cabin N61 39.2161 W130 31.6088 254 Water SAK  
Fish Lake Cabin N60 37.9000 W135 13.8212 201 Water SAK  
Five Finger Lighthouse # N57 16.22 W133 37.84 041 Water TF  
Fleet Bay Parts Dock N54 41.89 W132 1.35 345 Water PFJ V1
Flying Beaver Ranch (BWEP) N66 21.63 W147 24.67 129 Land VEC  
Fortaleza Ridge Cabin N55 16.9497 W133 38.4962 296 Water TF  
Forrester Island Research N54 49.06 W133 30.92 066 Water PFJ V1
Francis Lake E Fork (Cabins by Lakes) N61 21.52 W129 20.52 253 Water SAK  
Francis Lake W Fork (Cabins by Lakes) N61 24.83 W129 38.54 178 Water SAK  
Frederick Point VOR Dock # N56 47.58 W132 49.22 112 Wate TF  
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George Inlet Cannery N55 22.98 W131 28.12 095 Water PFJ V1
George Inlet Log Transport N55 28.11 W131 31.93 357 Water PFJ V2
Gilbert Bay Airfield N57 55.20 W133 41.09 321 Land PFJ  
Gladstone Lakes Cabin #1 N61 20.5089 W138 9.0357 327 Water SAK  
Gladys Lake Cabin N59 54.3797 W133 8.6630 169.8 Water SAK  
Gokachin Lake Cabin N55 25.37 W131 8.12 177 Water PFJ V2
Goose Bay Cabin N55 23.49 W132 29.59 341 Water PFJ V1
Granduc Camp N56 16.12 W130 3.43 173 Land PFJ  
Graveyard Point N54 24.56 W128 53.78 111 Water PFJ  
Gwent Bay Cannery N54 57.18 W130 9.56 120 Water PFJ V1
Gwin's Lodge Pullout (TWC II) N60 28.9379 W149 55.4620 170 Water SAK  
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Halibut Cove (Water) N59 35.68 W151 14.81 160 Water SAK V3
Halibut Cove (Helo) N59 35.92 W151 13.23 Any Helipad SAK V3
Hang 'Em High (Lower Lodge) N55 10.80 W132 14.50 166 Water PFJ  
Hang 'Em High (Upper Ultrlite only!) N55 10.70 W132 15.29 020 Land PFJ  
Hang 'Em High (Lower Ultralite only!) N55 10.77 W132 14.54 282 Land PFJ  
Hang 'Em High (Lower helipad) N55 10.7591 W132 14.5202 261 Land/Heli PFJ  
Hang 'Em High (Upper helipad) N55 10.6753 W132 14.5202 017 Land/Heli PFJ  
Harriet Hunt Lake Pier N55 28.11 W131 35.82 210 Water PFJ V2
Heceta Head Lighthouse N44 8.2041 W124 7.7125 344 Water PNW  
Helen's Fright (NAC) N52 6.86 W127 33.52 049 Land TF  
Herring Bay Cannery N55 19.54 W131 31.46 069 Water PFJ V1
Herring Bay Cannery (heli) N55 19.57 W131 31.34 070 Concrete PFJ V1
Herring Bay Diner (Tail Dragger) N55 19.50 W131 31.37 119 Water PFJ  
Herring Bay Sea Plane Base (Ramp) N55 19.53 W131 31.55 027 Land PFJ  
Hidden Inlet Lake Cabin NN55 0.0206 W130 25.1429 026 Water PFJ  
Hidden Inlet Retreat (water start) N55 0.7163 W130 20.7556 176 Water PFJ  
Hidden Inlet Retreat (land Start) N55 0.8095 W130 21.0230 336 Land PFJ  
Hinchinbrook Island Radio Tower N60 14.2330 W146 38.8137 Any Helipad SAK  
High Lake Cabin N54 55.68 W132 28.70 338 Water PFJ V1
Hole in the Wall Cabin N56 15.98 W133 37.21 139 Water TF  
Hollis Harbor (Eagle Air) ** N55 29.04 W132 38.65 274 Water PFJ/TF V2
Homan Lake Camp N59 51.0634 W135 15.2273 066.3 Water SAK  
Honker Lake Cabin N55 49.78 W132 53.23 334 Water TF V1
Huckleberry Mine N53° 40.5955' W127° 11.9963' 296 Curve Road PFJ  
Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery N55 6.22 W130 37.74 211 Water PFJ V1
Hunter Bay Cannery N54 52.33 W132 18.85 057 Water PFJ V1
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Iggy's Harbor N55 11.51 W129 13.58 357 Water PFJ  
Island Lake Farm N53° 44.0999' W125° 50.9443' 013   PFJ  
Iskut Village (CBU2) N57 50.74 W129 58.63 278 Land PFJ  
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Jay Kay's Last Resort N46 45.6375 W122 15.5188 346 Water PNW  
Jedway Base N52 18.15 W131 13.16 357 Water PFJ  
Jennings Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N59 38.62 W130 40.96 147 Water SAK  
Jim's Landing Pullout (TWC II) N60 28.8913 W150 6.8384 314 Water SAK  
Jobim Creek N51 47.06 W125 29.95 055 Water PFJ  
Johns Hopkins Cabin N58 50.8588 W137 7.3010 252 Water SAK  
Jordan Lake Cabin N55 35.86 W131 33.31 037 Water PFJ V1
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Kasaan KXA Float Plane N55 32.2375 W132 23.9161 239 Water TF  
Kasaan KXA Helicopter N55 32.2215 W132 23.8613 Any Helipad TF  
Kathleen Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N60 32.36 W137 23.78 185 Water SAK  
Katzehin Airstrip N59 12.2035 W135 18.3846 294 Land SAK  
Katzehin River Cabin North N59 12.6430 W135 19.1780 092 Land SAK  
Katzehin River Cabin South N59 12.0856 W135 18.6374 078 Land SAK  
Keets Creek Cabin (boat) N51° 50.1563' W126° 41.1038' 112 Water PNW V2
Keets Creek Cabin (heli) N51 50.16 W126 41.06 290 Helipad PNW V2
Kenai Drifter Lodge Dock (TWC II) N60 29.4791 W149 49.4202 153 Water SAK  
Kenai Reverside Lodge Pullout (TWC II) N60 29.2321 W149 52.5492 087 Water SAK  
Keyhole Falls No Landing No Landing XXX XXX PFJ  
Khutze River Lodge (PF17) N53 5.06 W128 25.09 343 Land PFJ  
Khutzeymateen River Lodge N54 39.78 W129 47.67 250 Land PFJ V1
Khyex River Railroad Bridge N54 13.89 W129 48.26 058 Water PFJ  
Kidala Pass (PF14) N53 51.90 W128 2.70 117 Land PFJ  
Kimsquit Airport Ramp ** N52 49.54 W126 57.85 194 Land PFJ  
Kimsquit River Cabin N52 52.75 W127 5.00 40 Water PFJ  
Kimsquit River Logging Camp N52 53.11 W127 5.57 068 Land PFJ V1
Kingfisher Lodge N53° 36.7724' W127° 10.9769' 225 Water*** PFJ  
Kitsault Gold Camp N55 24.17 W129 23.04 282 Land PFJ V1
Kitsault Peak Ice Station (CIRP) N55 47.99 W129 38.17 350 Ice PFJ  
Klawock Snow Dogs Ops Center N55 34.79 W133 4.26 358 Land TF  
Klinkwan Fish Camp N54 52.71 W132 20.58 270 Water PFJ V1
Kloo Lake (SAK1) N60 56.41 W137 52.57 144 Land SAK  
Kluane Lake Cabin (Cabin by Lakes) N61 14.09 W138 43.57 212 Water SAK  
Kluane Ll Cabin (Cabins by the Lakes II) N61 38.4584 W138 41.3683 300.5 Water SAK  
Klutina Outfitters N61 44.9075 W145 43.0864 76 Land SAK  
Kowesas River Cabin N53 8.27 W128 6.59 320 Water PFJ  
Kowesas River Lodge (pier) N53 19.94 w128 7.56 218 Water PFJ  
Kowesas River Lodge N53 20.15 W128 7.58 160 Land PFJ  
Kusawa Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N60 20.64 W136 20.15 109 Water SAK  
Kusawa Lake North (Cabins by Lakes) N60 34.29 W136 8.49 304 Water SAK  
Kusawa Lake South (Cabins by Lakes) N60 11.70 W136 2.29 062 Water SAK  
Kwatna River Mining N52 5.76 W127 18.79 081 Land PFJ  
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Labouchere Bay Brad's (Sawmill) # N56 18.16 W133 37.22 357 Water TF  
Labouchere Dock # N56 18.54 W133 37.19 335 Water TF  
Laidman Lake Airstrip N53 7.3288 W125 10.3880 235 Land PFJ  
Laidman Lake Lodge N53° 8.1322' W125° 10.6922' 035 Water *** PFJ  
Lake Crescent Lodge N48 3.4472 W123 48.0346 357 Water PNW  
Lake Laberge North (Cabins by Lakes) N61 23.54 W135 13.88 084 Water SAK  
Lake Laberge South (Cabins by Lakes) N60 57.43 W135 4.44 094 Water SAK  
Lake Louise Lodge (Airstrip=Z55) N62 16.7243 W146 30.9459 098 Water GV  
Landmark Gap Resort Water N63 5.9201 W146 5.1307 155 Water B/V
Landmark Gap Resort Airstrip N63 5.8383 W146 4.8110 251 Land B/V
Lake Ozette N48 9.0910 W124 39.9806 326 Water PNW  
Lake Woahink SPB N43 54.2066 W124 6.8620 013 Water PNW  
Last Resort N61 06.23 W142 26.70 220 Land SAK V2
Lavender Lake Lodge N55 39.91 W129 25.22 012 Land PFJ V1
Letnikov Cove Cannery N59 10.3382 W135 23.3569 010 Water SAK  
Lindeman Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N59 47.24 W135 5.88 246 Water SAK  
Little Andrew Bay Cabin N53 47.7988 W126 38.2061 142 Water*** PFJ  
Little Andrew Bay Dock N53 51.3934 W126 19.2258 119 Water*** PFJ  
Little Atlin Lake Cabin N60 14.1637 W133 54.3020 090 Water SAK  
Little Oliver Creek N54 50.29 W128 15.65 059 Land PFJ V1
Little Port Walter Marine Stn. N56 15.06 W134 38.80 197 Water TF  
Llewellyn Glacier Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N59 6.81 W133 55.59 096 Water SAK  
Llewellyn Glacier NY Cabin (Cabins II) N59 8.1840 W134 0.2509 338.2 Water SAK  
Lost Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N59 17.98 W134 12.23 103 Water SAK  
Louise Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N60 31.72 W137 26.58 142 Water SAK  
Lucky Lindy's Place (land) N55 39.34 W131 21.19 254 Land/Water PFJ V1
Luelia Lake Cabin (water) N55 3.9587 W132 11.5395 036 Land/Water PFJ  
Lumber Camp Shelter Dock N53 45.2358 W126 4.7136 335 Land/Ice PFJ  
Lynn Canal Anchorage Strip N59 10.4653 W135 28.2896 305 Land SAK  
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Machmel Village (heli) N51 39.33 W126 41.73 117 Helipad PNW V2
Machmel Village (mooring) N51 39.3670 W126 41.8150 26 Water PNW V2
Machmel Falls Cabin N51 36.5608 W126 23.2279 169 Water PNW V2
Magic Bus 142 N63 52.0952 W149 46.0964 000 Land B+V  
Majuba Lake Remains N53 1.65 W125 43.15 256 Water*** PFJ  
Margerie Glacier Cabin N59 3.300 W137 1.5163 035 Water SAK  
Marilla Airstrip N53 39.7401 W125 45.4911 229 Land PFJ  
Masset Inlet Cabin N53 36.62 W132 25.46 323 Water PFJ V1
Mesa Lake Cabin N55 23.29 W131 6.96 343 Water PFJ V2
Meziadin Lake Campground N56 5.15 W129 18.36 169 Water *** PFJ V1
Metlakatla Jetty N55 7.76 W131 34.99 216 Water PFJ  
Miller Lake N55 8.43 W132 13.33 150 Water PFJ V2
Misty Moorings Air Taxi (PAWS) N61 34.28 W149 33.07 288 Land SAK V2
Misty Moorings River Contest N52 49.01 W126 54.36 290 Water PFJ  
MM Ops (gravel) N60 33.00 W151 15.83 259 Gravel SAK  
MM Ops (Heli) N60 33.02 W151 15.86 294 Helipad SAK  
Misty's Old Yacht Club N55 12.94 W131 44.81 316 Water PFJ  
Misty's Place (dock) N55 15.58 W131 46.26 180 Water PFJ  
Misty's Place (ramp) N55 15.81 W131 46.29 062 Land PFJ  
Misty's Place (Amphib) N55 15.82 W131 46.16 150 Water PFJ  
Monastery (Owikeno) mooring N51 45.3764 W126 0.0756 240 Water *** PNW V2
Monastery (Owikeno) heli N51 45.42 W125 59.93 256 Helipad PNW V2
Moon Lake Cabin N59 50.3682 W134 35.6103 085.8 Water SAK  
Moose Lake Cabin N53 4.52 W125 24.28 118 Land/Water PFJ  
Moresby Camp N53 3.17 W132 1.25 017 Water PFJ V1
Moser Bay Facility N55 53.71 W131 39.22 218 Water PFJ V2
Mount Jefferson Outpost N44 42.5674 W121 48.3947 173 Land PNW  
Mt Johnson Ice Station (CIRP) N56 9.27 W129 48.64 317 ICE PFJ  
Mt Light Retreat N54 13.31 W128 58.60 111 Water PFJ  
Mt. McLeod Ice Station (CIRP) N55 54.35 W129 50.19 141 Ice PFJ  
Mt Kinch Ice Station N51 27.67 W126 8.59 271 Ice PNW  
Mt Matlock Cabin N53 17.56 W132 25.37 340 Water PFJ V1
Mt Pattullo Ice Station (CIRP) N56 12.75 W128 40.96 091 Ice PFJ  
Mud Bay N59 8.7584 W135 20.6876 016 Water SAK  
Muddy Lake Strip N58 11.70 W132 19.41 260 Land SAK  
Muir Inlet Campsite N59 5.4317 W136 22.9176 330 Water SAK  
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NACA Wharf N52 1.44 W127 37.96 081 Water TF  
Nadina Mountain Ranger Stn. N54 4.72 W126 54.48 204 Land PFJ  
Naukati Bay Dock # N55 52.50 W133 13.05 243 Water TF  
Navman's Retreat (land) N56 13.21 W131 28.71 187 Land PFJ  
Navman's Retreat (water) N56 13.10 W131 29.52 191 Water PFJ  
Nekite Lake Cabin N51° 35.0021' W127° 8.7909' 303.4 Water PNW  
Nelson Lake Cabin N59 23.2238 W134 12.2071 009 Water SAK  
New Eddystone Rock N55 30.19 W130 56.33 029 Water PFJ  
Nina Cove Lodge N54 49.35 W132 40.52 340 Water PFJ  
Nina's Landing N55 21.91 W131 28.42 188 Water PFJ V1
Nisga's Glacial Lake Lodge N55 12.36 W129 30.12 120 Land/Water PFJ V1
Norandex Mining Operations  N59 27.26 W151 20.33 310 Land SAK  
Nucheck Village N60 19.9761 W146 39.7426 165 Water SAK  
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Ootsa Lake Community N53 48.5432 W126 3.5174 002 Water *** PFJ  
OotsaLake Log Transport N53 35.9419 W125 42.8145 011 Water*** PFJ  
Oppy Lake Cabin N53° 3.9799' W126° 25.8900' 351 Water *** PFJ  
Osland Harbor N54 8.37 W130 9.59 208 Water PFJ  
Otter Mountain Ice Station (CIRP) N56 0.49 W129 37.92 204 Ice PFJ  
Owikeno Lk North (water) N51 44.39 W126 37.88 355 Water PFJ V2
Owikeno Lk North (land) N51 44.96 W126 37.94 007 Land PFJ V2
Owikeno Lk South (land) N51 39.26 W126 40.61 294 Land PFJ V2
Owikeno W. Airstrip N51 40.94 W127 11.57 063 Land PFJ V2
Owikeno Resort & Casino N51 41.57 W127 9.90 123 Heli Only PFJ V2
Owikeno Resort & Casino N51 41.5628 W127 9.8236 029 Water PFJ V2
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Pakes Landing Dock # N56 40.63 W132 56.14 336 Water TF  
Paradise Cove N59 9.4484 W135 22.7858 337 Water SAK  
Partridge Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N59 57.31 W135 16.12 144 Water TF  
Petrof Bay Camp N56 25.71 W134 4.63 257 Water TF  
Pettry Lake Cabin N52 59.2372 W125 23.8054 290 Water *** PFJ  
PFJ Canal Access Stn (PFJ Side) N51 57.7037 W126 40.3233 201 Land PNW V2
PFJ Canal Access Stn (PFJ Side) N51 57.70 W126 40.33 201 Heli PNW V2
PFJ Canal (PNW Side) N51 55.04 W126 42.53 313 Water PNW V2
PFJ Canal (PNW Side) N51 55.07 W126 42.48 313 Heli PNW V2
PFJ Canal Airstrip N51 57.74 W126 40.90 201 Land PNW V2
PFJ Canal Lodge N51 57.8036 W126 40.3598 72 Water PNW V2
PFJ Canal Cabin N51 56.64 W126 41.73 171 Water PNW V2
Pickett Lake Cabin N53 51.7495 W126 32.0671 259 Water*** PFJ  
Pike Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lake) N59 14.30 W133 23.23 177 Water SAK  
Plants Lake Cabin N53 42.7259 W125 58.7051 252 Water*** PFJ  
Port Bazan Cannery N54 50.18 W132 55.54 307 Water TF  
Port Refugio BBQ N55 17.2742 W133 19.6948 39 Water TF  
Portage Bay Cabin N55 16.61 W132 32.94 114 Water PFJ V1
Portage Bay Dock # N56 59.87 W133 19.04 336 Water TF  
Prayer Lake Cabin N52 56.84 W132 4.27 296 Water PFJ V1
Primrose Lake Cabin (Cabins on Lakes) N60 2.80 W135 39.39 217 Water SAK  
Prince Rupert Shipping N54 19.88 W130 16.91 041 Water PFJ  
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Qualcho Lake Cabin N53 1.9547 W125 50.6302 215 Water*** PFJ  
Quall River Fish Camp N53 40.09 W129 22.61 208 Land PFJ  
Quall River Fish Camp N53 40.08 W129 22.47 223 Water PFJ  
Quartz Creek Floats (TWC II) N60 28.8631 W149 44.1089 227 Water SAK  
Quiet Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N61 12.39 W133 11.96 307 Water SAK  
Quiet Nights Cabin N53 51.97 W129 53.57 101 Water PFJ  
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R & R Lodge (CIRP) N55 52.88 W130 11.98 087 Water *** PFJ  
Racine Lake Cabin N59 47.2213 W134 22.5479 023 Water SAK  
Rainbow Mountains Lodge N54 56.08 W125 32.54 010 Land PFJ  
Ray's Cabin N58 12.5417 W123 59.2584 032 Water PNW  
Redfern River Lodge N53 15.1486 W126 37.1179 255 Water*** PFJ  
River House (Owikeno) N51 38.9833 W126 16.2428 70 Water PNW  
Roadside Cabin N53 40.3763 W131 59.1281 343 water/land PFJ  
Ron's Cabin (NAC) N52 3.75 W127 32.58 049 Water TF  
Rose Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N60 16.41 W135 49.83 297 Water SAK  
Rose Point Camp N54 8.7956 W131 40.5778 190 Sand PFJ  
Rowan Bay Dock # N56 39.92 W134 15.72 243 Water TF  
Ryan's Cabins N54 46.5556 W130 13.6641 184 Water PFJ  
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Saint Johns Dock # N56 26.24 W132 58.31 027 Wate TF  
Saltery Lodge, The N55 36.06 W131 37.98 000 Water PFJ V2
Sandmann Lodge (Land) N49 29.5737 W122 58.2058 050 Land PFJ  
Sandmann Lodge (Water) N49 29.5538 W122 58.0710 220 Water    
Sarker Lake Cabin N55 57.48  W133 12.51 355 Water TF  
Sawginaw West Dock # N56 51.75 W134 11.46 347 Water TF  
Sawmill Bay Dock N60 3.8409 W148 0.3942 345 Water SAK  
Sawmill Lumber Camp N53 41.6961 W125 55.6924 123 Water*** PFJ  
Scar Creek Lodge (Land) N51 10.8660 W125 2.1703 288 Land PFJ  
Scar Creek Lodge (Water N51 10.8856 W125 1.6882 067 Water PFJ  
Scar Creek Lodge (Helo) N51 10.8537 W125 2.2019 any Helo PFJ  
Scotia Camp N54 10.34 W129 39.02 264 Water PFJ  
Scow Bay Dock # N56 46.71 W132 58.02 151 Water TF  
Scum Lake Airport (water) N51 47.5226 W123 35.3220 39.5 Water NRM  
Scum Lake Airport (land) N51 47.6177 W123 35.1832 257 Land NRM  
Scum Lake Airport (helo) N51 47.6375 W123 35.1295 any Helo NRM  
Sekulmun Lake North Cabin N61 34.0047 W137 33.9475 245.3 Water SAK  
Sekulmun Lake South Cabin N61 18.3559 W137 32.4145 133.3 Water SAK  
Serpenthead Lake Cabin N61 40.8246 W138 46.0129 157.3 Water SAK  
Sewall Lodge (Land) N53 45.84 W132 18.02 204 Land PFJ V1
Sewall Lodge (Water) N53 45.71 W132 17.62 186 Water PFJ V1
Sheemahant Lake Cabin N51 51.26 W126 5.86 022 Water *** PNW V2
Sheemahant Lake Cabin (heli) N51 51.28 W126 5.86 020 Heli PWN V2
Silt Lake Cabin (water) N50 43.6262 W123 40.7369 146 Water*** PNW  
Simpson Lake Cabin N60 45.1226 W129 13.6011 135.9 Water SAK  
Sigutlat Village N52 57.0409 W126 11.3724 256 Water *** PFJ  
Silverking Lodge N55 32.64 W131 43.14 222 Water PFJ V2
Skeena River Lodge (Land) N54 33.21 W128 28.32 152 Land PFJ  
Skeena River Lodge (Water) N54 33.21 W128 28.56 231 Water PFJ  
Skin Lake Spillway N53 46.4456 W125 59.9226 112 Water *** PFJ  
Sloko Lake Cabin N59 6.6443 W133 40.0250 137 Water SAK  
Snow Dog Camp (Baird LeConte Glacier) N57 15.16 W132 12.73 036 Ice TF V2
Snug Harbor Float Plane Dock (TWC II) N60 29.5000 W149 47.4239 251 Water SAK  
Soule Landing (CIRP) N55 48.72 W130 8.60 029 Water PFJ  
Soule Glacier Retreat (CIRP) N55 52.90 W130 11.96 070 Water PFJ  
Spoilers Lodge (BWEP) N65 30.7657 W150 9.2936 150 Water-Ice BWEP  
Sportsman's Landing (TWC II) N60 29.1867 W150 0.1627 323 Water SAK  
Spud's Creek Cabin (Water) N55 26.86 W130 12.83 296 Water PFJ  
Squanga Lake Cabin N60 27.0190 W133 35.0823 024.7 Water SAK  
Staney Creek Cabin N55 49.27 W133 9.39 040 Water TF  
Summit Ice Station (CIRP) N56 10.11 W130 3.82 045 Ice PFJ  
Summit Lake Resort N55 14.13 W132 30.96 339 Water PFJ  
Surprise Lake Cabin N59 37.9589 W133 25.0932 320.8 Water SAK  
Sweeney Lake N53 42.3976 W127 14.4783 211 Water*** PFJ  
Sweeney Mtn Mine N53 42.9260 W127 15.3696 any Heli Only PFJ  
Sweetwater Lake Cabin N55 57.42 W132 55.87 104 Water TF  
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Tahtsa Reach Dock N53 43.5863 W126 55.8723 255 Water *** PFJ  
Tahtsa Reach Helipad N53 43.5935 W126 55.8647 255 Helipad PFJ  
Taku Arm Cabin (Cabin by Lakes) N59 24.52 W134 26.04 196 Water SAK  
Taku Lodge N58 29.47 W133 56.52 091 Water SAK  
Teenah Lake Cabin N60 18.8044 W133 26.2629 273.5 Water SAK  
Telkwa Mountain Lodge N54 40.94 W127 31.34 48 Land PFJ  
Telsa Lake Cabin N53° 9.0000' W126° 35.9846' 231 Water *** PFJ  
Teslin Lake North (Cabins by Lakes) N60 25.34 W133 12.70 052 Water SAK  
Teslin Lake South (Cabins by Lakes) N59 32.30 W132 5.10 251 Water SAK  
Terrace Misty Moorings ** N54 28.41 W128 34.85 100 Land PFJ  
Terrace Ultralite Field ** N54 29.61 W128 40.60 293 Land PFJ  
Tetachuk Airstrip N53 16.08 W126 4.46 041 Land PFJ  
Tezwa River Boat Rentals N52 57.83 W127 48.02 151 Water PFJ  
The Landings (Alastair Lake) N54 4.20 W129 11.39 72 Water PFJ  
The Landings (Alastair Lake) N54 4.14 W129 11.39 any Helipad PFJ  
The Sisters VOR Water N58 10.6158 W135 15.6680 060 Water SAK  
The Sisters VOR Heli N58 10.6053 W135 15.5166 any Helipad SAK  
Timothy Lake N45 6.8486 W121 47.9760 084 Water PNW  
Thomas Bay Dock # N56 58.08 W132 49.07 110 Wate TF  
Thorne Bay Island Retreat N55 41.62 W132 34.85 061 Land PFJ V1
Three Sisters (big) Cabin N51 47.4782 W126 54.8035 311 Water *** PNW V2
Three Sisters (middle) Cabin N51 47.5812 W126 53.3198 004 Water *** PNW V2
Three Sisters (little) Cabin N51 48.9205 W126 52.4235 316 Water *** PNW V2
Through Glacier Resrch Base N55 58.87 W130 17.42 049 Ice PFJ  
Thumb Harbor (heli) N52 47.31 W127 59.60 141 Heli PFJ  
Thumb Harbor (dock) N5247.29 W127 59.59 150 Water PFJ  
Thumb Harbor (Platform) N52 47.32 W127 59.61 151 Land/ Ampb PFJ  
Tillie Cabin & Airstrip N61 42.70 W129 32.45 188 Land/Water SAK  
Tincup Lake Landing N61 49.97 W139 16.40 298 Water/Heli SAK  
Todagin Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N57 39.03 W129 48.28 340 Water SAK  
Tonka Mountain Dock # N56 42.78 W132 57.19 143 Water TF  
Tootsee Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N59 51.73 W130 36.08 228 Water SAK  
Totem Bight Ops Center V2 (Back Ramp) N55 23.92 W131 44.53 057 Amphib PFJ V1
Totem Bight Dock V2 N55 23.88 W131 44.56 313 Water PFJ  
Totem Bight (Heli) V2 N55 23.90 W131 44.54 226 Pad PFJ  
Traitor's Cove Dock N55 42.10 W131 38.19 034 Water PFJ V2
Tremadoc Lake Cabin N52 41.31 W127 49.43 296 Water PFJ V1
Tsacha Lake Lodge Dock N53 1.7504 W124 50.4103 189 Water *** PFJ  
Tsacha Lake Lodge Strip N53° 1.0754' W124° 51.0565' 213 Land PFJ  
Tsuniah Lake Lodge (water) N51 31.6858 W124 9.2302 134 Water PNW  
Tsuniah Lake Lodge (land) N51 31.6915 W124 9.3526 267 Land PNW  
Tsylos Park Lodge (Water) N51 37.3200 W124 8.7629 218 Water*** PNW  
Tsylos Park Lodge (Land) N51 37.3759 W124 8.6408 346 Dirt PNW  
Tutshi Lake Abandoned Cabin N59 56.4041 W134 20.6456 002.1 Water SAK  
Tweedsmuir Peak N53 40.16 W126 25.80 31 Dirt PFJ  
Twelve Mile Inlet Rafting Stn N55 21.00 W132 44.01 340 Water TF  
Two Lakes Camp (NAC) N52 1.82 W127 34.12 349 Land TF  
Twin Lakes Airstrip (CAG4) Land N51 34.1261 W123 49.5811 300 Land PNW  
Twin Lakes Airstrip (CAG4) Water N51 34.2284 W123 49.5034 192 Water*** PNW  
Twin Lakes Airstrip (CAG4) Heli N51 34.1233 W123 49.6066 any heli PNW  
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Upper Skilak Lk Pullout (TWI II) N60 26.2921 W150 19.2684 356 Water SAK  
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Vancouver Island North (CYZT Start) CYZT     Asphalt PNW V3
Very Inlet Cabin N54 57.0996 W130 53.2028 257 Water PFJ  
Victory Valley (dirt ramp) N53 6.75 W127 10.14 243 Dirt PFJ  
Victory Valley (Helipad) N53 6.73 W127 9.95 111 Concrete PFJ  
Victory Valley (Dock) N53 6.70 W127 9.95 111 Water PFJ  
View Cove Dock # N55 4.95 W133 1.26 320 Water TF  
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Walker Home N55 34.45 W132 38.71 107 Water TF  
Wandering Lakes Lodge N65 8.6355 W149 20.9665 83 Water/Ice VEC  
Warm Creek Cabin (Cabin by Lakes) N59 29.79 W134 47.60 003 Water SAK  
Waterfall N55 17.60 W133 14.65 343 Water TF  
West Fishing Village (boat/float) N51 40.7830 W127 10.3626 309 Water PNW  
West Fishing Village (heli) N51 40.7866 W127 10.3711 309 Helipad PNW  
Westwood Inn N51 5.68 W125 36.98 261 Land PNW V2
Westwood Inn N51 5.56 W125 36.95 176 Water PNW V2
Whaletail Camp N56 11.27 W132 15.07 152 Water PFJ  
Whiskey Cove N52 9.43 W128 6.12 187 Water PFJ  
Whitesail Outfitters N53 29.7864 W127 13.9188 283 Water*** PFJ  
Wilderness Lodge N53° 15.7699' W126° 3.8400' 226 Water*** PFJ  
Wilson River Lodge N55 24.00 W130 36.65 296 Land PFJ  
Wilson River Lodge N55 23.71 W130 36.80 175 Water PFJ  
Wolf Lake Boathouse N55 31.25 W132 34.46 254 Water TF  
Wolf Lake Cabin (Cabins by Lakes) N60 44.90 W131 41.00 308 Waater SAK  
Wolverine Airstrip N61 24.76 W130 5.86 110 Land SAK  
Wrangell (Fort) SPB # N56 25.05 W132 21.02 211 Water TF  
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Xavier's Cabin N52 48.66 W127 40.74 281 Water PFJ V2
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Yakhoun Lake Cabin N53 19.65 W132 16.39 204 Water PFJ V1
Yes Bay Lodge (PFJ Scenery) N55 54.91 W131 47.86 276 Water PFJ  
Yukon Crossing (BWEP) N65 52.78 W149 43.26 343 Land VEC  
Zaballos Village N49 58.6691 W126 50.7332 279 Water PNW  
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