R E T U R N - TO - M I S T Y - M O O R I N G S


1 Kake (KAE)
Latitude: N56 58.37
Longitude: W133 56.69
Mag Heading: 189
Floats or Helicopter

This is a short 4 stop tour of the USFS cabins of Admiralty Island. The autopilot-ready flight plan can be downloaded HERE. Maintain 1200 feet unless the dispatch map shows otherwise. NOTAM: There are two areas where you must go to 2000 feet. We start at Kake SPB (KAE). The mooring for the pier is to the left. (Use FSX "map" to place yourself there). We taxi out past the sand bar and take off on a heading of 290. for 5 miles over Point White and, 2 miles ahead, Point Macartney.

2 Pybus Bay USFS Cabin
Direct Heading: 319
Distance: 24 m
After taking off, you may set the autopilot for the flight plan and the altitude at 1200 feet. You will fly over Point White and 2 miles further over Point Macartney where you will turn to a heading of 337 for 14 miles to Elliot Island. Over Elliot island, you turn to a heading of 317. Turn off the autopilot and reduce speed. Ahead is a peninsula with a small bay coming in from port. This is Henry's Arm. Over this feature, turn to 278, the cabin is 2 miles ahead, assume landing configuration. There is a small island between you and the cabin ... fly to the starboard side of the island, land there and taxi to port to the cabin.

3 Jim's Lake USFS Cabin
Direct Heading: 322
Distance: 15 m

Take off from Pybus Cabin on a heading of 360, then come to a heading of 306 and fly the length of the bay. Turn on the autopilot if you wish ... set altitude at 1200 feet. You will see a gap between the mountains ahead. Fly for that gap. As you fly through the gap, be prepared to increase your altitude setting.


Beyond the gap turn a little to port and follow the valley. You will have to turn sharply to port at the end of the valley, go over the ridge, then turn sharply back to starboard. You can then reset your altitude for 1200 feet and fly a heading of 317 to approach Jim's Lake. The cabin is about 5 miles ahead, turn off the autopilot and reduce speed. When you see the beginning the lake ahead, turn to 328 to fly over the lake. Be in landing configuration as you cross over the lakes leading shoreline. The cabin is 2 miles ahead at the end of the lake.

4 Lake Shaheen USFS Cabin
Direct Heading: 334
Distance: 7.7 m
Take off from Jim's Lake Cabin by taxiing away from the cabin back up the lake. When you have sufficient takeoff zone, turn back to 334 and take of flying almost over the cabin. Reset the autopilot and your altitude can be 1200 feet. After 3 miles, look at 2:00 o'clock when you see Beaver Lake, turn to 005 to fly toward the lake. Turn off the Autopilot as you approach the shoreline of the lake. At the shoreline, turn to 321 to fly down the lake. The cabin is 2 miles ahead on the starboard shore where the lake narrows. .

5 Church Bight USFS Cabin
Direct Heading: 123
Distance: 20.3 m

Take off from Shaheen Cabin on a heading of 085. Taxi toward where the lake narrows to give yourself room for takeoff. Once airborne, set your altitude for 2000 feet and turn on the autopilot. Fly a heading of 118.

NOTAM: You should have a minimum altitude of 2000 feet.

You will pass over Lake Alexander, toward the center of the lake, you can reset your altitude for 1200 feet and take a new heading of 65. This will take you over Mole Harbor and the point of the harbor to starboard. When you reach that point, turn to 103, then 125, and eventually 159 paralleling the coast. Stay on this heading for 11 miles (crossing the shoreline 8 miles ahead flying in a straight line to Church Bight Cabin. You will fly over Gambier Bay flying over several picturesque islands. As you approach the far shore, turn off the autopilot and go into landing configuration. The cabin is located on the peninsula coming out from the starboard shore of the cove ahead.

1 kake Seaplane Base
Direct Heading: 159
Distance: 27.2
Leave Church Bight Cabin by taking off on a heading of 100 degrees. (Watch for the small islands in this cove!). Set your altitude to 1200 and turn on the autopilot. Once over the coastline, turn to a heading of 112 to follow the coast, 2 mile ahead as the cost turns to starboard at False Point, set your heading for 162 for "The Brothers" the West Brother Island will pass just to port. As you pass the Brothers Islands, set a heading of 175. Fly this heading for 15 miles to cross over Macartney Point, come to port to pass over White Point. Turn off the autopilot and set up a heading to land at the Sea Plane Base at Kake 5 miles ahead. Just parallel the shore to port to set up your landing.


This is what you will need for this dispatch ticket:

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