R E T U R N - TO - M I S T Y - M O O R I N G S


1 Purpose of the Dispatch

The purpose of this dispatch is to fly a piece of equipment that just arrived at Prince Rupert this afternoon to the Big Fall Hydro Plant. You can download the flight plan here. We will be leaving Prince Rupert (CYPR) and generally flying southeast 31 miles to Big Fall Hydro. You can fly this any time of day, (evening can be beautiful in this area). We'll be flying at 1200 feet so there will be plenty of sight seeing along the way.

2 Prince Rupert (CYPR)
Direct Heading: 120
Distance: 6.4 Miles
We take off from Prince Rupert flying the runway heading. Our flight plan takes us to Kitston Island, a small island ahead. Over Kitston Island you will turn to port heading for the Inverness Passage.

3 Inverness Passage Approach
Direct Heading: 041
Distance: 2.5 Miles
As we approach the Inverness Passage, we set our heading to follow this passage, coming to starboard (088)as the passage turns to starboard. We will now follow this passage for 4.5 miles on a heading of about 110. As you approach the passage, you will pass over Hicks point where you will make your turn to starboard to follow the passage.

4 Inverness Passage
Direct Heading: 110
Distance: 4 Miles
The inverness passage is about 4 miles long and has a heading of 110. If you fly along the port shoreline, you will fly over two canneries that are still active. As you approach the end of this passage, you will see DeHorsey Island to starboard and Gust Point to Port. Out over the water, we will be turning to starboard to follow this larger passage, the Skeena River.

5 Skeena River
Direct Heading: 050
Distance: 6.3 Miles
As you turn to port into the Skeena River, you will only go about 6.3 Miles on a heading of 050. Norwich Point comes up to port and ahead to starboard, you will see Ecstall Island guarding the entrance to the Ecstall River. We will be turning to starboard to follow the river.

6 The Ecstall River
Direct Heading: 132
Distance: 9.8 Miles
We will now follow the Ecstall River for about 10 miles. As you fly, look at the power lines along the port shoreline, this power is coming from Big Fall Hydro, your destination. The next thing to watch for is the Ecstall Sandbar, a large sand bar in the middle of the river where the river turns gently to port. Follow the river and watch for Big Fall Cove coming up to port in about 4.5 Miles As you pass over the sand bar, begin dropping in altitude to about 500 feet. Use your flaps and go slowly so you can not only make a safe landing, but enjoy the view.

7 Big Fall Cove
Direct Heading: 045
Distance: 4.5 Miles
The entrance to Big Fall Cove comes up to port. Since our delivery is being made at the Hydro Plant above the falls, begin dropping altitude. You will want to be in landing formation going over the falls and at an altitude of about 400 feet. As you approach the cove and can see the falls ahead to port, take manual control of the aircraft and land above the falls near the dock at the hydro plant. You will be flying over a Brad BBQ, remember it, that's where you will find your next meal!

8 Big Fall Hydro
Direct Heading: above falls
Distance: 2 miles
Fly over the falls and land near the dock. A worker will meet you and wave you into position along the dock. You will then pull up to the dock and unload your equipment and get a signed receipt from the dock manager. Once your business is finished, time for a little fun.

9 Brad's Bait & BBQ
Direct Heading: base of falls
Distance: 2 miles
Remember that Brad's BBQ you flew over at the base of the falls? Well how hungry are you ... and are you a good enough pilot to lift off from this lake, fly over the falls at full flaps and slow, and drop down quick enough to land in the cove below? Pull up to the Brad's and enjoy a great meal before you fly back to Prince Rupert.


This is what you will need for this dispatch ticket:

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