R E T U R N ... TO ... M I S T Y ... M O O R I N G S

Location: Automated Dispatches

06.07.2019 Worked onĀ RTMM Automated Dispatches The Latest 06.07.2019 should replace the present one you have.
  • Changed readme PDF to say "automated" dispatches
  • Changed BWEP page to send people to Here2There/Dispatches/Installation to get the latest RTMM Automated Dispatches zip.
  • Renamed zip using 06.06.2019 as extension (for latest)
  • Changed RTMM Medical Page to send people to the Here2There/Dispatches area to get the RTMM Automated Dispatches program. This gives us a SINGLE download spot to updated instead of the multiple ones we had for Here2There, BWEP and Medical Facilities
06.09.2019 RTMM Medical Facilities 06.09.2019 was update and should be redownloaded and reinstalled. No change in the Automated Dispatches.
06.09.2019 Added the zip button back at the Medical Facilities Page (#2). Asking people to click on the Maintenance Log for it to know the latest date. That will bring up this maintenance log. The O6.07.2019 version is current now.
06.11.2019 Put new receptions into the dispatches. Updated with 06.11.2011 zip folder
06.12.2019 Added E052B (Stikine #3) ... took orphans out of P005x.
06.12.2019 E017B has TWO possible reception areas, only one was active, now both are. RTMM Automated Dispatches 06.12.2019.zip should be re-downloaded.
06.13.2019 Put NEW reception areas into each dispatch ... took out flashing buoys RTMM Automated Dispatches 06.13.2019.zip Should be re-downloaded.
06.17.2019 Added ZIP button to download location (the whole line link didn't work well)

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