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donations RTMM Site Maintenance Log:

RTMM is a dynamic site in that we are continually making it better. We have evolved through FSX, P3D V3, and P3D V4 ... and with each new iteration of the sim comes new and challenging changes to cope with for the site. In some ways, our job of creating RTMM is never-ending. For that reason, we are keeping a "log" of all changes and alterations done on the website for historical purposes. Often people point something out that needs correction (typo, missing file, etc). We will put in what was fixed, the date and the name of the person instigating the correction. Anything that might require a redownload for the scenery library will be highlighted in RED. Any scenery location mentioned will be highlighted in bold. This will make it easier to scan the page looking for what was corrected. If you watch the Maintenance Log for the site, you will always be up to date with the latest changes.

RTMM Site Maintenance Log
Ascending Order - Latest Entry at the Top



  • Fixed two links on the ABOUT page in the COPYWRITE area (per Rod)
  • Fixed a broken link to Taku Ludge pointed out to us by Mikael Guldager - Thank you!
  • NOTAM put up about Bakewell Lake USFS Cabin re-location. The Master Links for RTMM have been updated with the new change internally. (There is no need to download the whole master file, you can make the changes by updating Your MFS/RTMM Flight Plans, Re-downloading the RTMM Missing Cabins.zip, and redownloading the RTMM WayPoints.zip if you use that. The WayPoints table on the Navigation Page has been updated.
  • Jim Magin pointed out to us that Bakewell Lake USFS Cabin is in the wrong place (by miles!). I have fixed the location, deleting it where it was and putting it where it should be. This changed the Waypoints.zip and the RTMM Missing Cabins.zip ... both of which I will put up with a NOTAM when Norm has the "master download" updated. THANK YOU, Jim!!
  • New RTMM MFC Flight Plans.zip with new Flight Plan to Bakewell Lake Cabin
  • New RTMM Missing Cabins.zip (repositions Bakewell Lake Cabin)
  • New RTMM WayPoints.zip (reposition of Bakewell Lake Cabin)
  • Fixed 404 errors on bottom of enhancements page - Dieter
  • Put up FS2020 Dispatch MS005 - Goulding Lake Fishing Trip
  • Fixed all <Title> entries in MSxxx dispatches - Made NOTAM on FS2020 Dispatch Template so it won't be forgotten in the future. - Thanks Guenther!
  • Fixed 2 404's on the Getting Started Table #12 Page - Thank you Garry!
  • Uploaded the latest MS004 (Mirror Lake Fishing) to the web page and to Flightsim.TO
  • Updated FS2020 Dispatch table
  • Created new video for using a V2 Dispatch and posted it on the Dispatch Page
  • Finished Dispatch MS003 PAKT/CZST vial glacier
  • Located all SPB's in FS2020 in RTMM area, made pics, new table on Dispatch Page
  • Added Yes Bay Lodge to Visables on Dispatch Page
  • Put up MS002 Dispatch for FS2020
  • Changed approximated flight time on MF001 to 2 hours - (Yoda)
  • Added VIMEO video (my first) to Dispatch page for "how to use V2 Formatted Dispatch"
  • Worked on the first FS2020 Dispatch for RTMM yesterday and today, posted it on Dispatch Page
  • Changed out some screenshots on many of the dispatches (edited for web-ready)
  • Relinked all of the CSV Files on Dieter's Corner 03.19 zulu
  • Checked links for all 4 object library files - they download ok
  • Added instructions for using the V2 Dispatch format
  • Updated instructions for using the V1 Dispatch format
  • Flew dispatch 18B, made some internal link corrections, added link to map at top to all legs
  • Dispatch 18c - fixed internal links, made links to map for each leg - ready to check fly it
  • Dispatch 18c - worked perfectly ... all of the dispatches and page are now updated
  • Finished Dispatch 15 (Big Falls Hydro) - added many pictures and wording
  • Finished Dispatch 16, new pics for each wapoint
  • Finished Dispatch 13 - had to red0 all of it including the map, the new dispatch includes all of the Admiralty Island cabins, 36 new edited screenshots, spell checked
  • Finished Dispatch 14 - many new screenshots, spell checked
  • Removed all llinks in the "K's" on the WayPoint table accidently left in
  • Started work on Dispatch 15 (Big Hydro)
  • Finished Dispatch 12, added 20 pictures, spell checked,
  • Updated Dispatch Page Log on progress
  • Worked on Dispatch 13 ... must be completely redone ... about half way finished.
  • Finished Dispatch 11, added 31 pictures, spell checked, added Stakine Research Centers
  • reset the Dispatch index, to show 11 done.
  • Worked on Dispatch 12, stopped just before Telegraph Creek
  • Finished Dispatch 009, spell checked, added pics and waypoints.
  • Made all left column NAMEs in "Big Bold Gray" for all 9 dispatches
  • Fiished Dispatch 010, spell checked, added pics and waypoints.
  • Added Pics, comments to Dispatch 009 - did not finish (finished coffman cove)
  • Added News NOTAMs for update of WayPoints.zip folder.
  • Finished Dispatch 007, spell checked, added pics and waypoints.
  • Finished Dispatch 008, spell checked, added pics and waypoints.
  • Made Way Points for all Lighthouses, added to WayPoints table
  • Flew to all of them adding pictures for 006
  • Added start and R number to waypoint page for all lighthouses
  • Updated and added RTMM Way Points.zip - dated 04.01.21
  • Updated Dispatch INDEX
  • Finished Dispatch 004, spell checked, added new images. All ok.
  • Finished Dispatch 005. Starting on 006.
  • Will have to make Way Points for each lighthouse as 006 is revamped.
  • Working on Dispatch 004 - stopped at Checats Lake
  • Put Way Point img onto the way point table. Adjusted top way point table.
  • Added an "Adding Way Points to GPS" table on the Navigation Page (dispatches will use this)
  • Took link off of Manzinita Lake Cabin in Way Points Table
  • Fixed copyright on 1,2,3,4 Dispatches
  • Working on Dispatch 004
  • Worked on Manual Dispatch 003, added many pictures, and fixed one location.
  • Updated Dispatch page as to progress
  • Fixed broken "Downloads" link on top of main Scenery Page
  • Made a comment to "CLICK" on the green button there ... letting people know it is active
  • Took out a duplicate sentence in Dispatch 003.
  • Manual Dispatch 003 - added waypoints and cleaned it up
  • Moved top tables in Way Point Table area, switched TR headers (works better)
  • Completed Manual Dispatch 001, all way points ok, typo fixed in dispatch.
  • Fixed up Manual Dispatch 002 - pics for each location, spell check, wordsmithing - done/flown/ok
  • Manual Dispatches (all 18) all are now spell checked, missing "ribbon" image put back into most of them.
  • "Bolded" text in top paragraph on the Dispatches page
  • Finished spell check of s_scenery
  • Added Staley Creek Cabin thumbnail and large picture, both not linked
  • Added RTMM Waypoints to Manual Dispatch 001 - works great!
  • Added RTMM Waypoints to Manual Dispatch 002
Spell Check
  • Spell Check Checkoff Table:
  • BWEP Scenery 03.25.21
  • Maintenance Page 03.25.21
  • Notams 03.25.21
  • Home Page 03.25.21
  • RTMM Install 03.25.21
  • Cabins 03.25.21
  • Getting Started 03.25.21
  • Object Libraries 03.25.21
  • Navigation Page 03.25.21
  • AI Shipping 03.25.21
  • Enhancements 03.25.21
  • Moorings/Boating 03.25.21
  • Mission Page 03.25.21
  • Manual Dispatches 03.25.21
  • Trip Tickets 03.25.21
  • About 03.25.21
  • Designer's Corner 03.25.21
  • FAQ Page 03.25.21
  • Library Index 03.25.21
  • Misty's Place Page 03.25.21
  • Scenery Page 03.26.21
  • All 18 Manual Dispatches 03.26.21
  • Redid the BWEP page to get the internal containers correct. Then Spell checked it.
  • Lost containers view, must upload DEPENDENT files ... always check YES
  • Fixed missing pictures in Oil Rig area of Cabins
  • Fixed missing picture on Getting Started Page (Library Insertion pic)
  • Fixed missing header on Object Libraries page
  • Fixed missing button on AI Shipping Page
  • "Return to Home Page" button added to top of BWEP page
  • Added new header with "Misty" text for Trip Tics
  • Added missing header to About Page
  • FAQ replaced many missing images
  • Made new header for Library Index page
  • Replaced header on Misty's Place
  • Way Points Table is now search-able by alpha - 26 individual linked tables! (Nav Page)
  • Finished de-linking Facility Names to Maps (broken links) on all 700 way point entries.
  • Dreamweaver CS6, stopped functioning-Purchased $20/mo Dreamweaver from Adobe (ouch)
  • Added Section Navigation buttons to home page (Brad idea)
  • Put new index on top of MISSIONS page to handle anchor for NAVIGATION from Home
  • Way points table, links cleared through "O"
  • Fixed up "Install" page, added donation button, added missing images for RTMM Express
  • Spellchecked Install page
  • Added new headers to: APP, Enhancements, getting started, manual dispatches, missions/activities, navigation and installation
  • Fixed links on Step Table #2 for Object Library (Steve)
  • Found missing button image down the Object Library Page
  • Added "back to top" bottom row on AI Shipping Boat tables
  • Added wolf donation button to the CIRP page (moving gif)
  • Added wolf donation button to the USFS Cabins page
  • Added wolf donation button to the BWEP page
  • Fixed text size in Step Table Index (#12 was (H3))
  • Counter on bottom of NOTAMs page was deleted
  • New Notam put up on News and Notams about the new Web Page
  • Made a correction for Norm on the Misty Flying Club Table.
  • Added donation table to Getting Started Page and Maintenance page
  • Edited top of Maintenance Page (got rid of 2019 update and Eswitcher news.
  • Way points table - delinking names from maps - Finished thru "G"
  • Setup "donation table" with wolf and linked it to l_donate
  • Fixed Rod's 404 on the Maintenance page
  • Added some more "donation" buttons to various areas.
  • Fixed 2nd batch of bad links from Rod
  • Added Multiplayer Page
  • Fixed E Switcher Link from Getting Started
  • Fixed lighthouse missing images
  • Fixed graphics on Cabins Page (brown background on all)
  • Re-ordered alpha the home page subtopics
  • Cleaned up final remaining graphics problems, rechecked all pages again for links, etc
  • Put new home page "online" and immediately started checking links from the new home page
  • Dropped email to team, letting them know it is operational
  • Took out Nav.php that gave buttons for navigation. Put a "home index" button on each page that returns the user to the home page.
  • Spent day uploading all the new pages
  • Did a recheck load on all pages ... all ok
  • RTMM Home Page (RHP Revision
  • RHP - edited all pages for links and graphics (thumbnails and buttons, all working)
  • RTMM Home Page (RHP) Revision
  • RHP - Added missing thumbs to the scenery page
  • RHP - Added all triptics to the buttons on the scenery page
  • RHP - added the missing source code for the thumb on all of the triptics
  • RHP - Re-did all of the dispatches, all internals added (graphics), working
  • RHP - Updated and uploaded the Missions page ... all working
  • RHP - Updated the Medical Dispatches
  • RHP - Linked to BWEP Dispatches
  • RHP - Added Link to Using Starting Points
  • RHP - Added Link to Using the GPS
  • RHP - Set up enhancements section and fixed up associated files
  • RHP - Activities - Added RTMM Boating - fixed all pics and buttons, then linked trip tics
  • RHP - Set up RTMM Library and fixed up associated files
  • Made a NOTAM for the top menu that quit working
  • RHP - set up AI Shipping and associated folders
  • RHP - Linked FAW page and NOTAMs page and Designer's corner.
  • RHP - Half way done with Scenery Page, adding missing pics, linking triptics and adding pic to the each triptic. This is taking some time.
  • RHP - Added sections to Scenery Page (BWEP, CIRP, ETC)
  • RHP - Added Navigation section and fixed up associated files
  • Set up new template for revised home page (RHP)
  • Worked on Welcome message
  • RHP - Set up forum and News section
  • RHP - set up Scenery section (need to link all trip tics)
  • Magic Bus 142 - New Readme and Scenery Page texts - Garry
  • Healy River Airport V5 - New Readme and Scenery Page texts - Garry
  • Corrected some typos in the Notam and in the new Complete Setup installation table- Garry/Norm
  • Put up NOTAM on the new RTMM Add-on methods
  • Put up new section on bottom of Scenery Page for the RTMM Add-ons
  • Worked on the RTMM Add-On table at the bottom of the scenery page. Put in Norm's new "buttons" and linked to the corresponding PDF files. The "zip" links will got active when the full program is launched. I put a teaser button on the Home Page (right column at top), so people can view the new area. Also the link button at the top of the scenery page now goes down to the new RTMM Add-on Table.
  • Note that Norm has now made a more traditional package for FSX, FSX-SE and P3D V3.5 etc owners. This combines thing and makes it much easier to install.
  • Fixed dead link on Alaska Power Project page - Steve / Doug
  • A fresh upload for FSXP3D WH_BWEP Objects_SW 5_30_17.zip uploaded to be sure we had everything the same - Doug/Steve
  • Made new table for Scenery Page for 3 Methods in RTMM Installation (coming soon).
  • Made new pdf for Tongass X installation only
  • BWEP Airports for NonV5 - Livengood Camp was left out, now included - Doug
  • BWEP Airports for V5 - final touches of repairs at 5 airports - Doug
  • Arctic Angel repaired - DWT/JDL (posted 07.26.2020)
  • Chandalar Shelf repaired - jdl (posted 07.26.2020)
  • Timberline Gulch repaired - jdl (posted 07.26.2020)
  • Winter Trail Depot repaired - jdl (posted 07.26.2020)
  • Livengood Camp repaired - jdl (posted 07.26.2020)
  • Chatanika repaired - jdl (posted 07.26.2020)
  • Fixed typo with Livengood Camp on Information table
  • "4AK Objects bgl" is missing for BWEP Airports NonV5 ... found and fixed - Doug
  • Fixed date error on BWEP Library, change to 02.12.2017 which is now correct - Steve/Doug
  • Put finishing touches on the new RTMM Add-On web page - (ready for upload)- Doug
  • Flew Pipeline: Needs following touch-ups for BWEP Airports V5-
    • Chandalar Shelf - Runway problem (posted 07.26.2020)
    • Winter Train - errant "hold short" lines on runway (posted 07.26.2020)
    • Timberline Gulch - Need trees exclude at north end of runway (posted 07.26.2020)
    • Livingood Camp - Approach lights on runway, south end (posted 07.26.2020)
    • Chatanika - approach lights too high (posted 07.26.2020)
    • Arctic Angel - DWT already fixed this, wasn't posted - (posted 07.26.2020)
  • Link to 05.30.17 zip for BWEP Library fixed on Object Library Page
  • Created new RTMM Add-On Web page that we will use to launch the new program - Doug
  • Edited the BWEP scenery location text on the Scenery Page - Garry
  • BWEP Airports for V5 - Change "names" of the files that need to be altered for FAIRBANKS PROFESSIONAL and for PAVD PAYWARE ... and changed the NOTAM instructions. Also, the files are now set to the "default" (No PAVD Payware and No FAIRBANKS Professional) - Also changed Name in Season Switcher xml to match season names - Doug
  • Allakaket Lodge V5 - Updated Season Switcher - Doug
  • Bettles Lodge V5 - Updated Season Switcher - Doug
  • Bettles Lodge - Updated zip name taking out V2 - Doug
  • Circle City Lodge V5 - Updated Season Switcher - Doug
  • Chandalar Lake V5 - Updated Season Switcher - Doug
  • Chandalar Lake - Updated Season Switcher - Doug
  • Lake Louise Lodge- Name change (took out V2) - Doug
  • Lake Louise Lodge V5 - Updated Season Switcher - Doug
  • Landmark Gap Lodge V5 - Updated Season Switcher - Doug
  • Wandering Lakes Lodge V5 - Updated Season Switcher - Doug
  • BWEP Airports for V5 - final with all airports included/updated - Doug
  • Added roads to Wandering Lakes Lodge V5 - Doug
  • Fixed missing thumbnail for Barnstormers Seasonal - Doug
  • Updated D66 Delta Junction V5 (Posted 07.22.2020)
  • Fixed version date in Magic Bus 142 - Garry
  • Updated Chandalar Lake V5 - fixed buildings off the ground -Thomas
  • Updated PF66 Timberine Gulch for V5 (Posted 07.22.2020)
  • Updated FVM Five Mile for V5 (Posted 07.22.2020)
  • Location Information Table - Maintenance, 4AKL should be 4AK - fixed - Doug
  • Allakaket Lodge V5 (6A8) - Updated for Prepar3D V5 - Doug
  • Removed missing video from top of Objects Library Page - Doug/Tarsier
  • Bettles Lodge V5 - Version for Prepar3d V5 created - Doug
  • BWEP Airports for V5 - updated for Fairbanks Professional and CXV changes - New Notams - Doug
  • Fairbanks AI Floats - updated to handle Fairbanks Professional - new NOTAMS - Doug
  • BWEP Airports for V5 - fixed elevation problem at Coldfoot CXV and smoke ball problem - Doug
  • Updated NOTAMS in BWEP Airports for V5 to inform people how to adjust the files for FAIRBANKS PROFESSIONAL and Fairbanks AI Floats.
  • Working to get FAIRFAX PROFESSIONAL (for V5) working smoothly with the BWEP Airports for V5 and the Fairbanks AI Floats program - spent all day on this - Doug
  • Posted Chandalar Lake PALR Final - fixed a few little things in the program - Added NOTAM on the RTMM Forum for its announcement - Doug/Thomas
  • Posted BWEP Airports for V5 - project is finished - ready for community downloads - Doug
  • Repaired BWEP for Airports V5 (a few little problems). Sent 2nd beta it the team
  • Posted Chandalar Lake PALR (Beta) a new one by Thomas Menzel, V5 and NonV5 versions - Thomas
  • Added Chandalar Lake to the BWEP Master Map - Doug
  • BWEP Airports for V5 - I put the finishing touches on this folder and sent a letter with it attached to the RTMM team for beta.- Doug
  • Added Way point for Chandalar Lake PALR - Doug
  • Landmark Gap V5 and NonV5 documentation updated and uploaded- Norm
  • Lake Louise V5 and NonV5 documentation updated and uploaded - Norm
  • Created ADE5 file that makes Fairbanks AI Floats work in Prepar3D V5. You only need to re-download this is you are a V5 user.
  • BWEP Airports for NonV5 - Has been uploaded. If you are NOT using Prepar3D V5, this is the version you should use. Note it is the SAM as the default airport you may previously have had. No changes have been made. There is an "on/off" feature in it for PAVD Payware users. This can be found on the BWEP page.
  • BWEP Page Airports section - Updated getting it ready for the new folders (V5 and NonV5). The NonV5 is finished and download-able, the V5 is not yet finished. - Doug
  • Flying Beaver Lodge - two "off" bgls were taken out, no need to redownload-Norm/Doug/Thomas
  • Landmark Gap Lodge - there is now a NonV5 and a P3D V5 version of this scenery for users. Non need to re-download the NonV5, only the P3D V5 version has been changed - Doug
  • Wandering Lakes Lodge (and 51Z) - new version made for V5. NonV5 no need to re-download, those using Prepar3D V5 should Redownload - jdl
  • Lake Louise Lodge for V5 - new version for V5, NonV5 users, no need to re-download. Those who use Prepar3D V5 should redownload - Thomas
  • The Interior - small update (duplicate PF63 Objects file) taken out - Doug
  • Cursed Hills PF63 - Updated for P3D V5 and put into BWEP AIRPORTS V5 folder - Doug
  • Arctic Angel 9AK4 fixed for V5 and added to BWEP Airports for V5 - Thomas/Doug
  • Flying Beaver Lodge for P3D V5 - Thomas Menzel created an updated version of Flying Beaver that works in P3D-V5. If you are not using V5, the NonV5 file has NOT changed - Doug
  • Point McIntyre (BWEP V5) added to the emerging BWEP Airports for V5 set - Doug
  • Healy River V5 and Healy River NonV5 - have been updated name-wise and version-wise by Norm
  • Made new file structure for BWEP Airports - 2 folders, BWEP Airports NonV5 and BWEP Airports V5. Inside each is a bgl that allows the user to turn on PAVD if they have the PAVD Payware ugrade from ORBX - this is in beta at present.
  • Organized files inside BWEP Airports V5 - Set up PAVD Payware/PAVD Default files in both V5 and NonV5 - Doug
  • Thomas fixed up Sagwon and Scotts - both are now in the new BWEP Airports V5 - Thomas/Doug
  • Richardson Highway - file added to support V5 - change/addition of Black Rapids Segment for V5 (on/off) - No need to re-download until V5 airports are finished.
  • BWEP The Interior - took grass out of Livingood Camp for V3 and V5. Not necessary to re-download until V5 Airports are finished - Doug
  • 4AKL New Livingood Camp 1 airport for V5 (posted 07.26.2020)
  • New D-66 ASirport for V5 (posted 07.26.2020)
  • Updated RTMM WayPoints
  • Tomse figured out how to "fix" an airport that was "destroyed" by P3D V5. He has fixed Healy River with very easy instructions for installation (a little different). I put up a new Healy River V5 and a new Magic Bus 142 (which had the old Healy River in it). I also made a Haley River DEFAULT zip that has the "old" airport in there so people can use that to see Healy River if they do NOT have P3D V5. (1) New Magic Bus 142 folder (2) New Healy River V5 Folder (3) New Healy River Default folder. All posted on the Scenery page.
  • Made a WayPoint for PAHV (Healy River). Added to WayPoints (Posted 04.03.2020)
  • Discovered P3D V5 had violated the terrain structure in BWEP area above PAXON. Went to all locations and made a list of the ones ok, damaged and not usable. Made a map of problem area and posted it on the RTMM Forum under V5.
  • Indicated MISSING BWEP Airports and damaged ones using # (damaged) and X (destroyed) in the TripTic column. The new table will be posted tomorrow. The online time is active with the changes.
  • BWEP AIRPORTS: Posted the destroyed and damaged airports on the RTMM Forum (Prepar3D V5/Layering Problem). Altered the airport download packages for V5 vs not V5 and Payware PAVD vs Default. The new packages are posted.
  • A NOTAM is at the top of the BWEP page warning that if people are using Prepar3D V5, that some airports will be missing, a few will be slightly damaged and the pipeline will be "disjointed" ... this all because Lockheed Martin altered the terrain.
  • Prudhoe Bay Airport was added to WayPoints project (Posted 04.03.2020)
  • Added all of the WayPoints for BWEP (coming down the RTMM/BWEP Scenery Page. (Posted 04.03.2020). All are now "in". I'm seeing many problems with airports in the BWEP area with Vector (???)
  • The RTMM WayPoints csv file wasn't fully exported, the radio button with "export only selected files" must be "off". Fixed that. Renamed the csv zip to "RTMM WayPoints CSV.zip" to keep it from getting mixed up with the RTMM Way Points.zip for the scenery library. Karl and Vince helped with this one - thank you!
  • Missing Cabins - Fixed Smoke problem at Kah Sheets Bay and Big John Bay Cabins
  • Owikeno Lake - added cabin and accessories to Sheemahant River Cabin (W-falls) - Fixed River Smoke on the Machmel River House - Doug
  • SIRP Smoke Alignment - I tried to fix these, but they were not put in with Instant Scenery, so I cannot adjust them. In P3D V5, the smoke is not coming directly out of the barrels, so this is a known problem.
  • Added large picture of RTMM WayPoints locations to RTMM WayPoints on scenery page - (Karl)
  • The RTMM WayPoint Program is finished, uploaded and ready for download
  • This includes a revised ReadMe and a revised RTMM WayPoints pdf that has the full listing
  • Cleaned up top of Location Information Table, added logo
  • Re-anchored "back to top" to go to #info instead of #start (Link now starts at "logo" table
  • Finished Validating waypoints through "R" (posted 06.28.2020)
  • Finished Validation of all through "Z" - (posted 06.28.2020)
  • RTMM WayPoints.zip - Uploaded lastes RTMM Waypoints zip and pdf - through "P""
  • verified waypoints through "M-N" (posted 06.26.2020)
  • Smoke problem at Kah Sheets Bay Cabin (fixed 06.29.2020)
  • Finished "I and J" Waypoints - (posted 06.26.2020) - Doug
  • Finished "K and L" Waypoints -(posted 06.26.2020) - Doug
  • Posted RTMM WayPoints Updated through C
  • Completed waypoints through (F) (posted 06.26.2020)
  • Completed waypoints through (H) (posted 06.26.2020)
  • Fixed, added and confirmed all waypoints for "B" - (posted 06.24.2020) - Doug
  • Fixed thumbnail on Kodiak Island Airfields - Lipra/Doug
  • Fixed, added confirmed all waypoints for "A" - (posted 06.24.2020) - Doug
  • RTMM Waypoints Updated- Posted latest entries, new Location Table.
  • Added many new waypoints and put several new ones onto Little NavMap - Used the CSV databases we have to make sure I wasn't missing some things (big help!). But there are also many items that don't belong on the Location Table (POI's Etc). (posted 06.21.2020)
  • Finished adding waypoint locations in Little NavMap through "J". Added several missing maps for the SAK Seaplane Bases (posted 06.21.2020)
  • Renamed the zip inside Misty's Air Taxi to Misty Moorings Air Taxi ... redid the link to the download- Norm
  • Took the _Notes file out of Mt Light Retreat - Norm
  • Version.txt was altered in Spud's Creek Zip - Norm
  • Fixed Link to TFX Ice Flow&PAWG - Werner Reule
  • Relinked Misty Moorings Air Taxi Trip Tic 2 - Karl
  • Deleted discontinued website link in Little Oliver Creek Trip Tic - Karl
  • Adding missing wapoints to the Little NavMap database ... done through "G"
  • Fixed 3 waypoints, and several maps (posted 06.21.2020)
  • Began adding green checkmarks to "R" numbers that are "verified".
  • Added all of the Last Resort area locations with new waypoint numbers. (posted 06.21.2020)
  • George Lake Hatchery 1 and 2 added to Vancouver Project with new waypoints - (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Vancouver Project North Island - Added all waypoints to LNM - (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Pacific Northwest Scenery Collection - All waypoints added to LNM - (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Cabin of the Lakes Waypoints added to LNM - (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Halibut Cove Trip Tic - VFR Flight Plan deleted - Karl/Doug
  • Last Resort, Trip Tic 3 now comes up in its own window. - Karl/Doug
  • Komaham Lodge Waypoint and map Added - (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Deliverance Cabin Waypoint and map Added - (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Quiet Nights Cabin - Fixed errant object in water (posted) - Doug
  • Kidala Pass - static helicopter off ground, fixed (posted) - Doug
  • Added Kidala Pass Waypoint and map (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Added Boat Bluff Lighthouse Waypoint to LNM and map (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Added Eutsuk Docks Waypoint to LNM (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Added Redfern River Lodge Waypoint to LNM (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Added Chickimin Bay Dock Waypoint to LNM (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Added Kingfisher Lodge Waypoint to LNM - (posted 06.21.2020) Doug
  • Added Plant's Lake Cabin Waypoint to LNM - (posted 06.21.2020) Doug
  • Added Owikeno Farm Waypoint to database - (posted 06.21.2020) Doug
  • Added all Owikeno waypoints - (posted 06.21.2020) - Doug
  • Fixed Big Lake Cabin Typo and its map llink on the Location table - (posted 06.21.2020)
  • Skeena River Life - Fixed smoke, bad pier object all at Osland Harbor - Doug
  • RTMM WayPoints Updated
  • Modified Spud's Creek Cabin adding cabin object for "east" cabin - Added Waypoint (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Added Waypoint John Jay Wx Stn Waypoint - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Added Waypoint Frank Mackie Camp CIRP - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Added Waypoint Frank Mackie Research Center CIRP - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Added Waypoint for Elliot Fire Tower (and map) - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Whitetail Camp (typo in name) Waypoint ok (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Added Walker Home Waypoint (Part of Hollis) - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Added Reflection Lake Shelter - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Updated 12 Mile Rafting Station - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Added Yes Bay Shelter to WayPoints - added map (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Updated lat/long Frosty Bay Cabin USFS - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Cascade Creek Cabin - Waypoint Fixed - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • Virginia Lake Cabin added - New Waypoint - (posted 06.13.2020)
  • RTMM WayPoints updated- pdf and download folder - Doug
  • Trip Tic Dan's Hideaway - Dead Links Fixed - Karl/Doug
  • Trip Tic Darb lake - Dead Links Fixed - Karl/Doug
  • Trip Tic Dean River - Dead Links Fixed - Karl/Doug
  • Trip Tic Dog Salmon - Dead Links Fixed - Karl/Doug
  • Went through all the trip tics and fixed dead links and missing pictures, put "picture frames" around most of the screenshots to better clarify them - Doug
  • East Florence Lake USFS - Waypoint updated - (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • Lake Kathlene USFS - Waypoint updated - (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • Dan Moller USFS Cabin - Waypoint ADDED - (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • Windfall Lake Cabin USFS - Waypoint ADDED - (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • Edited NavMap Database taking out Turner Lake West/East - dups (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • TripTic Canoona Fish Camp - Dead links fixed - Karl/Doug
  • TripTic Cedar Ridge Retreat - Dead links fixed - Karl/Doug
  • TripTic Chilcotin Plateau - Dead links fixed - Karl/Doug
  • Jennel Creek Cabin USFS - Added to Database (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • Sitkho Lake East Cabin USFS - fixed the waypoint (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • Changed all icons on Little NavMap to "Cabins" from "Locations"
  • Adding "R" numbers to the "cabin" waypoints
  • Brad's Hollis renamed to R577A (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • Big Shaheen waypoint redone (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • Suloia Lake Cabin WayPoint repaired (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • TripTic for Burnett Inlet Cabin updated ... missing links - Karl/Doug
  • TripTic for Elliot Fire Base and Bowser Bay Cabin updated ... missing links - Karl/Doug
  • Bohemia Basin Shelter USFS WayPoint Repaired (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • Seven Fathom Bay Cabin R527A was re-done (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • D015 dispatch - Dead Link eliminated - Karl/Doug
  • Fixed Thorne Lake Cabins Trip Tic. - Karl/Doug
  • Added "Pkg" for missing locations on Location Information Table (Posted 06.10.2020)
  • RTMM Docks - Fuel Trigger for TF15 not working, replaced - Doug
  • Control Lake Cabin USFS (WayPoint) repaired - Doug (Posted 06.05.2020)
  • RTMM Missing Cabins - updated Sweetwater Lake Cabin - Doug
  • Barnes Lake Cabin USFS (WayPoint) repaired - Doug(Posted 06.05.2020)
  • Salmon Bay Cabin USFS (WayPoint added - Doug (Posted 06.05.2020) Made Map for it too - Doug
  • RTMM WayPoints 06.05.2020 Refreshed posted - Doug
  • BWEP Malibu DeltaSim Boat in BWEP Colors Repaint posted ... by Jeff Greene
  • RTMM Malibu DeltaSim Boat in Misty Colors Repaint Posted ... by Jeff Greene
  • MCA Malibu DeltaSim Boat in MCA Colors Repaint Posted ... by Jeff Greene
  • PAKT Tunnel - Posted on the website today. A Tunnel going under the 29 Runway at PAKT this is for the PAKT PAYWARE software only - ... by Jeff Greene
  • RTMM WayPoints - Trollers Cove WayPoint corrected Longitude - Doug
  • Phocena Bay USFS Cabin Missing - Added (Posted 06.05.2020) - Doug
  • Berner's Bay USFS Cabin, not included - Now R572A (Posted 06.05.2020) - Doug
  • CIRP Rest and Retreat Lodge, not included - Now R571A (Posted 06.05.2020) - Doug
  • Big Bend Lake Cabin, not included - Now R573A (Posted 06.05.2020) - Doug
  • Avoss Lake Cabin, new map, adjusted WayPoint (R374A (Posted 06.05.2020)
  • Badger Lake Cabins, added map (Posted 06.05.2020) - Doug
  • Link at top of Scenery Page is now linked to the "R" section of the page where the user can scroll down to RTMM WayPoints and find the zip. - Doug
  • Edited the RTMM WayPoints Readme to be sure to include the Misty Flying Club, also added ways to keep the information "handy" - Doug
  • Fixed Link to BWEP Malibu Boat - Jeff
  • Added Link to RTMM Malibu Boat - Jeff
  • BWEP had been moved to inside Alaska Power Project - Moved it all back, all links working now
  • Added RTMM WayPoints package to the front (home) RTMM page
  • Added waypoint R571A for CIRP R and R Lodge ... also added CIRP R&R Lodge to the scenery page under CIRP so people could find it. The bgl is already inside Soule Glacier, so no additional downloads are necessary. Created new PDF for the Location Table, also added a few map links for some missing - Doug
  • Waypoint Project - Continued
  • Spent yesterday and today redoing the Location Information Table and updating the "R" number for the waypoints that were in erroor. Got them fixed (I hope) and put the new zip up for download. Added a maintenance log to the RTMM Waypoints, updated it and connected. Added Vancouver Project locations to the Location Information Table.
  • Waypoint Project - Continued
  • Redid a lot of waypoints, found the Location Information Table had "OLD" waypoint data, and the new R numbers used the NEW data from updated Scenery Page.
  • Waypoint Project - Continued ...
  • Alaska Power Project ... table made for scenery page, also added to APP page. All APP entries were then added to the Location Information Table
  • Added all of the "strays" ... everything on the scenery page is now on the Location Table with a WayPoint. Several USFS cabins are there. That will be "next" ... but taking a break!
  • Posted the new RTMM WayPoints and mentioned it in a NOTAM on the site.
  • Waypoint Project - Continued adding waypoints and missing scenery locations to the Location Information Table.
  • Made new table for Pacific NW Scenery locations
  • Made place for RTMM WayPoints on the RTMM Scenery Page, under "R"
  • Made new table for Prince William Sound, added waypoints
  • Several PWS locations missing, all were added
  • Ryan's Cabins were located and Lat/Long info added to Information Table and scenery page
  • SAK Seaplane Bases ... all were added to the location table with location information
  • Added all 10 SIRP locations to the Location Information table
  • Made new scenery page table for Vancouver Project North
  • Finished all of the scenery page locations, going back through for stragglers - Doug
  • Waypoint Project -
  • 1. Changed "Start Table" to "Location Information table" on the Here2There Page. Added a WayPoint column.
  • 2. Cleaned up the table for errors. Added the R numbers I have so far. Several RTMM locations were left out of the table, now up to date through "C" on the scenery page.
  • 3. Changed Readme PDF to add "how to find R numbers" - the Location Info Table will be the "find" line for all of this.
  • 4. Remade table for Cabins by the Lakes II, added Waypoint Column and made waypoints
  • 5. Remade table for Owikeno Lake, added waypoint Column, and added all waypoints.
  • 6. Added Waypoints through "H" from Scenery Page ... Posted Latest RTMM WayPoints.zip
  • RTMM Way Points Project initiated - this gives each RTMM location an "R" number that you can input into the sim's GPS to give you a direct route to the target location - This is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and at this time is only working through the B's. But will keep you posted on progress. The download is at the top of the scenery page. All the entries that are in the folder are now operational through: "Cabins by the Lakes #1" - Doug
  • Misty Air Taxi - Error in Spring.bgl for Season Switcher. Fixed the problem. Posted on RTMM Scenery and sent to "RTMM Addon" - Doug
  • Glacier Bay Tours - Was a 404, link fixed - Deiter
  • CIRP Stewart Operatoins - was a 404, link fixed - Dieter
  • 2019 is Finished - All references to 2019 have been taken off the scenery page.
  • RTMM World - Is in alpha, the logo has been created and the "coming soon" is posted on the top of the scenery page. RTMM team members were alerted to the alpha, will recieve beta soon. - Norm
  • Goose Bay Cabin - scenery text and readme.txt updated - Garry
  • Granduc Camp - scenery text and readme.text refreshed, removed redundant flight plan- Garry
  • Ocean Falls - Scenery Text and readme.txt refreshed, new video linked - Garry
  • CIRP Operations - Updated the Notam on the scenery page - Garry
  • Gwent Bay Cannery - Updated Scenery page text and readme - Garry
  • Scenery Object Tester Link on the Getting Started Page was not active. That blank button there now links to the Scenery Object Tester on the Object Libraries Page, so this will not happen again. - XXDO9-Rod
  • Medical Facilities and APP Library.zip RELINKED - Found by HJSMUC, fixed by Doug
  • Shipping-Red Wake and Vertical Wake effects updated - Norm
  • Reapplied link to Scenery Object Tester - Norm
  • Mesa Lake Cabin - Redid scenery text and readme - Garry
  • Mt. Light Retreat - Aligned the smoke with the chimney, altered the MFC flight plan from L/L to L/W. - Doug
  • Gokachin Lake - Redid text and readme-Garry
  • Wood Lake - Redid text and readme - Garry
  • Fountain of Ute - New Readme, New PDF for TripTic - Garry
  • Driftwood Depot- Changed names of Sound and Effects files - Garry
  • Khutze River - Changed install and scenery page text - Garry
  • Canoona Fish Camp - Changed text on scenery page and readme install - Garry
  • Tezwa River Ranch - Changed text on scenery page and readme install - Garry
  • Added "Insertion Point" instructions for new FTX Central to Step 8 in "Getting Started" and on the "Object Library Page." - Norm/Doug
  • Edited the "About" page for RTMM - Garry
  • Redid the PDF and readme's for Victory Valley - Garry
  • Updated readme's in Teswa River Ranch - Garry
  • Fixed Typo at Egg Harbor - Garry
  • Fixed typos on "North Slope" location information - Garry
  • Fixed typos on BWEP Airports - Garry
  • Forrester Research Center - Updated text and version - added missing thumbnail to the TripTic- Garry
  • Flying Beaver Lodge - Readme and PDF updated - Garry
  • BWEP Airports Payware and Default - added fuel trigger (Steve!), adjusted some objects to stop "flashing" ... redid Season Switcher files for Package A (Norm) - Doug
  • BWEP The North Slope - Updated version by Brad Allen
  • BWEP Airports Payware and Default - Updated Point McIntyre for helicopter operations for the oil rigs now offshore for BWEP. Notam states FTX Airports needed (for Deadhorse) - Doug
  • Snow Dog Tours - Single Download - Notam stating SDT needs FTX Airports - Doug
  • Snow Dog Tours and BWEP Airports are GOOD and work fine for when FTX Airports are installed. The SDT for Scenery Package A (no FTX Airorts installed) has not been fixed. The problem people were having is that they did not have the FTX Airport package and were using the wrong file. There is a problem with Vector at PASC. Water is added between the runways and up to the ramp. This is caused by the file 807_WTR_Waterbodies.bgl ... found in the ORBXVector CVX folder. If this is turned off, the water disappears ... but EVERYWHERE in the North Slope Area. It is best to allow the water. I have notified Holger at ORBX and he can pass it on if he wishes.
  • BWEP Payware and Default Airports - Added High Vista Airport (above Deadhorse) to both Payware and Default Airports. - Doug
  • Snow Dog Tours ... a new "B" package is uploaded ... but there are still problems - Doug
  • BWEP Payware and Default Airports - logo flickering fixed at BW03, Galbraith Lake and Chandaler Shelf - Doug
  • Fixed flickering logo and "no parking" signs at Deadhorse - Doug
  • NOTAM put up on SNOW DOG TOURS - you must re-download the Snow Dog Tours package if you want the latest for Deadhorse (in BWEP Airports) otherwise you will see Snow Dog buildings mixed in with BWEP buildings - Doug
  • Added an airstrip for Happy Valley Airstrip PF67 - It exists in real time. Changed Readme to add this new PF67 - Doug
  • BWEP - The North Slope - By Brad Allen - This is the final pipeline segment for the BWEP Pipeline
  • BWEP Payware Airports and BWEP Default Airports - Exclusion rectangle added to WSM to eliminate trees on approach - Doug
  • BWEP-SS - all 26 airports have now had vegitation removed
  • BWEP-SS Moving PF64 from inside "The Interior" to the BWEP Airports folders ... reuploading The Interior without PF64.
  • BWEP - Dalton Highway - Updated, mis-aligned pipes found and corrected - Brad
  • BWEP - Gates of the Arctic - Updated, mis-aligned pipes found and corrected - Brad
  • BWEP - The Interior - PF64 Cursed Hills bgl taken out of this and placed into BWEP Airports.
  • BWEP Airports- Payware and Default PAVD packages have been changed. There is now a season switcher in all the airports. Approach lighting is now at every BWEP airport - Doug
  • Creating Season Switcher for all BWEP customized airports - K55 sent to beta - Doug
  • Links were corrupted for BWEP Payware and Default airports - fixed them - Dieter
  • BWEP Season Switcher Project (BWEP SSP) - Vegitation removed from all 13 pipeline airports.
  • BWEP/Scenery Page ... corrected typo per Garry
  • All links were checked and all downloaded fine
  • BWEP Airports - the packages on the server were split to separate folders so each could have its own maintenance log. (no need to re-download).
  • BWEP Southern Alaska - PAVD Default - Package B - Split on server from original, now with its own maintenance log. This is the package people should use if they DO NOT have ORBX PAVD Payware.-Brad
  • BWEP Southern Alaska - PAVD PAYWARE - Package A - Split on the server from the original, now with its own maintenance log. This corrects pipeline alignment around the PAVD area that was caused by ORBX mesh placed around the payware airport. - Brad
  • PAVD DEFAULT Airports (Part B) was not downloading - fixed it. - Doug
  • Moh Creek - Altered flight plan for MFC. - Doug
  • Moresby Camp - Altered flight plan for better landing, (Water landing not land) - Doug
  • BWEP Dalton Highway, Segment 2 updated ... Brad
  • BWEP Airports PAVD Payware and PAVD Default - Changes at Wiseman (WSM) and PF66. Redownload is necessary for the one you have.
  • Made new table on Object Library Page (under the librarie downloads) explaining how to use the new ORBX Central INSERTION POINTS.
  • Fed Ex Terminals by Brad Allen, a building texture updated ... Brad
  • Aiken misspell on thumbnail fixed - Garry
  • Driftwood Depot sounds installation updated - Garry
  • Fixed Missing Links (clock and wx cams) on Misty's Home Page - Doug
  • Owikeeno Lake - Re-added the Megayacht North and South routes. Look in the OWI AI Boats folder for the new files and for the readme to install it. Redownload, but you only need to add the two missing bgl files.
  • Edited README First for Fairbanks AI Floats - Garry
  • Fairfax Lake Campsite - Text edited on scenery page and in TripTic - Garry
  • FedEx readme pdf edited - Garry
  • Filmore Cove - typo on scenery page fixed, added "large" pic and link - Garry
  • Bella Coola Marine V2.0 - Updated so textures would not "over write" Halibut Cove. This should be re-downloaded to make sure you don't have a conflict.
  • Halibut Cove V2.1 - Put red exclamation point on this one, It needs to be redownloaded if people already have it. Major changes internally. - Doug/Steve/Rod
  • Miller Lake Cabin - MFC0395A - Flight Plan worked fine.
  • Endako Mine - Updated/edited scenery page text. Added Readme First to dowonload file - Garry
  • Elliot Fire Base (Bowser Lake Cabin) - Major editing on scenery page and readme, more information put into TripTic V2 with more information - Garry
  • SAK Seaplane Bases - Added new installation instructions for those who might happen to install SAK Seaplane Bases after they install Halibut Cove - Rod Jackson
  • Darb Lake - Edited scenery page text and Readme First Text - Garry
  • Driftwood Depot - Edited scenery page text and Readme First Text - Garry
  • Frances Lake Lodge - Fixed misaligned thumbnail problem - Doug
  • Snow Dog Tours 2B (Redownload) - removed a misplaced autogen building that was on the ramp at Nome (PAOM). - Doug/Dieter
  • Fairbanks AI Floats - New Readme First added - Garry
  • Dean River Run - text changed for web page - Garry
  • Big Creek Lodge- zip folder wouldn't open, a new one has been put up - Doug
  • Snow Dog Tours 2B - 2 dif autogen bldg sets from V3 and V4 - SDT-2B interfered with V4. Moved all objects to different location where neither would interfere - Doug
  • Misty's Place - ES.xml put back in (it was missing)- Doug/Rod
  • RTMM Scenery Page - Overnight, the index.php became missing on the server, it was replaced and the page is now working properly. - Doug/Lipra
  • Nome AK PAOM - Snow Dog Tours - misplaced buildings - (see 8.10.2019)- Doug
  • Doug's Outfitters - Web page, pdf and Readme First all edited. Also the Doug's Outfitters River Runs on the Moorings page was updated - Garry
  • Downdraft Lake - Web Page and Readme First edited, also the Trip Tic for this was edited - Garry
  • Lynn Canal - ES.xml put back in (it was missing) - Doug/Rod
  • Lake Louise Lodge - ES.xml put back in (it was missing) - Doug/Rod
  • Klutina Outfitters - ES.xml put back in (it was missing) - Doug/Rod
  • Totem Bight - ES.xml put back in (it was missing) - Doug/Rod
  • BWEP on Scenery Page - Fixed link to the NEW BWEP page - Relocated BWEP to the bottom of the B's (where it should have been) - Doug/Norm
  • BWEP Web Page - Edited outlier scenery locations statement for all 4 segments - Edited statement for "enhanced" BWEP airports - Doug/Norm
  • Dog Salmon - Edited info for Scenery Page and Readme First - Garry
  • Dora Bay Log Transfer - Edited info for Scenery Page and Readme First - Garry
  • MFC0384A - Masset Inlet Cabin - Flight Plan checked/flown, all ok - Doug
  • MFC0390A - Mesa Lake Cabin - Flight Plan checked/Flown, all ok - Doug
  • BWEP - Richardson Highway - New Readme First added - Garry
  • BWEP - SAK - New Readme First Added - Garry
  • BWEP - AI Traffic - New Readme's and Installation docs added - Garry
  • BWEP - Dalton Highway - New Readme First Added - Garry
  • Devil's Arse - New Readme First and web page location text added - Garry
  • Alaska Power Web Page - spellchecked and grammar checked whole page - Doug
  • Here2There Page - Replaced missing jpg for Misty Multiplayer
  • BWEP Airports - Payware bgls were in Default folder. Renamed the bgls so there can be no mixup in the future. Re-uploaded. User must DELETE the old one they have and put in this new one. The names have changed - Doug
  • BWEP Airports- cut the grass at WSM. Made sure the download worked in Default. (OK), Made sure the new download worked in Payware version (OK). Version txt set to 08.05.2019 - Doug
  • Started new FORUM thread and linked the button on the BWEP page to it. - Doug
  • BWEP SAG - Put special exclusion rectangles in the water to eliminate the office buildings placed there by ORBX. - Doug
  • BWEP WSM - Took grass off the runway - Doug
  • BWEP Airports - Added above changes to download zips - Doug
  • BWEP Web Page - Turned on the NEW BWEP web page, created news NOTAM for it on the forum and on the Notams page - Doug
  • Medical Facilities Web Page - Broken link for E001H - Fixed the link - John R.
  • BWEP Airports SAG ... "terrain ridge on apron" ... believed part of BWEP AI Helicopters..confirmed this. - Doug/Dex
  • BWEP AI Traffic - Took BW07 (Sagwon) out of the AI Traffic - Doug/Dex
  • BWEP Pipeline Breaks Log completed - there are no pipeline breaks on any of the first 4 pipeline segments ... this using Global Base and Vector with no 3rd party mesh - Doug
  • BWEP Web Page (New) - Fixed some more typos from and older email from Garry - Garry/Doug
  • BWEP Web Page - edited the Introduction - Garry
  • BWEP Web Page - edited the oil spill disclaimer - Garry
  • BWEP Web Page - re-edited all of the pipeline sections - Garry
  • BWEP Web Page - Finished updating the airports, updated Coldfoot, Wiseman, Sagwon and Deadhorse - These are in the BWEP Airports now (all finished). - Doug
  • BWEP Web Page - Added Crevice Creek to "(Disable Vector Elevation) list - Dieter
  • BWEP Airports ... added Crevice Creek to README FIRST for PAYware and DEFault airports - Doug
  • README First for BWEP Airports (both), Interior, Richardson Highway, SAK all edited and replaced - Garry
  • BWEP Pipeline Breaks Log - Flew up to Winter Trail PF64 - no breaks sighted - Doug
  • ESwitcher beta released to RTMM Team ... special linkage setup - Doug
  • Added NOTAM at top of scenery page with link to Maintenance Log ... heads up for updated folders-Doug
  • BWEP Airports - Donnelly Dome PF57 - Trees near runway, exclusion rectangle already there, but trees still showing in V4. (check?)
  • BWEP AK77 - Develop This? (Interesting Land Class surrounding it) - Doug
  • BWEP Airports - Delta Junction - Added Taxiway and Ramp (these were missing - Doug
  • Updated BWEP Pipeline Breaks document, moved to BWEP folder - Doug
  • ESwitcher made "live" on the website - "Getting Started/Table #6" -Rod/Doug
  • Changed ESwitcher information on the top of the Scenery Page - Doug
  • ESwitcher - Put up NOTAM on forum and on NOTAM web page for announcement - Doug
  • Fixed minor typos on Getting Started/Step Table #6 - Garry
  • BWEP AIrports - BWEP Executive Field ... added some night lighting-Doug
  • BWEP Pipeline Breaks Log - Flew as far as Chatanika PF59 - No breaks - Doug
  • Added new Copyright statement to ABOUT page - Garry/Doug
  • Added new Readme First to BWEP Airports .. changed download name of Default PAVD zip.
  • BWEP Page - Listed airports that must be disabled in Vector for elevation. Also put this into the two Readme First files for PAVD Payware and Default. - Dieter
  • BEWP Page - spelling error corrected (Arctic) - Dieter
  • Black Rapids Lodge - Winter Trees were in Summer BGL, changed them out - Doug
  • BWEP AI Traffic ... updated readme and internal files to two folders.-Doug
  • BWEP - Linked a Readme to a NOTAM at the top of the page to help people convert over to the new BWEP folder system - Doug
  • Linked the airports tab to the install anchor on BWEP-Doug
  • Pipeline Breaks Log - flew to Gulkana PAGK, no breaks - Doug
  • BWEP-Maintenance log and version.txt put into all the new Airport and Pipeline files - Doug
  • Created NOTAM alerting differences for previously installed BWEP folders. - Doug
  • BWEP AI Traffic - added version and Readme Firsts - Doug
  • BWEP Airports - Added Readme First and version to each folder (Payware PAVD/Default PAVD)-Doug
  • Readme First and Version.txt put into all 4 active BWEP Segments - Doug
  • Getting Started Table #6 - Season switcher information updated getting ready for ESwitcher - Rod
  • BWEP Piipeline Breaks Log - Added to the beta workshop area of the scenery page. Flying from Valdez north, this will record all pipeline breaks encountered WITHOUT mesh being used. - Doug
  • New BWEP web page formalized and edited - Doug
  • BWEP AI Traffic - split Planes and Heli into two separate folders. Updated "instructions" for planes to include the ADE changes for PAPR and SAG - Wrote a Readme First and set up a maintenance log for this entry. (For Now this change is only on the BWEP Beta Page) - Doug
  • Maloney's Tavern MFC0375A - Flight Plan OK - Doug
  • Desperate Moose Lodge - Edited Readme First and Readme PDF - Garry
  • Annette Island Fly In - Changed Readme First and Scenery page storyline - Garry
  • Added BWEP to right column of Home Page (it was missing) - Garry
  • Magic Bus MFC0370A - New RSA=3000' - L/L (not W), new start position - (Sent to Norm) - Doug
  • Ocean Falls - Garry created a new "information" section for the web scenery location and the Readme First ... much better information than I had. Also we fixed a link in the V2 Trip Ticket that now gives a better overview of Ocean falls - Garry
  • Fairbanks AI Floats ... deleted an extra, and incorrect ES.xml file from the download - Doug
  • Put Fairbanks AI Floats onto the RTMM Scenery Page, fixed link to it from BWEP - Doug
  • Luella Lake Cabin MFC0366A - Edited the starting position of the flight plan, the ending of the plan was also altered to avoid a hill on approach. Sent to Norm for update and redistribution with the next RTMM Flight Plans.zip. - Doug
  • Lynn Canal - MFC0367A - Flight Plan OK - Doug
  • Fairbanks AI Floats - Changed name on download (BWEP) Page to Fairbanks AI Floats. Changed the xml for the ES to match the name (taking out "BWEP"). Changed name on the "Correct Names" table below
  • Lucky Lindy's - MFC0364A Flight plan checked out, all ok.
  • Put in nm (Nautical miles) for the MFC flight plans I've been putting in, all caught up.
  • Tremadoc Lake Cabin - Fixed smoke object, added Readme First and version.txt - JDL
  • MFC0621A (Tremadock Lake Cabin) ... flight plan is ok. - JDL
  • Re-edited some of the HOME PAGE html - Garry/Doug
  • Charlotte Lake Lodge - made this "E-Switcher" capabile, added NOTAM - Doug
  • New RTMM Home Page text (edited and replaced) (Garry)
  • Fixed links in Right Column on Home Page (Garry)
  • Added Better Copyright information on About Page (Garry)
  • Dean River - Fixed Readme Instructions PDF and Readme First (Garry)
  • Dean River Run - Fixed Readme Instructions PDF and Readme First (Garry)
  • Flew MFC0351A - Flight Plan Good
  • Beta Test for the new "E-Switcher" with the full RTMM team
  • NAC Kispiox River - Fixed Spelling on Thumbnail, posted new one - Doug
  • Yehiniko Lake Airstrip - Fixed Spelling on Thumbnail, posted new one - Doug
  • Fortaleza Ridge Cabin - Link was 404, fixed it - Dieter/Doug
  • The Landings at Alastair Lake - Link was 404, Fixed it - Dieter/Doug
  • The Landings at Alastair Lake - Added misc files to the zip that were missing - Dieter/Doug
  • The Landings at Alastair Lake - Added back the zip files and flight plan missing - Dieter/Doug
  • MFC0350A - Little Oliver Creek - Plan flown/checked, all ok - Doug
  • The Landings at Alastair Lake - Typo in eS.xml fixed - doug
  • Charlotte Lake Lodge - eS.xml taken out, this is not a Season Switcher - web page fixed - changed the maintenance tables for it too - doug
  • Spud's Beasley Creek Retreat Retreat - name change and es.xml changed - doug
  • Tillie Lake Cabin - name change in es.xml - doug
  • Yehiniko Air Strip - name change in es.xml - doug
  • NAC Kispiox River - name change, internal file name changes too -
  • Brad's BBQ Skeena River - Name change in es.xml file - doug
  • Fortaleza Ridge Cabin - Name change internally and in es.xml file - doug
  • Nisga'a Glacial Lake Lodge - Internal es.xml file name change - doug
  • Last Resort - Added new es.xml - doug
  • Labouchere Bay Saw Mill - Flew both MFC0326A and MFC0327A - both plans GOOD - jdl
  • Lake Louise Lodge - Flew MFC0338A - Flightplan OK - Was major water waves on lake, flattened those with CVX file .. lake now perfectly flat - Redownload Recommended - JDL
  • Landmark Gap Resort - MFC0342A ... Changed starting position and changed RSA to 5000' - JDL
  • Lavender Lake Lodge - MFC0346A - Changed name from "Lake Lodge" to Lavender Lake Lodge - jdl
  • Kwatna River - MFC Flight Plan Adjusted and sent to Norm
  • Dean River - Readme First Edited to handle error in "readme pdf" - Garry
  • Aiken Creek - Web Page and Readme First edited - Garry
  • Darb Lake Cabin - Re-Correction of yesterday's edit - Garry
  • Dan's Hideaway - Recorrection of yesterday's edit - Gary
  • Chilanko Sales and Service - Web Page Edited, version and readme First updated - Garry
  • Chilcotin Plateau Airfield - Web Page Edited, version and Readme First updated - Garry
  • Circle City Lodge - Web Page Edited, version and Readme First updated - Garry
  • CJ's Bed and Breakfast - Web Page edited, version and Readme First updated - Garry
  • Crevice Creek - Web Page edited, version and Readme First updated - Garry
  • CU Ranch - Web Page edited, version, Readme First updated - Garry
  • Added Maintenance Page to HOME/Right column with links - Doug
  • Dan's Hideaway - Web Page Edited, version, Readme First updated - Garry
  • Darb Lake Cabin - Web Page edited, version, Readme First updated - Garry
  • Daredevil's Roost - Web Page edited, version, Readme First updated - Garry
  • Canoona Fish Camp - Web Page Edited - Version and Readme updated - Garry
  • Cabins by the Lakes I - Web Page Edited - Version and Readme updated - Garry
  • Cabins by the Lakes II - Web Page Edited - Version and Readme updated - Garry
  • Premier Gold Camp - Web Page Edited - Version and added Readme - Garry
  • Cape Spencer Light - Web Page Edited - Version and Readme updated - Garry
  • Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat - Web Page Edited - Version and Readme updated - Garry
  • Lynn Canal and Chilkoot Area - Reset Season Switcher to "noseason" - Norm
  • Chaunigan Lake Lodge - Web Page Edited- Version and Readme updated - Garry
  • Chilanko Lodge - Web Page Edited - Version and Readme First updated - Garry
  • Added New RTMM-MFC Flight Plans.zip - Norm
  • Annette Island Fly-In - Web Page Wording changed - Readme, Version Updated-Garry
  • Badger Lake Cabins - Web Page Wording changed - Readme, Version Updated-Garry
  • Big Creek Lodge - Web Page Wording changed - Readme, Version Updated-Garry
  • Big Fall Hydro - Web Page Wording changed - Readme, Version Updated-Garry
  • Black Rapids Lodge - Web Page Wording changed - Readme, Version Updated- Garry
  • Blue Cat Lake Cabin - Web Page Wording changed - Readme, Version Updated- Garry
  • BWEP - Web Page Wording - Garry
  • Border Lake - Web Page Wording changed - Readme, Version Updated- Garry
  • Boya Lake - Web Page Wording changed - Readme, Version Updated- Garry
  • CIRP - Web Page Wording changed, redirected to ReadMe button - Garry
  • Alaska Power Project - Editing done on top of home page for APP - Garry
  • Kowesis River MFC0319A - Flight plan adjusted (sent to Norm) - Doug
  • Totem Bight - Jeff discovered this is compatable with PAKT Payware, so the warning was taken off the scenery page. A new Readme First was added to the download package. - Jeff
  • Edited wording in The Lighthouses on the Cabins page - Garry
  • Maloney's Tavern - Dieter and Garry worked on the Readme Instructions addressing the automated bear and ranger jeep (very interesting). - Garry/Dieter
  • The Cabins - minor typo fixed ... number of links - Garry
  • Aiken Creek Camp - grammer edited, Readme First added - Garry/Doug
  • Klutina Outfitters - Approach lighting changed. Path along shoreline deleted, this was causing some elevation problems, errant objects on the shoreline/cliff were moved or deleted. This needs a re-download. - Doug
  • Totem Bight - A pier was not visible in V4, but ok in V3. Changed the pier, now visible in both versions, added a couple of floating objects to make it more interesting. Redownload for 06.29.2019 Version - Doug
  • Tezwa River Ranch - Instructions for installation of sound files updated ... Garry/Doug
  • Fixed statistical typos on The Cabins - Installation Instructions ... the first NOTAM altered. Garry/Doug
  • The Western Chugach Part 2... Important Revision Notes to TWC Edited by Rod, uploaded.
  • MFC0311A - Klinkwan Fish Camp - Flight Plan is OK
  • MFC0312A - Kloo Lake ... slight adjustment to flight plan ... sent to Norm.
  • Typo on EFMM Home page fixed - Garry
  • Klutina Outfitters - Hangar was missing in V4, ok in V3 (SDT WileyPost Reduced Light) ... replaced with blue hangar. Adjusted objects for all 5 seasons, reposted. - Doug
  • MFC0315A - Klutina Outfitters ... Flight Plan is OK
  • Added RED notams to Table 1 and 2 in Getting Started to be sure NOT TO COMBINE scenery folders. - Doug
  • Took out "Sound" zip buttons ... these are always included in the package, no need for the button on the scenery page. - Doug/Garry
  • Taku Lodge - errors in diction and wording fixed - Garry
  • Flew MFC0308A - Kitsault Gold Camp - Safe RSA is 4500, sent correction to Norm.
  • Flew MFC0304A - Khutzeymateen River Lodge - Plan is solid - Doug
  • Kidala Pass ... MFC0305A is helicopter only, made note on scenery page - Doug
  • Kimsquit River Logging ... MFC0306A ...Plan is solid - Doug
  • Maloney's Tavern - "Large" pic (from thumbnail) was not linked - Garry
  • Scar Creek ... typo on scenery page fixed "and" ... (Garry)
  • Totem Bight ... investigated wheels below surface problem ... nothing found, reply on forum.(Doug)
  • Khutze River - Added scenery required ... flew MFC0303A ... all ok (Doug)
  • Took Totem Bight PAYWARE version off the Scenery Page ... it was not working correctly and I cannot fix it (I don't have PAKT payware). (Doug/Garry)
  • Updated Iggy's Harbor ... internal file changes only (readme, etc) (Brad)
  • Medical Facilities Page ... typo fixed in Notam under installation "cand"(Garry)
  • Medical Facilities Page ... typo on "Latitudes" fixed (Garry)
  • Port Refugio Scenery Page... typo on "Bra ds" ... fixed ... (Garry)
  • Prince William Sound Scenery Page ... typo on "surrounding" fixed (Garry)
  • Punchbowl Lake Scenery Page ... typo Destination's (Garry)
  • CIRP PAKT Office - Default - a "smoking cabin" was left in, not visable in P3D V3, but Visable in P3D V4. It was taken out. This is a MINOR update you don't need to redownload unless the smoke seen in V4 bothers you.
  • Owikeno Lake Area ... updated readme for AI Boats to make installation clearer (Garry)
  • Ocean Falls Scenery Page Text edited (typo)-(Garry)
  • NAC Bases ... typo fixed "over night"=overnight - (Garry)
  • NAC Sharp Cone ... typo fixed ... added "miles" after "20" and spell checked Bella Bella.-(Garry)
  • NAC Kispoix ... typo fixed "Successful fishing experience."-(Garry)
  • New Eddystone Rock - internal things fixed, no need for re-download (Brad/Garry)
  • Flew MFC028A Jedway Base ... RSA 1200'
  • MFC0269A ... RSA=2200'-671m-WW ... flew it, confirmed 2200 vs 4500 for RSA. (Doug)
  • MFC0271A ... RSA=5000'-1503M-LL ... flew it, confirmed 5000 not 8500 RSA (Doug)
  • Hollis Harbor V2.1 ... updated the Boats readme (instructions) for Rod. New Version and Maintenance log for location upadated. (Rod)
  • Kodiak Island Airfields 1.3 ... updated because of a "water wave anomaly" found in the area. Fixed. (Tomse)
  • Hollis Harbor V2.1 ... Rod Jackson updated Hollis Harbor, the new V2.1 is posted. (Rod)
  • On scenery page, Metlakatla and Meziadin Lake Campground entries were fixed alphabetically.-(Garry)
  • Added Kodiak Island Airfields by Thomas Menzel ... (excellent addition) ... made version.txt and maintenance log updated. Put NOTAM on forum and on NOTAMs page. (Tomse)
  • Tomse sent a 1.2 version of Kodiak Island Airfields (minor changes), changed version.txt and updated maintenance log for location, uploaded to server at 12:46 PM EST.
  • Added Season Map templates to top of each Season Map Section on the Maintenance Page. Click on link to download template needed for that Season Map. (Doug)
  • BWEP - BWEP SAK V2 for PAVD by ORBX 06.19.2019 ... updated. Airport K55.bgl was left in this causing "object doubles" at K55. (Also be sure user does not have both BWEP SAK V1 and V2 checked active in the scenery library, that will give the same problem. (Doug/Brad)
  • Dan added SS Cert to RTMM Home ... Previously had added it to the Forums. (Dan)
  • Added "Boating" to the "Features" on the home page with link (Doug)
  • Added "RTMM AI Traffic" to the "Features" on the home page with link. (Doug)
  • Pulled the "MyTopo" links off the Moorings page, the links were no longer available(Doug)
  • Took Wilson River Run out of Moorings Page (no longer active). (Doug)
  • Did some link updating on the "Cabins" page, deleted FSDiscover link, made link for RTMM-MFC Flightplans.zip. (Doug)
  • Updated RTMM MFC Flight Plans.zip (Norm)
  • Added zip button to Automated Dispatches for download link, took out line link (Doug)
  • Added missing fuel station (#1) at Misty's Place, upgraded one near Misty's Place House. (Doug)
  • Added Aircraft and Helicopter repaints to "Features" on home page with links.(Doug)
  • Added RTMM AI Shipping to "Features" on the home page with link.(Doug)
  • Added "Cabin" page to the "Features" on the home page with link.(Doug)
  • Re-arranged Site Home Page, putting "Special Features" below the body, only the index in the right rail. Added "Automated Dispatches"(Doug)
  • Alaska Power Project North ... there was an errant "south SeasonMap" in this folder. It has been taken out, new version, library date and maintenance log updated for the location.(Doug)
  • Updated all SS maintenance logs when adding the ESxml files (Doug)
  • updated all SS version.txt files in /scenry when adding the ESxml (Doug)
  • re-uploaded all of the SS scenery files after adding version/maintenance and ESxml files (Doug)
  • Fixed broken links on Here2There Go To Table page. (We had changed the name of the zip and had not changed it on a link at the top and bottom of this page). (Doug)
  • Bromley Peak AI Traffic File ... the leading line in the aircraft.cfg started with ; it should have started with //. This has been fixed, Rod made new cfg. REDOWNLOAD (Doug)
  • Added new 06.07.2019 ESxml to all SS scenery locations (Doug)
  • Altered Maintenanace log and "put" SS locations through "D" (Notam, not changing the "version.txt" on these). (Doug)
  • Took out all flashing red buoys from all of the Medical reception files (35 of them) and replaced the reception files in all dispatches. Redownload needed for RTMM Automated Dispatches 06.13.2019 (Doug)
  • Updated waypoints for Port Hardy and Hoonah in Medical Facilities.zip RE-DOWNLOAD (Doug)
  • Took orphans out of P005x in RTMM Automated Dispatches (Doug)
  • E017B has TWO possible receiving sites, only one was active, now both are. (Doug)
  • Added E052B (Stikine #3) to RTMM Automated Dispatches 06.12.2019.zip (Doug)
  • Fixed Typos on Here2There/Flight Plans (Doug)
  • RE-DOWNLOAD RTMM Automated Dispatches.zip 06.12.2019 (Doug)
  • Added the "receptions" to the dispatches with the same "M" number. Put up new Automated Dispatches (06.11.2019), uploaded Medical Facilities with changes at Hoonah and Port Hardy. Uploaded the new "Medical Reception Zip" (used for people making dispatches). Checking out all of the dispatches from the beginning with all the changes. (Doug)
  • Worked on new Dispatch Template (now in "Making Dispatches" zip. Made a list of Medical Centers that do not yet have a dispatch. (Doug)
  • Checked dispatches ... all seem to be working well. (Cannot check those without a dispatch, there is nothing to turn "on"). (Doug)
  • Labouchere Bay Saw Mill ... fixed typo on the scenery page. Added Readme First to folder and changed the version in /scenery. Lake Louise Lodge ... made a clarification in the readme for the float planes, changed version and maintenance log. (Doug)
  • Medical Reception Zip ... Put a man with the orange smoke torch on each of the reception areas. Ran into a problem with SAK Seaplanes, made correction, uploaded 06.10.2019 version. (Doug)
  • RTMM Medical Facilities updated - Elevated fuel tank at Alice Arm Medical Receiving Dock. Zip file updated to 06.09 2019. Put up new zip on the server. (Doug)
  • On the Object Library Page, changed the name on the page to match the name on the zip file - FSXP3D WH_BWEP Objects_SW (Doug)
  • Flew Medical Dispatch E009B (Dean River). Worked Perfectly. The new setup is OK. (Doug)
  • Beta Flying "Kodiak Island Airfields" by Tomse Menzel -
  • Set up folders and information for Kodiak Island Airfields ... ready for upload when beta is finished
  • Took out two orphan files in the RTMM Automated Dispatches and reuploaded it, problem found and solved by Norm. Also added Version.txt to /scenery, added a Readme First. (Doug)
  • Created "NewLocationProcess.txt" ... a checklist for adding a new scenery. (link at top of table) (Doug)
  • Refreshed eSwitcher Table Lists (by table and combined) and sent them to Rod. (Doug)
  • Worked on RTMM Automated Dispatches (Doug)
    • Changed readme PDF to say "automated" dispatches
    • Changed BWEP page to send people to Here2There/Dispatches/Installation to get the latest RTMM Automated Dispatches zip.
    • Renamed zip using 06.06.2019 as extension (for latest)
    • Changed RTMM Medical Page to send people to the Here2There/Dispatches area to get the RTMM Automated Dispatches program. This gives us a SINGLE download spot to updated instead of the multiple ones we had for Here2There, BWEP and Medical Facilities.
  • Reuploaded the RTMM Medical and APP Libraries FSXP3D.1.29.2017.zip ... when extracted, it had a 1.06.2017 date on it. Now it has no date. (Doug)
  • Changed M031 Reception (Misty's Place) in RTMM Automated Dispatches, reuploaded, new date is 06.06.2019. ... NOTAM done. (Doug)
  • New version from Rod on CIRP Bromley Peak AI Traffic V2.1_3 ... uploaded ... NOTAM done.
  • Edited RTMM Automated Dispatches ... took /screenshots folder out of it and reposted. (Doug)
  • Put "bromley_peak_ai_maule.zip" up on the CIRP/Air Operations area. Responded to forum. This didn't work correctly. Rod Jackson fixed what was wrong with it and that is now uploaded to CIRP/Air Operations, bottom of the table: CIRP Bromley Peak AI Traffic V2.1.zip (Doug)
  • Took the link for the CIRP Bromley Peak AI Traffic off the CIRP location on the scenery page. It is now only downloaded from the main CIRP page under Air Operations. (Doug)
  • Moved all button icons from /scenery to ../buttons. (Doug)
  • Seasons set wrong on Twin Lakes Airstrip and Border Lake Provincial Park. Norm fixed them, sent them to me I put them "up". Noted on maintenance logs and versions. Downloaded to check, OK. (Doug)
  • Button icons weren't working on scenery page, I had not uploaded them from their "new" place. All fixed. (Doug)
  • Added the latest RTMM MFC Flight Plans.zip from Norm, uploaded it. (Updated Here2There Page with new RTMM Flight plans date). (Doug)
  • Summit Lake Resort was seasonal set on winter, changed to NoSeason, uploaded (from Norm).
  • Owikeeno seasons set to winter, Norm reset them to Noseason, uploaded the new files. (Doug)
  • Finished all locations from Summit Lake Resort to Yukon Crossing. Reorganized many of the download files to standardize them. (Doug)
  • Added ESxml to all season switchers, all have a new version txt and all have an updated maintenance log. Norm is coming along behind me, downloading and double-checking what I've done. (Total time on this project 38 hours). (Doug)
  • Changed the name on Thumb_Harbour. Changed it on this maintenance page in the lists area.
  • Set up Ketchikan Harbor, done. (Doug)
  • Started at "Magic Bus" worked through to"Quiet Nights Cabin ". Standardized the download (Doug)folders and added the ESxml to the season Switchers.
  • Checked all "Refreshed Links" (Doug)
  • Had to add Punchbowl Lake Retreat to the Season Switcher Tables, made ESxml and sent it to Rod. (Doug)
  • Put up season map on scenery page for it. (Doug)
  • Took out all "How to Install" buttons on the Scenery web page. (Doug)
  • Continued in evening, Worked from R and R Retreat to Summit Lake Resort. (Doug)
  • Had to make ESxml for Spud's Beasley Creek Retreat, put up weather/season map on scenery page, sent copy to Rod for master list. (Doug)
  • From Eagle Lake Cabin to Lynn Canal... added ESxml to all season switcher folders, reorganized download folders to RTMM standard. (Doug)
  • Updated all versions and maintenance logs. (Doug)
  • All (_blanks) checked and linked. (Rod is working on Hollis Harbor and we'll update it when he is done) (Doug)
  • Created ESxml for Barnstormers Seasonal (sent to Rod)... added ESxml to /scenery and changed download folder file structure on those that needed it from Aiken Creek through CU Ranch.
  • Added missing maintenance log links to REFRESHED dates on several location, thruough Driftwood Depot. (Doug)
  • Deleted Sarker Lake Cabin and Sweetwater Lake Cabin from Scnery page and Non-Season Switcher lists ... these are both already in the RTMM Missing Cabins. (Doug)
  • Also changed in the pdf file (list) and uploaded new document. (Doug)
  • Removed Moose Lake Lodge from Scenery Page. (Doug)
  • Renamed Brad's Skeena River to Brad's BBQ Skeena River. (Changed on scenery page, version, maintenance log, Season Map xml, and download package)

  • Fixed link on home page for Doug's Hawaii, that was pointing to the jpg, not the web page.
  • Fixed. Added a link to "Your RV Liveftyle" on the EFMM page. (Doug)
  • Redid the NON season switcher table on the Maintenance page and created a pdf so people can download the non-season switcher official names. (Doug)
  • Added the standardized (official) scenery location name to the appropriate xml file for each season switcher location and sent these to Rod.
  • Created the Season Maps table on the Maintenance page (Doug)
  • Grouped the season switcher files by "season map" and created the table on the maintenance page. This to help with creating the "formats" for the xml files needed for each location with the eswitcher. (Doug)
  • Went through all Maintenance Log for ALL locations and highlighted in RED any change that would affect the user ... this gives them a heads up they may need to redownload or adjust their scenery library. (Doug)
  • Went through all of the NON season switcher folders and changed some names for standardization, then changed the name of the Scenery Folder (that people use in their library) so they will automatically bring down the correct standardized name. Made a list of the changes and put them onto the maintenance page. (Doug)
  • Went through all Season Switcher folders and changed some names for standardization, then changed the name of the Scenery Folder (that people use in their library) so they will automatically bring down the correct standardized name. Made a list of the changes and put them onto the maintenance page.

  • Created a "version.txt" file for EVERY scenery location and add it to the /scenery folders. As we get rid of the "version number" in the names of locations, putting this tiny "tag" txt file with the bgl files is a way to know what version is being used. (This for troubleshooting for people later).
  • Created a "Maintenance Log" for each scenery location. When people click on the "REFRESHED DATE" for the location on the scenery page, it brings up the maintenance log for that location so they can see changes made and when. (Doug)
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  • Information For RTMM Users

Season Switcher Locations - Official Scenery Library Names

As a part of the Refresh 2019 Campaign, we are doing some major housekeeping on the site. One of the items is standardizing the names of the locations. The names you have for the RTMM locations in your SCENERY FOLDER must exactly match the names in this list  in order for some imminent future projects to operate properly. 

This is a list of the RTMM locations that are Season Switcher Locations.  The Names that have changed and must match your sim's scenery library are highlighted in RED. Click HERE for a PDF of this list.

Official Location Names

Aiken Creek Camp

Alaska Power North

Alaska Power South

Allakaket Lodge

Annette Island Fly-In

Badger Lake Cabins

Barnstormers Seasonal

Bear Camp Research

Bear Observatory

Bettles Lodge

Big Creek Lodge

Big Fall Hydro

Big Lake Cabin

Black Rapids Lodge

Blue Cat Lake Cabin

Bob's Bay Cabin

Border Lake Provincial Park

Boya Lake Provincial Park

Bradley Lake Hydro

Brad's BBQ Skeena River

Bronson Creek

Burnett Inlet Cabin

Cabins by the Lakes I

Cabins By the Lakes II

Canoona Fish Camp

Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat

Chaunigan Lake Lodge

Chilanko Lodge

Chilanko River Sales and Service

Circle City Lodge

Charlotte Lake Lodge

CJ's Bed and Breakfast

Crevice Creek

Dan's Hideaway

Darb Lake Cabin

Dean River

Dean River Run

Devil's Arse

Dog Salmon Creek and Village

Dora Bay Log Transfer

Doug's Outfitters

Downdraft Lake Cabin

Driftwood Depot

Eagle Lake Cabin

Egg Harbor Fish Camp

Elkin Creek Guest Ranch

Elliot Fire Base at Bowser Lake

Endako Mine

Fairbanks AI Floats

Fairfax Lake Campsite

Fleet Bay Parts Dock

Flying Beaver Lodge

Fortaleza Ridge Cabin

Forrester Island Research Outpost

Frances Lake Lodge

Gilbert Bay Airfield

Gokachin Lake Cabin

Goose Bay Cabin

Granduc Camp

Gwent Bay Cannery

Halibut Cove

Hang 'Em High Resorts

Herring Bay Cannery Payware Version

Hidden Inlet Lake Cabin

Hidden Inlet Retreat

High Lake Cabin

Hollis Harbor

Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery

Hunter Bay Cannery

Iggy's Harbor

Iskut Village Airstrip

Jordan Lake Cabin

Kasaan KXA Upgrade

Khutze River Lodge

Khutzeymateen River Lodge

Kimsquit River Logging Camp

Kitsault Gold Camp

Klinkwan Fish Camp

Kloo Lake

Klutina Outfitters

Kowesas River Lodge

Kwatna River Airstrip

Labouchere Bay Saw Mill

Lake Louise Lodge

Landmark Gap Resort

Last Resort and Chitina-Kennecott Area

Lavender Lake Lodge

Little Port Walter Marine Station

Lucky Lindy's Place

Luelia Lake Cabin

Lynn Canal and Chilkoot Inlet

Magic Bus 142

Maloney's Tavern

Metlakatla Jetty

Miller Lake

Misty Gustavus

Misty Moorings Air Taxi

Misty's Place

Moh Creek

Muddy Lake Airstrip

NAC Kispiox River

Nina Cove Lodge and Cabins

Nina's Landing

Nisga'a Glacial Lake Lodge

Ocean Falls

Owikeno Lake Area

Port Refugio BBQ

Prayer Lake Cabin

Punchbowl Lake Retreat

Prince William Sound

Quiet Nights Cabin

Rainbow Mountains Lodge

RTMM Docks

RTMM Missing Cabins

Scar Creek Lodge

Scum Lake Airport

Silt Lake Cabin

Skeena River Lodge

Spoiler's Lodge

Spud's Beasley Creek Retreat

Spud's Creek

Summit Lake Resort

Taku Lodge

Tezwa River Ranch

The Landings at Alastair Lake

Tillei Lake Cabin

Tincup Lake Landing

Totem Bight

Tsuniah Lake Lodge

Tsylos Park Lodge

TWC - Part 2

TWChugach - Part 1

Twelve Mile Rafting Station

Twin Lakes Airstrip

Vancouver Project North Island

Very Inlet Cabin

Wandering Lakes Lodge


Whistler Aerodrome

Wolverine Airstrip

Wood Lake

Xavier's Cabin

Yehiniko Airstrip

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Non-Season Switcher Locations - Official Scenery Library Names

This is a list of the official names for the NON-Season switcher locations. Over time, we will be converting many of these to Season Switchers. The ones highlighted in RED are the ones on which there was a name change. You can download a PDF of this list HERE.

Official Location Names

Baird Leconte Tour


Brad's BBQ Stewart

CIRP Blowing Snow Effect

CIRP Bear River Lodge

CIRP PAKT Office - Default

CIRP PAKT Office - PayWare

CIRP Premier Gold Mine

CIRP Soule Glacier

CIRP Operations Stewart

Cape Spencer Light

Chilcotin Plateau Airfield

CU Ranch

Daredevil's Roost

Desperate Moose Lodge

FedEx Terminals

Filmore Cove

Fountain of Ute

Glacier Bay Tours

Herring Bay Cannery Default

High Mine (Uncle Skeeter's)

Jedway Bay Seabase

Ketchikan Harbor

Kidala Pass

Kimquit River Run

Klawock Snow Dog Tours Base

Kodiak Island Airfields

Little Oliver Creek

Masset Inlet Cabin

Mesa Lake Cabin

Meziadin Lake Campground


Misty Moorings Oil Platform Services

Misty Moorings River Contest

Misty's Old Yacht Club

Moresby Camp

Mountain Rescue No1

Mt. Light Retreat

Mt. Matlock Cabin

Nadina Mountain Airstrip

Navman's Retreat

New Eddystone Rock

Norandex Mining

Pacific Northwest Scenery Collection

PAKT Ferry

Petrof Bay Camp

Port Bazan Cannery

Portage Bay Cabin

Prince Rupert Shipping

Quall River Fish Camp

R and R Retreat

Roadside Cabin

Rose Point Camp

Ryan's Cabins

SAK Sea Plane Bases

Sea Rescue #1

Sea Rescue #2

Sewall Lodge

Stikine Icefield Research Project

SIRP Lights

Skagway for RTMM and SAK

Skeena River Life

Skeena River Run

Snow Dog Tours

Staney Creek Cabin


Terrace MM

TWC-2 Floats

Thorne Bay Island Retreat

Thumb Harbour

Tremadoc Lake Cabin

Tweedsmuir Peak

Victory Valley

Westwood Inn

Whaletail Camp

Whiskey Cove

Wilson River Lodge

Yakhoun Lake Cabin

Yes Bay Lodge

Yukon Crossing

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  • Information for RTMM Development Team
Season Switcher Standardized Naming for the Scenery Library
Season Map Tables

These are the Season Map Tables for all Season Switcher Locations. This is part of the future "eSwitcher Project" Location NAMES have been standardized, the download will match what you need to have in your Scenery Library. The Names that have changed and must match your sim's scenery library are highlighted in RED. Click HERE for a PDF of this list.All of these listed below have the new "version.txt" file in with the bgl files and the maintenance log on each has been updated (Click on the REFRESH link at any location entry on the Scenery Page to see the maintenance log for the location).

Season Map Table #1
Jan Feb Mar
Apr May Jun
Jul Aug Sep
Oct Nov Dec

Library Name (name change) (Table 1 Season Map xml)

  • Allakaket Lodge
  • Bettles Lodge
  • Fairbanks AI Floats
  • Circle City Lodge
  • Crevice Creek
  • Darb Lake Cabin
  • Flying Beaver Lodge
  • Granduc Camp
  • Spoiler's Lodge
Season Map Table #2
Jan Feb Mar
Apr May Jun
Jul Aug Sep
Oct Nov Dec

Library Name (name change) (Table 2 Season Map xml)

  • Bear Camp Research
  • Border Lake Provincial Park
  • Vancouver Project North Island
  • Whistler Aerodrome
Season Map Table #3
Jan Feb Mar
Apr May Jun
Jul Aug Sep
Oct Nov Dec

Library Name (name change) (Table 3 Season Map xml)

  • Barnstormers Seasonal
  • Big Creek Lodge
  • Black Rapids Lodge
  • Boya Lake Provincial Park
  • Bradley Lake Hydro
  • Cabins by the Lakes I
  • Cabins By the Lakes II
  • Charlotte Lake Lodge
  • Chaunigan Lake Lodge
  • Chilanko Lodge
  • Chilanko River Sales and Service
  • Driftwood Depot
  • Elkin Creek Guest Ranch
  • Elliot Fire Base at Bowser Lake
  • Endako Mine
  • Frances Lake Lodge
  • Halibut Cove
  • Iskut Village Airstrip
  • Khutzeymateen River Lodge
  • Kitsault Gold Camp
  • Kloo Lake
  • Klutina Outfitters
  • Kowesas River Lodge
  • Lake Louise Lodge
  • Landmark Gap Resort
  • Last Resort and Chitina-Kennecott Area
  • Magic Bus 142
  • Misty Moorings Air Taxi
  • Muddy Lake Airstrip
  • NAC Kispiox River
  • Nina Cove Lodge and Cabins
  • Nisga'a Glacial Lake Lodge
  • Prince William Sound
  • Rainbow Mountains Lodge
  • Scum Lake Airport
  • Silt Lake Cabin
  • Taku Lodge
  • The Landings at Alastair Lake
  • Tillei Lake Cabin
  • Tincup Lake Landing
  • Tsuniah Lake Lodge
  • Tsylos Park Lodge
  • TWC - Part 2
  • TWChugach - Part 1
  • Twin Lakes Airstrip
  • Wandering Lakes Lodge
  • Wolverine Airstrip
  • Xavier's Cabin
  • Yehiniko Airstrip
Season Map Table #4
Jan Feb Mar
Apr May Jun
Jul Aug Sep
Oct Nov Dec

Library Name (name change) (Table 4 Season Map xml)

  • Aiken Creek Camp
  • Alaska Power South
  • Annette Island Fly-In
  • Badger Lake Cabins
  • Bear Observatory
  • Big Fall Hydro
  • Big Lake Cabin
  • Blue Cat Lake Cabin
  • Bob's Bay Cabin
  • Brad's BBQ Skeena River
  • Bronson Creek
  • Burnett Inlet Cabin
  • Canoona Fish Camp
  • Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat
  • CJ's Bed and Breakfast
  • Dan's Hideaway
  • Dean River
  • Dean River Run
  • Devil's Arse
  • Dog Salmon Creek and Village
  • Doug's Outfitters
  • Dora Bay Log Transfer
  • Downdraft Lake Cabin
  • Eagle Lake Cabin
  • Egg Harbor Fish Camp
  • Fairfax Lake Campsite
  • Fleet Bay Parts Dock
  • Forrester Island Research Outpost
  • Fortaleza Ridge Cabin
  • Gokachin Lake Cabin
  • Goose Bay Cabin
  • Gwent Bay Cannery
  • Hang 'Em High Resorts
  • Herring Bay Cannery Payware Version
  • Hidden Inlet Lake Cabin
  • Hidden Inlet Retreat
  • High Lake Cabin
  • Hollis Harbor
  • Hugh Smith Lake Hatchery
  • Hunter Bay Cannery
  • Iggy's Harbor
  • Jordan Lake Cabin
  • Kasaan KXA Upgrade
  • Khutze River Lodge
  • Kimsquit River Logging Camp
  • Klinkwan Fish Camp
  • Kwatna River Airstrip
  • Labouchere Bay Saw Mill
  • Lavender Lake Lodge
  • Little Port Walter Marine Station
  • Lucky Lindy's Place
  • Luelia Lake Cabin
  • Maloney's Tavern
  • Metlakatla Jetty
  • Miller Lake
  • Misty's Place
  • Moh Creek
  • Nina's Landing
  • Ocean Falls
  • Owikeno Lake Area
  • Port Refugio BBQ
  • Prayer Lake Cabin
  • Punchbowl Lake Retreat
  • Quiet Nights Cabin
  • RTMM Docks
  • RTMM Missing Cabins
  • Scar Creek Lodge
  • Skeena River Lodge
  • Spud's Beasley Creek Retreat
  • Spud's Creek
  • Summit Lake Resort
  • Tezwa River Ranch
  • Totem Bight
  • Twelve Mile Rafting Station
  • Very Inlet Cabin
  • Waterfall
Season Map Table #5
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Library Name (name change) (Table 5 Season Map xml)

  • Alaska Power North
  • Gilbert Bay Airfield
  • Lynn Canal and Chilkoot Inlet
  • Misty Gustavus
  • Wood Lake
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