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For those of us who do not live near Misty Fjords, we are finding we have a lot to learn about this beautiful area. There are some new terms, historical and cultural facts we would like to learn more about."The Library"at Misty's Place is located right off the great room with its own fireplace. There is a fine bottle of Port there on the little table with small port glasses beside it. Pull up a comfortable easy chair, and feel free to browse through the many url references and search engines for websites that we've listed for you here.

The Map Room at Misty's Place

At Return to Misty Moorings, we are dealing with 350,000 square miles of territory, and much of it complicated by beautiful fjords and mountains. It can be a challenge to find the many locations we are adding to the area.

Maps are essential for finding your way. In the Map Room, you will find maps for every location we have added. You will also find several reference maps that we have found useful to add names to Trip Tics and features in the area.

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Internet References to Misty Fjords
Annette Island General information on Annette Island
Bayview Cemetery, Ketchikan Interesting "SitNews" on the Cemetery at Ketchikan
FSX Keyboard Commands Link to pdf of all FSX Keyboard Commands
Bob Ellis Information Historical Bush Pilot figure from the area
Cabins to Rent Pictures and rates of actual cabins to rent
Guard Lighthouse Guard Lighthouse at Entrance of the Tongass Narrows, Ketchikan
Haida Indians Extensive history of this Indian tribe from college.hmco.com
Haida Indians Katlin & Karlee's site (Children) on the Haida Indians
Ketchikan History ExploreNorth's site on Ketchikan's History
Ketchikan Web Cam From Ketchikan.com ... updates every 20 seconds!
Ketchikan Sit News Ketchikan ... things going on around town
Ketchikan Visitors Bureau Ketchikan Visitor's Center Information
Ketchikan Weather Station Ketchikan's Weather Station history, mean temp, and map
Lighthouses of Alaska

Lighthouses, some in Misty Fjords, some not ...interesting history
Lighthouse: Guard Lighthouse Friends of the Lighthouse Site discussing Guard Lighthouse
Lighthouse: Mary Island Light Mary Island is the second lighthouse encountered to AK from the south

The "now silent" and "almost" Ketchikan ... a rival quieted
Lumber Industry, Alaska From AKForest.org ... good facts on the industry in all Alaska
Misty Fjords Nat'l Monument

By GORP, everything about the park, from geology to ecosystems
Names - Explore North An excellent source of where many names came from in the area.
New Eddystone Rock

Eddystone Rock, Misty Fjords Pictures (more)
New Eddystone Rock (Pic)
Formation: Pic Here The island called "New Eddystone Rock" is a pillar of basalt. Sometime during the last 5 million years, the basalt came from fractures in the floor of Behm Canal. The broken, haphazard texture of these basalts indicates that New Eddystone Rock was part of a volcanic vent where magma rose repeatedly to the surface of the earth. When in its molten state, the basalt was very liquid, so that it spread out over a large area, like pancake batter on a griddle. These flows cooled from both the top and the bottom forming the hexagonal columns which are visible on several of the islands surrounding New Eddystone rock. After the basalt flows covered the floor of Behm Canal, another glacial advance scoured away much of the flow, leaving behind New Eddystone Rock and some of the islands to the northeast.
New Eddystone Rock (Video) Video of New Eddystone Rock
PAKT Weather NOAH Weather for Ketchikan
PAKT Airport, arrivals, departures Airport Info with actual arrivals and departures
PAKT (actual) NOTAMs PAKT information and NOTAMs
PANT Weather NOAH Weather for Annette Island Airport
Prince of Wales Isld Features All features listed for Prince of Wales Island
Prince Rupert,BC History History of Prince Rupert, BC
Prince of Wales Island Wikipedia - history and information on Prince of Wales Island
Portland Canal Wikipedia -information on the Portland Canal near Hyder
Revillagigedo Places and Names Excellent source of names and history for Revillagigedo Channel
Saxman Beautiful pictures of Saxman, AK (totem poles, etc)
Saxman and the Canoe Accident Saxman and the canoe accident story
Southeast Alaska Overview From usa.edu ... overview of SE Alaska, Geology, industry and culture
Stewart/Hyder Mine Disaster Mine disaster history near Stewart & Hyder (ExploreNorth.com)
Thorne Bay Information Maps, Culture, History on Thorne Bay Alaska from their website
Tlinget Indians From Karl's One Nation ... (pronounced KA-LIN-GIT)
Tlingit Indians CCTHITA (Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska)
Tongass National Forest

US Forestry Service Information Page
Totem Bight State Park Alaska Travels Site on origin of this Alaskan State Park
Tree Point Lighthouse Tree Point is 40 miles south of Ketchikan at entrance to Revillagigedo Channel
Queen Charlotte City Home Page Local information on Queen Charlotte City, BC
US Forest Service Cabin List All Cabins, information on each, lat/long location, etc.
Webster's Dictionary Search engine for Webster's Dictionary
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