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Weather Cams - (KPU Ketchikan)

Misty Moorings Weather

Before you fly, check the weather. "Misty" Fjords is named that for a reason. Sometimes it is impossible to fly in the area. Clicking on the weather links below will help you for the area, and the two live weather cams below will show you what you will see at Ketchikan.

Live KPU Weather Cams - (left) The Dock at Ketchikan Harbor, (right) the seaplane base looking toward PAKT
Worldwide Airport Webcams - Links to airport webcams around the world!
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RTTM Slide Shows


This is where we'll place slide shows taken of the Return to Misty Area. If you have a slide show to add, let us know and we'll put it here.

  1. Craig to Klawock - by Jeff Greene - added 07.23.2011
  2. Skeena River Exploration - By WeDge ... added 07.16.2011
  3. Metlakatla to Kincolith (Dispatch 007) - by Klaus Troppner - added 08.15.2011
  4. My PAKT Album by Jeff Greene - Added 01.01.2012
  5. To Big Fall Hydro by Reggie - Added 01.06.2012
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RTTM Videos


IF you make a video of something in our RTMM area, please send it to us and we will post it here for everyone's enjoyment. You can PM "Doug" on the forum or send a url of the link to contact@mistymoorings.com. Many thanks to those sharing this talent with us. (Send us the name you would like us to us to identify your contribution)

Introducing HALIBUT COVE by RTMM
NOTAM: Click on "Gear" to change to 1080 Quality
Click on lower right hand square for full screen mode

Video by Rod Jackson / Scenery by the RTMM Team

Owikeno Lake

by Stanel


Video by Dan Linn ... and check out the new RTMM Youtube Channel!

There is a Season...P3Dv2.3 from Robert Pomerleau on Vimeo.

  1. Alastair River Run - by Jeff Greene - On the water in a boat up the Alastair River Added 06.15.11
  2. Alastair River by Helicopter - Klaus Troppner - Added 06.15.11
  3. Bat Outa Hell - Flying the Strike over Ketchikan - by Jeff Greene Added 04.08.11
  4. Big Fall Fun II - Ground perspective - by Klaus Troppner - added 07.05.2011
  5. Big Fall Fun - Heli over Big Fall Hydro - by Klaus Troppner - added 06.26.2011
  6. Bob rides the Cutter at Ketchikan - By Dex Thomas - Added 04.25.11
  7. Bowser Lake River Run- by Jeff Greene aka Jeff3163 Added 03.07.11 (boat)
  8. Cambria Hop (Summit to Mcleod) - by Jeff Greene Added 09.25.2011
  9. Coming into PAW1 - by Jeff Greene - aka Jeff3163 Added 03.11.11 (boat)
  10. Daredevil's Roost Shennanigans - flying the cub from a hang glider spot - by Jeff Greene added 04.08.11
  11. Dispatch 001 Part One - Part Two - by Klaus Troppner (Great Heli Landings and view of Wilson River)
  12. Granduc Mine Airstrip - by Jeff Greene Added 08.08.2011
  13. Homer to Halibut Cove - by Fabio - Added 10.03.2013
  14. Iggy's Harbor from Alastair Landing - by Klaus troppner - Added 06.19.22
  15. Ketchikan Area - Its all in the Harmonies (for Josh) by Robert Pomerleau (FSRobert)
  16. Ketchikan Power Boat Racing - by Jeff Greene
  17. Kildala Pass Helicopter Landing - by andregauvreau
  18. Kitsault Gold Camp Landing - by Aaron Added 02.20.11
  19. Landing the Misty Caravan - By One Eye - aka Chris Brisland Added 03.08.11
  20. Lancair- Stewart to Mesizdin Campground - by Jeff Greene - Added 04.25.11
  21. Lighthouse Tour Part I - by Klaus Troppner (Added 08.15.2011)
  22. Lighthouse Tour Part II - by Klaus Troppner (Added 08.15.2011)
  23. Malibu Autopilot Demo - showing how Jeff's tweaks really work - by Jeff Greene added 04.08.11
  24. Misty Garbage Skow - by Dex Thomas ... (download it from Enhancements) Added 03.19.11
  25. Misty Waters - Marine Traffic at RTTM by Dex Thomas added 04.03.11
  26. Misty's to Totem Bight - boat trip on autopilot from Misty's to Totem Bight by Jeff Greene Added 04.08.11
  27. Mountain Rescue - heli - by Christopher Losh - Added 07.30.2011
  28. Nass River Boating in FSX - by Doug Linn 03.06.11 (boat)
  29. Nass River Run - by Jeff Greene aka Jeff3163 Added 03.08.11
  30. Nisga'a Glacial Lake Lodge - by Aaron Added 02.05.11
  31. Owikeno Landing on Ferry Boat - by Jeff Greene Added 04.16.2012
  32. Otterbass-Annette Island to Wrangell by Robert Pomerleau (FSRobert) 10.03.2013
  33. Power Boat Racing Finish Line via Chopper - by Jeff Greene added 04.12.11
  34. Quall River Hover - by Klaus Troppner (added 07.19.2011
  35. Smit to Bell Island - using the tug to go to the Hot Springs - by Jeff Greene added 04.08.11
  36. Stewart to Lavender Lake - By Stanel (Added 08.13.2011)
  37. Whaletail Camp - by Stanel (06.04.2011)
  38. Wilson River Lodge - by Misty093
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Misty's Place Layout
Click for Orientation

Misty's Place
N55 15.72 W131 46.26 Alt 26'

To the left is a top down view of Misty's Place. This is where many of our adventures and flights will begin so we thought you should be familiar with it. It is the home base for the Return to Misty Moorings site.

Misty's Cottage - We will often refer going to the end of the runway with the little white cottage ... that's Runway 17, (but the paint keeps coming off the dirt!).

Misty's Bar & Grill - This is a general hangout for pilots and locals in the area. This is where a lot of the adventures are planned and where you can get a great fried halibut sandwich and, on a warm day, a cold glass of beer (on a warm day) or, on a damp and misty day, a steaming hot cup of coffee on those damp, wintry days in Misty Fjords.

Hangar #1 - This is where the bigger planes are parked and where maintenance is done on them.

Hangar #2 - This hangar is for smaller planes where the light maintenance is done (plugs, oil, brakes, etc).

Amphibian Ramp - Notice across from the Bar and Grill, there is a place where you can "drive" your amphibian into the Misty Canal. You can then (being careful) navigate up this canal, stop at the float docks, or proceed to takeoff out over Bostwick Inlet.

Float Plane Dock - There is a very nice float plane dock and fishing pier near the beginning of Rwy 35. You can park your float plane there.

Cabin - A place for an overnight ... rustic and away from the noise ... just a nice place to relax on a day off.

Orientation: Flying from 35 will take you nearly over PAKT and flying off 17 after a bank to port will take you out over Bostwick Inlet. Click on image to the left for overview map of the immediate area.

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A Misty Tale - The Story of Misty's Place - by Brian Kirk

Back in 2005, when "Misty Moorings" was the original site, a talented contributor named Bryan Kirk offered us three chapters of "A Misty Tale". Digging into the archives, we found his three chapters and present them here for you to know the storyline on Misty's Place. Click on a Chapter to Read it. Misty's Place was moved after this was written, it used to be up on Thorne Bay. "DocBird" has put all three chapters together in a 40 page pdf format. You can download the pdf HERE.

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RTMM Database Updates for FSDiscover! and Plan-G
FSDISCOVER! Data Files - by Doug Linn


NOTAM: For More Information, See FAQ, Tab "F", FSDiscover!



Notam: There is no P3D-Ready Version of FSDiscover (yet?)

Jürgen Schmidt - KMZ File Experiment

Jürgen Schmidt is experimenting with using KMZ files for using Google Earth with Plan-G This part of the Map Room table is "beta" ... we are doing some experimenting. The first experimental entry is CIRP for the glacier area of RTMM. To have the locations show up using Google Earth in Plan-G, follow these instructions:

  • On the "HOME" tab of Plan-G, select the "KML" button. An Entry Box will appear that says: Display Google Earth KML / KMZ. In the entry line at the top, copy the following url and paste it into that entry box.


Click on the zip button here if you want the kmz file only so you can see the locations using only Google Earth outside of Plan-G

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Dieter's Corner

NOTAM: Get the latest Plan-G HERE - Waypoint by Dieter Linde

DIETER's CORNER: Here we proudly publish Dieter Linde's Plan-G cvs (data) files that will add to your enjoyment for RTMM. These are the "waypoint" files for Plan-G. Also, be sure to check the NOTAM and the INSTRUCTIONS that are in the RTMM FAQ (FAQ Page/"P" Tab/ Plan-G Instructions). Dieter has also published additional files you may have interest in downloading for other scenery areas you may have. We have also included those below.

Plan-G Data Files for RTMM Areas

NOTAM: For More Information on for how these waypoints are used, see the Here2There Page Table

PLAN-G Data Files used by additional (NOT-RTMM) software programs - by Dieter Linde
Additional Plan-G Data Files for NON RTMM Areas

New Zealand North

New Zealand South

BC PNW Lighthouses/Mike Mann Scenery

Kwinamass_Khutzemateen - (Published by Dieter Linde with Permission of Douglas Keech)*

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Doug's Hawaii - (Escape from Misty Moorings)

Once in a while, a break from the ice and snow, the tedium of dodging mountains in bad weather calls for a little R&R (Rest and Recreation) to a warmer, calmer clime. When I finish a major project at RTMM or get a little overworked from new things we are trying and adding, I slip off to Hawaii to kick back and relax. If you have all of the RTMM libraries and ORBX Vector/Global, these will be no-brainer addons for you. The Hawaii Photoreal (donation ware) is an excellent addition also. I've focused on the coastal docks for the major islands. The vehicles of choice are Deltasim's Yachts, the Misty Grumman Goose and the CIRP Hovercraft, but basically vehicles that use water. Helipads are at most locations also. Each place has a parking place for a "sea plane" or a small boat. All have waypoints, fuel docks, etc. If you just want to kick back and "sail" off to one of the islands in the Hawaiian chain ... this is a great way to do it. When you get your tan and your nerves are settled, then you can RETURN to Misty Moorings! Click on button below to go to "EFMM".


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Online Reference Maps for Return to Misty Moorings Area

Online Reference Maps of our Flight Area:

Click on Map to go to interactive site

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