R E T U R N ... TO ... M I S T Y ... M O O R I N G S

Location: Alaska Power Project

(Alaska Power North)

(Alaska Power South)

03.06.2019 Season Switcher Added ... by Doug Linn
05.20.2019 added version to /scenery ... jdl
05.25.2019 Split into Alaska Power North and Alaska Power South, changed Readme to reflect the installation change. (This done to get ready for the new eswitcher). Put new version.txt into each new scenery folder. ... jdl
05.28.2019 Took out an unneeded xml file ... jdl
06.01.2019 ES xml added ... download file structure altered
06.14.2019 New ESxml added
06.16.2019 There was a SeasonMap for "South" also in the "North" folder. I took it out and reposted to the server.
05.26.2020 Made a table for all of the locations and their start points. Put table on Scenery Page and onto the APP page.

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