R E T U R N ... TO ... M I S T Y ... M O O R I N G S

Location: Klutina Outfitters

01.27.2019 README FIRST added ... by Doug Linn
05.21.2019 added version.txt to /scenery ... jdl
06.01.2019 Added ESxml, download folder organzn ok
06.15.2019 Added New ESxml
06.28.2019 Hangar Missing in V4, ok in V3. Replaced with Blue Hangar. Adjusted objects in all 5 seasons. (STD Hangar WileyPost Reduced Light) Redownload
06.29.2019 Moved approach lights and got rid of path that was creating an elevation problem. Put Wiley Post hangar back in. Redownload
08.08.2019 Re-added ES.xml it was missing - Doug/Rod

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