R E T U R N ... TO ... M I S T Y ... M O O R I N G S

Location: Owikeno Lake Area

02.13.2019 Season Switcher added to all locations and to all river runs. ... by Doug Linn
05.23.2019 Added version.txt to /scenery ... jdl
06.02.2019 Added ESxml, download structure ok
06.04.2019 Season Files were set to winter, reset to Noseason from Norm.
06.15.2019 Added new ESxml
06.23.2019 Fixed AI Boats Readme to make it clearer for the installation.
10.06.2019 Re-Added the megayacht bgls (North and South) and updated the AI OWI Boats readme. Re-Download and only add the 2 missing files.
06.01.2020 Dead link on Trip ticket fixed - Karl/Doug

Added Sheemahant Cabin and accessories - was missing - Also added it to the list of sites on the Owikeno Scenery location. Fixed smoke problem at Machmel River House.

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