R E T U R N ... TO ... M I S T Y ... M O O R I N G S

Location: Snow Dog Tours

  1. There was a conflict between the Snow Dog Tours 1B for the Beaver airport and the "Flying Beaver Lodge". That has been corrected.
  2. Lighting was improved for Snow Dog Area
  3. Taxi Lights surround the Snow Dog ramp are now better placed to outline the ramp area

...by Doug Linn

05.27.2019 added version.txt to main folder (not /scenery folder) ... jdl
06.02.2019 Added version.txt to all four areas, download folder is slightly different but ok
08.10.2019 SDT-2B - Conflict at Nome in STD-2B. Moved the objects where it wouldn't interfere with dif autogen from V3 and V4 - Doug
08.11.2019 SDT-2B - Deleted misplaced autogen building on a ramp at Nome with an exclusion rectangle - Doug
12.15.2019 There are now two "packages" - A and B. A Package contains both Tour 1 and Tour 2 and is for installations where FTX Airports HAS NOT been installed. Package B is for installations where the ORBX FTX AIRPORTS HAVE BEEN ADDED.
12.15.2019 Mandatory FTX Airports must be added - There are two tours SDT 1 and 2.

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