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Location: Totem Bight Default & Payware

02.16.2019 Season Switcher added for NON PAYWARE version of Totem Bight. ... by Doug Linn
05.23.2019 Added version.txt to /scenery ... also changed name to "Totem Bight" from "Totem Bight Operations Center" ... jdl
06.03.2019 Changed name on Payware to Totem Bight Payware. Defualt name stays with "Totem Bight" Download folders were reorganized
06.15.2019 Added new ESxml ... folder wouldn't open, fixed it.
06.25.2019 Took the PAKT PAYWARE version of Totem Bight off the site. It was not working correctly (and I don't have PAKT Pay so I can't fix it) - Doug/Josh
06.29.2019 Pier was not showing in V4, showed in V3. Changed pier to show in both. Adjusted some float plane objects. Redownload
06.30.2019 Took the "Payware" warning off the scenery page, Jeff tells us this is compatable with PAKT Payware ... added new Readme First to the package.
08.08.2019 Re-added missing ES.xml - Doug

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