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Return to Misty Moorings - Trip Tic V-2

Destination: Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat

Route Briefing

  • This Scenery is for "Return to Misty Moorings" only.
  • Suggested Altitude: 800-1200 Feet
  • Landing zone is: Water - does not freeze in winter
  • GPS for destination: N55 49.24 - W131 23.15
  • Distance approximately: 28 Miles
  • Download PRINT-ABLE copy HERE
  • Flight-Seeing Flight Plan & Map HERE
  • Scenery Needed: Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat


Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat

A fine fly fisherman's dream retreat. Tucked back into the beautiful Misty Fjords scenery in a location you will have to "find." This is an area that is dotted with tents for camping, docks for your boats and a nice small lodging facility. This is a popular destination and it is highly likely there will be other people enjoying the lakes and surrounding area's various attractions. Do not be surprised in the right season to hear the occasional crack of a hunting Rifle! The plan is to find yourself a good spot to pitch a tent and set up your campsite, then get to fishing. There is a fine head of recently stocked Arctic Char in the lake, much prized for both their fighting ability and eating quality!

WaveTop VFR Plan

FROM : Loring, AK Sea Plane Base (13Z)
TO: Cedar ridge Lake Retreat

Leg: Loring SPB to Indian Point
Initial Course: 272
Leg Distance: 2.6 Miles

Swing your aircraft around to about 272 to line up for a take off to Indian Point about 2.5 miles ahead.

Leg: Indian Point to Francis Cove
New Course: 307 curving to 357
Leg Distance: 3.5 Miles

You will be slowing turning to starboard staying just off shore after Indian Point. Start at a heading of 307 and come to 357. You will see a "rectangle shaped" Francis Cove come on your starboard side.

Leg:Francis Cove to Bushy Point
New Course: 328
Leg Distance: 4.6 Miles

At Francis Cove, change your heading to 328 for Bushy Point. You will be flying a little off-shore with the shore to starboard. One key feature you will pas to starboard is Traitor's Cove, a narrow inlet into the starboard shore. Bushy point is the sharp point ahead on the starboard shore, notice the cliff just past it to starboard..

  • There is a great tour you can take out of Ketchikan to see the bears at Traitor's Cove. From Ketchikan, you can take a short 20-minute flight over the lush wilderness of the Tongass National Forest and arrive at Traitors Cove. You’ll be met at the dock by your personal Alaska bear viewing guide and driven about a quarter mile into the forest to the Margarite Creek Bear Viewing observatory platform. After a short, easy walk up to the wildlife viewing platform, you’ll be at a prime location to see Alaska’s REAL fisherman! Black bears can be seen plunging into the rushing water to eat wild salmon that are going upstream to spawn.

    Besides bears feeding, you’ll also likely see Bald Eagles, as well as the salmon battling their way upstream. Your naturalist/guide will answer any questions you have about the local wildlife, flora and fauna.

NOTAM: watch for a cliff to starboard, be sure to stay about a mile off shore.

Leg: Bushy Point to Brow Point
New Course: 345
Leg Distance: 6.7 Miles

As you fly from Bushy Point to Brow Point, you will be passing Neets Bay to Starboard. This is a fairly good sized bay. Brow Point is the next point ahead of Gegney Inlet. You will be turning to starboard into Gegney Inlet.

Leg: Brow Point to Dress Point
New Course: 070
Leg Distance: 6.7 Miles

When you are at Brow Point, begin to turn to starboard into the Gegney Pass, staying just offshore, but coming to 070 down the center of Gegney Pass.. Gegney Island will pass to port as you make the turn. Follow the inlet to where it seems to end. Dress Point is the point to port where the pass begins to close

Leg: Dress Point to Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat
New Course: 090
Leg Distance: 4.4 Miles

At Dress Point, you will see to channels ahead. Take the channel to starboard and follow it. Get into landing configuration for a water landing. The lake opens up a little and you should alter your course a little to port since the Cedar Ridge Lake Retreat is on the port shore only 2 miles ahead.

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Charter Manager
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