Return to Misty Moorings - Chugach Part 01

The Western Chugach - Part 1
(Added: 03.29.2015)

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Route Notes

  • Scenery Needed: ORBX SAK
  • RTMM: TW_Chugach Part 1
  • Download Flight Plan HERE
  • Suggested Altitude: 700 Feet with care!
  • Landing zone is: Water
  • Aircraft Type: Amphibian or Helicopter
  • Distance approximately: 45 Miles
  • Download PRINT-ABLE copy HERE
  • Flight-Seeing Flight Map HERE
  • Trip Ticket FAQ Usage HERE

Route Overview

FROM: Seward, AK
Summit Lake, SPB

Click for Providence Seward Medical Center Screenshot

Leg: From Seward (PAWD) to Bear Lake
Initial Course: 006°
Leg Distance: 5 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1400 Feet (Lower with care)

Information: Our journey begins in Seward, AK at PAWD. You may enjoy a quick "circle" around the Seward area, you will want to look for the Providence Seward Medical Center (ICAO: AK01) which you may need to use in the future for emergency dispatches. But just looking over the Seward area is worth the fuel.

Fly from the airport on a heading of 006° toward Bear Lake. Over Bear Lake, turn to port to a new heading of 341° for 9 miles.

Leg: From Bear Lake to Snow River RR Bridge
Initial Course: 347°
Leg Distance: 6.7 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1400 feet (or lower with care)

Information: Over Bear Lake, turn to 341° for 9 miles. To port you will see the famous Seward Highway and the Alaska Railroad. You are flying over the south fork of the Snow River. You will see the railroad cross the Snow River from port to starboard. This is the Snow River Bridge. Kenai Lake is ahead about 4 miles.

Click to see picture of actual bridge

Leg: From Snow River Bridge to Primrose Campground
Initial Course: 322°
Leg Distance: 4 Miles
Leg Altitude: Low and Slow
(<1200 Feet)

Information: Fly low to see a good view of the Snow River Railroad Bridge. You may stay at low altitude to be able to see the Primrose Campground that will come up after you fly over the leading edge of Kenai Lake (ahead). The campground will be on the port shore. Watch for the Primrose Creek Trail head which is visible to port ahead of the campground. Again, fly low, and deviate from the flight plan to see it closely. You can also land a float plane along the port shoreline to look around.

Leg: From Primrose Lake Campground to Renfro's Retreat
Initial Course: 009°
Leg Distance: 1.4 Miles
Leg Altitude: Less than 1200 --- with care!

Information: Leaving Primrose Campground, look for the peninsula on the starboard side of the lake about 1.5 miles ahead. You will see 8 cabins there that make up Renfro's Lakeside Retreat. You can safely land along the starboard shoreline near the retreat to look around.

Leg: From Renfro's Lakeside Retreat to Lawing (9Z9)
Initial Course: 341°
Leg Distance: 4.5 Miles
Leg Altitude: Low ... dirt runway landing if you choose

Information: Off to starboard of Renfro's, look for the trail head for the Victor Creek Trail and the building housing the famous Campbell's Knife Shop. Leaving the Renfro's area, you will fly to where Kenai Lake makes a 90 degree turn to starboard. You are heading to the Lawing Area. Your waypoint is Lawing Airport 9Z9. A good place to land and look around (the airport runway is on your heading).

In this area, you will want to check out the work area. Most Seward Ranger District employees work in the Kenai Lake Office at the Kenai Lake Work Center which has spectacular views of Kenai Lake and the mountains that surround it. There are multiple government units situated at the work center including an apartment building and the Crown Point Alaska State Trooper post. Also look closely at the Ptarmigan Creek and Trail River Campgrounds ... and the forest fire area to the west of Trail River. You will find an operation gravel pit, completed trails and accurate creek depictions. To explore all that is in this area, look closely at the Moose Pass and Crown Point Area detailed map (click pic below).

Click for: Moose Pass and Crown Point Area Detailed Map

Leg: From Lawing to Moose Pass
Initial Course: 340°
Leg Distance: 5.3 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1200 or lower with care!

Information: Leaving the Lawing area, over the Trail River. As you approach the lake (Lower Trail Lake), you will find the trail head to the [ATV] Mine Trail. You can get in a sim-ATV and follow this trail all the way to the mine high above in the mountains.

Flying on up the river you will fly over Jewel of the North, a fine B&B in the area. Following the Seward highway to port and the Alaska Railroad to starboard, in a short 5 miles you will see a lake with a dock on the near shoreline. That is Alaska Floats Ratings. You can land there with a float plane and look around.

Moose Pass, Alaska is a picturesque Alpine Village situated on the shores of Upper Trail Lake at Milepost 29.5 Seward Highway, extending north and south along this National Scenic byway.

This small mountain village began as a construction camp on the Alaska Railroad in 1912. Local resident Ed Estes attributed the name Moose Pass to a 1904 observation by Nate White of the first moose recorded in this area. Another version holds that “in 1903, a mail carrier driving a team of dogs had considerable trouble gaining the right-of-way from a giant moose.” A post office was established in 1928 and first postmistress Leora Estes Roycroft officially named the town Moose Pass.

The original Iditarod Trail, transporting gold and supplies, was blazed through the area in 1911, and the abundance of moose in the area prompted it's name. Through the years, this beautiful mountain village has remained small and picturesque, and the permanent residents are dedicated to preserving the purity and serene beauty of the wilderness that surrounds this area - it's trails, lakes, forests, wildlife. Trail Lake Lodge in Moose Pass offers dining and lodging, while slightly further north, the Inn at Tern Lake also provides lodging with fishing guides available.

Leg: From Moose Pass to Trail Lake Fish Hatchery
Initial Course: 336°
Leg Distance: 4 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1200 Feet (with care!)

Information: Moose Pass is on Upper Trail Lake. This lake turns 90 degrees to port in a short mile, be ready for a sharp turn left. The Seward Highway will continue along the port shoreline and you will fly to the far end of (west) the lake. The hatchery is a large and interesting complex to explore. You can land at the end of the lake, then take "Bob" or a SegWay up to the hatchery to explore.

Leg: From Trail Lake Fish Hatchery to Tern Lake Inn
Initial Course: 277°
Leg Distance: 3.6 Miles
Leg Altitude:1200 Feet (With care!)

Information: Watch for the Johnson Pass and Carter Lake Trail heads ... you can see the trails easily from the air. Continue to follow the Seward Highway through the valley. The Tern Lake Inn is about one mile before Tern Lake. It is on the left of the Seward Highway.

Leg: From Inn at Tern Lake to Tern Lake Junction
Initial Course: 275°
Leg Distance: 1.2 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1200 feet (With care!)

Information: You fly over Tern Lake and you will see the Tern Lake Junction of the Seward Highway to starboard. We will be taking the starboard fork, a sharp turn to the right. This junction leads west to Soldotna/Kenai then south to Homer.

Leg: From Tern Lake Junction to Summit Lake Lodge
Initial Course: 300°
Leg Distance: 1.7 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1700 Feet (with Care!) - to Landing Altitude

Information: As you take the starboard fork at the Tern Lake Junction, continue to follow the highway. After about 1.5 miles, the highway turns to starboard on a new heading of about 005°. Follow the highway to Summit Lake. The Summit Lake Lodge is at the far end of the lake.

Welcome to Summit Lake Lodge!