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Return to Misty Moorings - Trip Tic V-2

Destination:Thorn Arm Cabins

Big Lake Cabin
Mesa Lake Cabin
Gokachin Lake Cabin

Route Briefing

  • This Scenery is for "Return to Misty Moorings" only.
  • Suggested Altitude:1200 Feet
  • Landing zone is: Water - Does Not Freeze in Winter
  • GPS for destination: N55 22.31 - W131 12.11
  • Distance approximately: 25 Miles
  • Download PRINT-ABLE copy HERE
  • Flight-Seeing Flight Plan & Map HERE
  • Scenery Needed: Gokachin, Mesa Lake, Big Lake

The Thorne Arm Cabins
Big Lake, Mesa Lake, Gokachin Lake

This plan will take you to "Decision Island" where you will decide which of three cabins to go to in the area. The plan starts out at the seaplane base at Metlakatla. You will then fly across Annette Island over Trout Lake and the ravine there, finally arriving at the far coast where you will enter the Revillagigedo Channel on your way to Cone Point at the entrance of the Thorne Arm. You will then fly up the Thorne Arm to Decision Island where you will decide which cabin to visit.

WaveTop VFR Plan

FROM : Metlakatla (MTM)
TO: Decision Island

Leg: Metlaktla to Trout Lake
Initial Course: 045
Leg Distance: 1.5 miles

Head your aircraft at 045 degrees before taking off. This will head your toward the coast of the island near Copper Point. Just beyond the shoreline, you will find Trout Lake. Fly down the center of Trout Lake.

Leg: Trout Lake to Trout Ravine
New Course: Approximate 102 (Follow the Lake)
Leg Distance: 1 mile

Fly the length of Trout Lake following its gentle curve to starboard until you get to the end of the lake where the Trout Ravine begins.

Leg: Trout Ravine to Ravine Turn
New Course: Approximate 012 (follow the Ravine)
Leg Distance: 1.5 miles

The Ravine turns to port, follow the ravine. When you see the end coming, be prepared to turn to starboard to continue following the ravine.

Leg: Ravine Turn to Little Lake
New Course: Approximate 057 (Follow the Ravine)
Leg Distance: 1.2 miles

Continue to follow the ravine. You will come to a small lake to port, fly over that lake, that is Little Lake.

Leg: Little Lake to Cascade lake
New Course: 345
Leg Distance: 0.7 Miles

About a mile beyond Little Lake on a heading of 345 is Cascade Lake. Fly over the center of Cascade Lake.

Leg: Cascade Lake to Cone Point
New Course: 004
Leg Distance: 5.4 Miles

We now begin to cross the Revillagigedo Channel. A heading of 004 will take you to Cone Point on the near point of the Thorne Arm.

Leg: Cone Point to Thorne Arm
New Course: 013
Leg Distance: 5.7 Miles

Once you pass over Cone Point, set an approximate heading of 013. Follow the starboard coast at a comfortable distance.

Leg: Thorne Arm to Decision Island
New Course: 354
Leg Distance: 3.5 Miles

About halfway to the end of the starboard shoreline, set an approximate heading of 354 for Decision Island, follow the coastline.

  • We are now flying over the Revillagigedo Channel. This is described as ocean channel in the Alexander Archipelago of the U.S. state of Alaska. Extending 56 km (35 mi) northwest from the Dixon Entrance, it lies between the mainland to the east,Revillagigedo Island to the north, and Duke Island and Annette Island to the southwest. It is part of the Inside Passage to Ketchikan.The channel was named for Juan Vicente de Güemes, 2nd Count of Revillagigedo, viceroy of New Spain, in 1793.
  • Promising gold prospects have been located at Thorne Arm, George Inlet, Tongass Narrows, and Kasaan Bay, while small and increasing profits are being made at favorable mines on Cleveland Peninsula, Revillagigedo, and Gravina Islands. But few of the numerous gold prospects in Ketchikan district have developed to the producing stage. Many are at present unpromising, as profitable working depends very largely on nearness to tide-water to insure cheap transportation, and to water-power for economical operation. The gold ores are largely free-milling, and are most advantageously treated in stamp mills by amalgamation and reduction. Lode ores are present in greater quantity, as well as the lower-grade vein ores; both types are mined with profit under skilled and economical management.

Decision Island is a tiny island just off the starboard shore of the Thorne Arm.

The Decisions at Decision Island

NOTAM: When you reach Decision Island, then you will manually set a course for any of the cabins below:

For Big Lake Cabin:

Big Lake Cabin: Heading 350 Distance 3.5 Miles. Get into landing configuration. You will see a prominent hill about 3 miles ahead. The lake is before that hill. You will go over a rise (about 900 feet), then be ready to drop down to the lake. The cabin is at the back 11 o'clock side of the lake. There are three small islands between you and the cabin, be sure to avoid them on your approach.

For Mesa Lake Cabin:

Mesa Lake Cabin: Heading 050 Distance 3.1Miles. Remain at 1200 feet. Looking ahead you will see a low ridge that should be coming up on your starboard wing. The lake is just beyond that ridge. The cabin is positioned at the leading shore of that lake. At the ridge, be ready to drop to the lake (full flaps and slow). You will fly over the cabin. It is a short landing zone from this approach.

For Gokachin Lake Cabin:

Gokachin Lake Cabin Heading 015 Distance 3.8 Miles... At Decision Island, set your heading to 024 and to the starboard side of the Low Hill. As the ridge passes to port, change your heading to 008. Gokachin Lake is ahead and the cabin is on the far shore at about 11 o'clock.

Welcome to Big Lake, Mesa Lake, or Gokachin Lake Cabins

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc

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