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Return to Misty Moorings - Trip Tic V-2

Destination: Yes Bay Lodge

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Route Briefing

  • This Scenery is for "Return to Misty Moorings" only.
  • Suggested Altitude: 1200 Feet
  • Landing zone is: Water - Does not Freeze
  • GPS for destination:N55 54.91 - W131 47.86
  • Distance approximately: 55 Miles
  • Download PRINT-ABLE copy HERE
  • Flight-Seeing Flight Plan & Map HERE
  • Scenery Needed: PFJ and Yes Bay Lodge

Yes Bay Lodge Tour

Yes Bay Lodge is located 50 miles north of Ketchikan in the heart of the Tongass national Forest, in Southeast Alaska. For over 30 years, the lodge has been the property of the Hack family, which welcomes fishermen and nature lovers. The surrounding area provides an excellent opportunity for boating, hiking trails through beautiful landscapes, and abundant wildlife.

From 1887 until 1936, a cannery was at the site of the lodge, and a hatchery (Yes Bay Hatchery) was located a few miles north on the shore of McDonald Lake, close to the Walter River and Creek. Then the hatchery and cannery were dismantled.

The lodge was built during the 50's, intended to be a casino! But there was never any gambling at Yes Bay, as Alaska became a state, gambling was forbidden. The lodge opened to fishermen in 1977 when the Hack family purchased the lodge.

WaveTop VFR Plan

FROM : Ketchikan Harbor (5KE)
TO: Yes Bay Lodge

The FS.pln that comes with this trip ticket is autopilot friendly and you can fly the entire route, over flying all of the locations in this great package. But the ticket is designed so you can land at each one and look around, then get back to your journey. It is HIGHLY recommended you stop and look at what Xavier and Jacques have done. The modeling is amazing and worth a closer look.

NOTE** If you are over flying with the autopilot, watch two areas: (1) you need an altitude of 1400 feet at Harriet Hunt Lake, then back to 1200 Feet and (2) making the turn into and out of Traitor's Cove, you need to reduce speed to 120 miles an hour.

The scenery locations included with Yes Bay are:
George Inlet cannery (landable dock)
George inlet log transportation facility
Harriet Hunt lake
Moser bay
Silverking lodge
Saltery Lodge at Loring (13Z)
Traitors cove (landable dock)

This plan Flies to all of them.

Leg: Ketchikan Harbor to George Inlet Cannery & Logging
Initial Course: 103
Leg Distance: 20 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1200

NOTAM: Watch for extensive marine traffic in this area as well as aircraft traffic, float planes and commercial planes coming into PAKT.

Take off on a heading of 103 flying over Pennock Island, going down the Tongass Narrows. When you arrive at Mountain Point (the last point of land on the port shoreline, round the point coming to 007 and continue following the starboard shoreline.

Leg: George Inlet Cannery to Harriet Hunt Lake
Initial Course: 312
Leg Distance: 9 miles
Leg Altitude: 1400 Feet

Set your altitude for 1400 feet. We will continue to fly up the George Inlet. As you near the end, you will see the George Inlet Log Transportation Facility on the port shore. When you fly over that landmark, turn to 281 toward Harriet Hunt Lake.

You will see the lake ahead on the 281 heading. The Fishing Area is on the far side of the lake. Go into Landing configuration and land at the lake. Taxi to the fishing dock.

Leg: Harriet Lake to Moser Bay Facility
Initial Course:
Leg Distance:
Leg Altitude: 1400 Feet

When taking off from Harriet Lake, taxi to the opposite end of the lake from the Fishing Pier. Set your heading for 260 facing the fishing pier across the lake. You will see a gap in the mountains just above the fishing pier. Take off and fly through that gap at 1400 Feet..

Immediately after clearing the gap, turn to starboard to 316. Ahead, the body of water is Moser Bay. You can reduce altitude to landing configuration as you approach Moser Bay.

Cross over the inlet at Moser Bay on a heading of 323. The Moser Bay Facility is 1.5 miles ahead on the point you'll see on the starboard shoreline. Land and explore the facility.

Leg: Moser Bay to The Saltery Lodge
Initial Course: 336
Leg Distance: 2.1 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1200 Feet

Pull away from the pier area of the facility with the facility to starboard. Round the point there and continue until you come to a heading of 336 with clear water ahead. Take off and keep altitude at about 400 feet and be ready for landing configuration as The Saltery Lodge is only 2.1 miles ahead. Here is the approach:

On this heading you are flying down the "Long Arm". Get into SLOW landing configuration. Continue over the warm until it begins to end. At the end of the arm turn to port to 333. As you cross the ridge, you will see Dogfish Island. Fly to the starboard side of Dogfish Island and land before you reach the Saltery Lodge on the starboard shore.

Leg: The Saltery Lodge to Silverking Lodge
Initial Course: 257
Leg Distance: 5 Miles

Leg Altitude: 600 Feet

As you leave the pier at the Saltery Lodge, set a heading of 257. Once airborne, make a gentle turn to port to 174. Adjust course to fly over Stack Island (see the picture below and the route map).

Over Stack Island, turn a little to starboard to 180 and go into landing configuration. Follow the starboard shore of Grant Island ahead. The Silverking Lodge is on the starboard shore at the last starboard point on the island. Land and pull up to the dock.

Leg: Silver King Lodge to Traitor's Cove
Initial Course: 230
Leg Distance: 11 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1200 Feet

Taxi away from the Silverking Lodge pier on a heading of 050. Taxi out about a mile, then turn 180 and take off on a heading back over the Silverking Lodge (heading 234). As you pass over the lodge, look for Back Island 1 mile ahead. When you reach Back Island, turn to 351 degrees for 9 miles and fly along the the starboard shore there. You will first see Escape Point and Francis Cove (a rectangular cove). The entrance to Traitor's cove is just beyond.

Reduce Altitude to 800 feet and go to landing configuration then round the point to starboard and turn into Traitor's Cove. You will find the Traitor's Cove dock at the 1 o'clock position on the far side of the cove. Land and park near the dock.

NOTAM: if you are not landing, slow to 120 mph to make the turn if you are using AutoPilot.

Leg: Traitor's Cove Dock to Yes Bay Lodge
Initial Course: 300
Leg Distance: 16 Miles
Leg Altitude: 1200 Feet

From the Traitor's Cove Dock, taxi your plane to a 300 degree heading, then take off increasing altitude to 1200 feet. Fly to the port side of the mountain at the entrance of Traitor's Cove on the starboard shore. As you round that mountain to starboard, you will be passing over Bushy Point.

At Bushy Pont, set a heading of 354 to Nose Point. Neets Bay will pass to starboard. You are heading for Chin Point a peninsula pointing toward you. A little further up the coast is a little point called Nose Point.

At Nose Point, alter your heading to 330. This will take you to the entrance of Yes Bay.

Fly into the entrance of Yes Bay. You will find the lodge 2 miles ahead and to starboard. Lower altitude and go into landing configuration. Land and pull up to the dock.

NOTAM: Watch for marine and air traffic in this area.

Welcome to Yes Bay Lodge!

P. S. ...............................

But there's more! If you fly up the river, beside Yes Bay Lodge on a rough heading of 315, there are two more surprises waiting.

About 1.5 miles ahead is McDonald Creek Cabin ... well worth visiting. And if you fly to the end of this water way, you will find the Supt's House for the abandoned cannery at the north end of McDonald Lake. You can land at both of these.

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
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