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Sail Plan: Ketchikan SPB to Harding River Cabin
Initial Mooring: N55 21.50 W131 42.60 Heading 281

Cruise Overview: This cruise starts off at the Ketchikan International Sea Plane Base in Tongass Narrows. The course takes you past Guard Lighthouse, then up the Clarence Strait, going past the Ship's Island Navigation Light and rounds the turn to the east at Meyers Chuck. You then proceed in that direction to Ernest Sound and into the Bradford Channel where you will find the Harding River Cabin.

There is a lot of "open water" sailing in this cruise. The length is about 70 miles.

Top Down view of the Ernest Sound HERE (Use "hybrid")

NOTAM 1: Do not try to approach the cabin. It is set back on a deep penninsula and you will run aground. Your final waypoint is the mooring buoy.

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc