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Return to Misty Moorings - Trip Tic

Destination: Lavender Lake Lodge

Route Notes

  • This Scenery is for Return to Misty Moorings only.
  • Minimum Altitude: 6700 (Glacier Flight)
  • Landing zone is: Gravel
  • GPS for destination: N55 39.92 W129 25.14 Alt 3789'
  • Print-Able copy HERE
  • Flight Seeing Plan (autopilot) NOT available
NOTAM: There are three routes to Lavender Lake Lodge. Two are detailed in the flight plans that come with this package. The third is this Trip Tic that takes you over the glacier, down the other side, into winding valleys and finally to beautiful Lavender Lake Lodge.

Lavender Lake Lodge

Lavender Lake Lodge is a fly-in only location. A private residence that also serves as a wilderness lodge for small groups of 8 or less. The lodge was originally built by James Houghton in 1946. Houghton, who made his fortune in real estate after the Great Depression, had the airstrip built right after World War II. He was a collector of aircraft and liked this location as a place to "fly to". Once convinced that this was where he'd like to retire at, the project began in earnest and Houghton flew in all the manpower and supplies needed to build his mountain retreat. When Houghton died in 1976, he left the residence to his wife, Hazel and their two daughters, Mary Jane and Nancy. Hazel gave it the cozy touch it needed to appeal to guests and passed on the tradition to her two daughters before she passed away in 1985. Nancy still lives here during the summer season and runs the day to day operation with her son and daughter, Brad and Suzanne. With a complete kitchen that's open seasonally, the lodge is open to visitors from the spring melt through late fall when the first heavy snows arrive. Brad oversees the lodge maintenance and upgraded the infrastructure by purchasing and installing a windmill. The 1500 kilowatts of energy supplied by the windmill provides enough electricity to supply the lodge with the power it needs. The windmill was flown in piece by piece in 2006 by DC-3. Then assembled at the site and lifted into place by a Sikhorsky S-64 "SkyCrane" helicopter. Brad also carry's on his grandfathers tradition by keeping a couple of the family's vintage aircraft flyable for visitors who would like to take a look at the surrounding area from the air. And he flies several different aircraft to keep the lodge supplied during the summer season. Stop by the Lavender Lake Lodge for a great meal, overnight stay, or just to visit this family lodge that welcomes all visitors with a smile.

Two possible routes are included in this pack, one leaving from Stewart and flying through an extensive valley system to arrive at the Northern end of the lake, the other leaving from Alice Arm Silver City seaplane base and routing up the rapids and narrow gorge of the nearby river to top out over the strip and lake. Remember to see this place in the summer time when it is at it's most spectacular

WaveTop VFR Plan

From: Stewart, BC
To: Lavender Lake Lodge

  • NOTAM: Set Weather and Time from Misty's Place, also go to the Map Room to see a rough flight plan of this flight.

Our flight starts in Stewart, BC at CZST. We are going to be climbing quickly to about 6300 feet as we fly up to Bear Glacier. Begin climbing immediately, you will need the altitude shortly!

COURSE We will be flying a heading of 180. You will be flying south over the Portland Canal. In about 2 miles, be ready for a sharp turn to port over Marmot River which you will see emptying from port.

COURSE: Once over the Marmot River, take the next sharp turn to port around the side of the mountain ... fly up that crevasse to the glacier above.

COURSE: Once on top of the glacier, when it becomes flat, turn to starboard to a heading of 113 following the flat part of the glacier. Steer just to the to starboard of the low peaks coming up ahead to port.

COURSE: You will see some low peaks to port ahead, turn a few degrees to port to keep those to port but fly across the flat part of the glacier. Your heading will be about 96 degrees. As you pass the peaks your altitude should be about 6700 feet. This is the summit and from here you will go down.

COURSE: You will see the glacier begin to slope downward. Let your altitude follow the reduced altitude of the glacier. Follow the center of the glacier, you may turn a few degrees to port to follow.

COURSE: At the end of the glacier, you will see a spectacular valley ahead of you keep reducing altitude. You are going to fly down into that valley, continue reducing altitude with the glacier and following the valley below. Your next waypoint is what looks like the end of this valley as it turns sharply to starboard. Follow the course of the river there.

COURSE: Now, stay on a course of about 70 degrees ... the land flattens somewhat and in about 4 miles, you will see the valley turns to starboard ... you will follow that turn to a heading of about 120 degrees.

COURSE: Ahead you will see a river, you will be turning into the crevasse from which that river flows, turning sharply to starboard. Follow the river to starboard up the narrow and deep pass. You will fly into that pass. Follow that river. You should now be gaining altitude again.

COURSE: The river stops, but continue up this crevasse ... watch your altitude, you need to be climbing again. Toward the end, the crevasse bends to starboard, follow it then back to port.

COURSE: You will come out over Kinskuch Lake follow the lake. This lake curves to port, follow that lake staying near the starboard shoreline. It then curves again to starboard, as you make that turn, you will see the Lavender Lake Lodge ahead about a mile past the shore, you should be almost lined up on the runway.

Welcome to Lavender Lake Lodge!

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc