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Return to Misty Moorings - Trip Tic

Destination: Totem Bight Operations Center

Route Notes

  • This Scenery is for Return to Misty Moorings only.
  • Minimum Altitude: 1200
  • Landing zone is: Water, does not freeze
  • GPS for destination: N55 22.93 W131 44.26 Alt 12
  • Print-Able copy HERE
  • Flight Seeing Plan available HERE

Totem Bight Operations Center

This scenery area highlight is the lodge where you can stay at and enjoy the beautiful Tongass Narrows area and nearby Ketchikan. A fishing and floatplane dock as well as a charter office are on these grounds. Be sure to take "Bob" for a closer look inside the floating repair hangar where work is done on aircraft. Located near PAKT, it's a convenient starting point to begin discovering the Misty Fjords area. There is also an enhancement to the nearby paper mill just east of this area. Be sure to fly over and have a look.

Another perfect location to take "Bob" out for a walk around the lodge and down towards the repair area. "Bob" is a free first person aircraft addon from ORBX that will need to be installed first if you plan on taking a walk around this scenery. See the descriptions of "Bob" and directions found on the FAQ page at Return to Misty Moorings or on the ORBX website.

Be sure to go INSIDE the hanger.

WaveTop VFR Plan

From: Misty's Place (PF20)
To: Totem Bight Operations Center

  • NOTAM: Set Weather and Time from Misty's Place, also go to the Map Room to see a rough flight plan of this flight.

Overview: This is just a short flight. For heavier maintenance that cannot be done at Misty's Place, the planes are ferried over to Totem Bight where they can overhaul the engines, etc. This flight takes about 5 minutes.

COURSE: From Misty's Place, fly out over the Bostwick Inlet to the Nichols Passage. A heading of about 120 degrees.

COURSE: At Bostwick Point (the furthest point for Bostwick Inlet on your port side, turn to port on a heading of 15 degrees. You are heading for the tip of Pennock Island in the Tongass Narrows.

COURSE: When you are over the tip of Pennock Island, turn to port to a heading of 285. You will be flying toward the narrowest part of the Tongass Narrows, parallel to the PAKT runway.

  • NOTAM: Watch for other traffic in this area, it is heavily traveled in the summer months with tourist flight-seeing trips coming up out of Ketchikan Harbor.

COURSE: As you pass PAKT, adjust to landing configuration, you landing zone is only 3 miles ahead to starboard.

COURSE: You will pass Murphy's Pullout on a starboard point, turn to a heading of 328 setting you on course for Totem Bight ... be prepared to land in a mile. Totem Bight is on the far shore.

Welcome to the Totem Bight Operations Center!

Doug Linn
Charter Manager
Misty Moorings, Inc