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BRIEFING for DISPATCH 001 - Version 1 Format

1 Misty's Place
Lat: N55 15.81
Lon: W131 46.29

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This is a routine pickup, drop off run. We start at Misty's Place. You need to select a float plane or an amphibian for this trip as many of the landing zones are water. Watch for weather at way points 6, 7 and 8. Low ceilings can be difficult in this high mountain area. We will be flying about 40 miles crossing part of the Misty Fjords National Park.

2 Herring Bay
Direct Heading: 036
Distance: 9.5 m
Landing: Water
Way Point: R151A

We set out heading for 036, and maintain a low altitude. As we fly toward Herring Bay, we will see Ketchikan to port and the PAKT airport. The point ahead that we will go around to port is Mountain Point, the little town is Dairy. As we pass by Dairy, we into landing configuration as we will be landing 2 miles ahead. We must watch out for the fishing fleet boats, most are anchored but some are moving. There is a seaplane dock that is part of the Herring Bay Cannery complex. We'll go to that dock to pickup and unload supplies.

3 Nina's Landing 
Direct Heading: 016
Distance: 2.7
Way Point:

Flying to Nina's Landing is a very short hop indeed. We probably do not want to climb higher than 500 feet and we can fly with some flaps to keep our speed slow. Nina's is right around the point to port, it comes up quickly we need to be in landing configuration when we get to the point. We land in front of Nina's and head for the seaplane dock. We will pick up passengers here.

4 Big Lake Cabin 
Direct Heading: 047 
Distance: 10.9 m
Way Point: R009A
Set your Next Heading to 047. We must drop off some food supplies to the folks renting the cabin at Big Lake. The distance is about 11 miles, so about 10 minutes of flying time. As we fly the heading and approach the lake, we must be ready to look to port to see the cabin as we come over the lake, we will make a sharp banking turn to port to find it. Land and drop off the supplies.

5 Mesa Lake Cabin 
Direct Heading: 116 
Distance: 3.3
Way Point:
Our next Heading for 116 for Mesa Lake Cabin. Mesa Lake is a short hop. Coming from Big Lake Cabin, as we approach Mesa Lake we will see the cabin ahead and to starboard. We must watch for small islands in this lake on the approach. There is a small pier at this cabin, so we can tie up to it. We will be dropping off roofing materials for the cabin. Once unloaded, we just leave the boxes on the dock.

6 New Eddystone Rock 
Direct Heading: 020 
Distance: 9.5 m
Way Point: R189A
We set the next heading of 020 for New Eddystone Rock. The New Eddystone Rock is a natural tourist attraction and almost all your passengers will want to see up close. As we fly the heading, we will see the New Eddystone Rock out in the middle of the Behm Canal. We choose our approach and landing according to the wind. Drop off rock climbing supplies for the three people there who arrived by boat (but forgot the climbing equipment!). Look around check out "the rock" and the folks climbing around on it!

7 Wilson Narrows Cabin 
Direct Heading: 075 
Distance: 11.9 m
Way Point: R563A
We set our heading for 075 to Wilson Lake Cabin. There are two cabins at Wilson Lake, this cabin is located where the lake outfalls to the Wilson River. We will have to follow some terrain if we have a low ceiling. Watch for the Wilson River that will be perpendicular to the heading, we will see mist from rapids and waterfalls on this river. As we near the river, we turn to port and follow the river, landing near the outfall from the lake, the Wilson Narrows USFS cabin will be to starboard, at this end of the lake. Here we drop a passenger with his supplies for the week. .

8 Wilson River Lodge 
Direct Heading: 169 
Distance: 4.9 m
Way Point: PF25

Set the NEXT heading for 170. We will be flying down the Wilson River where we will find the Wilson River Lodge.

Welcome to Wilson Lake Lodge. Here the passengers depart. You can stay overnight here if you like and enjoy a fresh salmon dinner, or you can exchange a few stories with Joe the Bush pilot and head back to Misty's Place. We hope the weather was kind to you!

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