R E T U R N - TO - M I S T Y - M O O R I N G S


1 Yes Bay Lodge
Lat: N55 54.93 
Lon: W131 47.87 
Magnetic: 278
Water Mooring

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This is a day of inspecting the USFS cabins north of Yes Bay Lodge. A USFS Ranger was commenting to a friend at Yes Bay that he would be doing all the inspections by himself today since his helper called in ill. You simply asked if you could ride along and help him with the inspections. Well it's called "YES" bay for a reason ... buckle up! We start out at the dock at the Yes Bay Lodge, then begin flying to the cabins one by one. At each cabin, we need to make sure the supplies listed for the cabin are in place, for those cabins where people are lodging, this is a good time to say "hello" and make sure they are OK. When done with each cabin inspection, move on to the next one on the route.

2 McDonald Lake Cabin
Direct Heading 315
Distance: 1.5 m
Way Point: R480A
At Yes Bay, we take off on a heading of about 260. MacDonald Lake Cabin is only a mile away, so we go to about 300 feet then turn to starboard to about 320 and watching for MacDonald Lake just ahead. The Cabin is located on "this" end of the lake, so land just beyond the shoreline. Once we finish, we could take a quick "taxi" just across the lake to Marguerite Bay Dock USFS, it is sitting on the opposite shore about 1/2 mile away. We finish the work, open a Coca Cola and prepare for the next inspection at Frosty Bay Cabin.

3 Frosty Bay Cabin 
Direct Heading: 300
Distance: 9.1 m
Way Point: R424A
We take off in the direction the lake lies, it points us right at the Frosty Bay Cabin about 9 miles away. Stay on the heading (based on terrain), when you get to the open water, look to starboard and you'll see a little bay with brown runoff water, that is Frosty Bay. The cabin is on the near shore. There's a great dock that helps us unload supplies ... no long climb up a bluff this time. The Inspection sheet is checked off, all is well. Time to head to Anan Lake Cabin.

4 Anan Lake Cabin 
Direct Heading: 013 
Distance: 4.5 m
Way Point: R371A
We taxi away from the cabin toward the entrance of Frosty Bay. When we have enough take-off room, we turn around and take off heading back toward the cabin. On liftoff, we turn to port to a heading of about 050 and follow the valley. Anan Lake Cabin is to port, so turn to port when the terrain allows. We see Anan Lake, the cabin is on the near shore at this end of the lake, land just beyond the shore. No pier here, so we beach the pontoons so we won't have to get too wet carrying the supplies.

5 Anan Bay Cabin 
Direct Heading: 339 
Distance: 3.2 m
Way Point: R370A
We taxi and fly "away" from the cabin down the lake (heading about 330). As you come to the end of Anan Lake, look for the Bear Observatory, you'll see bears and a viewing tower. Ahead you'll see a bay, the Anan Bay Cabin is on the near shore. There is usually a sailboat moored just off shore. Watch for the little islands just off the shore. This is one of the USFS "A" frame cabins. We beach the pontoons. A window has been broken, so we grab the tool box and make the repair. When finished we head for Harding River.

6 Harding River Cabin 
Direct Heading: 059 
Distance: 8.9 m
Way Point: R432A
We take off on a heading of about 325, then turn to starboard around the coming starboard point to our 059 "next" heading. After about 8 miles, when the channel narrows, follow the port shore, the Harding River cabin is found 1 mile ahead. Watch for islands near the landing zone! There are mud flats in front of the cabin, so we have to "beach' the pontoons and carry the supplies over the flats. The muscles are sore from slogging across those flats. When we are done, it is time to climb aboard and head for beautiful Eagle Lake.

7 Eagle Lake USFS Cabin 
Direct Heading: 126 
Distance: 10 m
Way Point: R132A
Taking off from Harding River, we come to about 145 degrees pointing at a small island. We take off in that direction and follow the valley beyond for 9 miles to Eagle Lake. As you come over the lake, the Eagle Lake Cabin will be on the port shore on a small point. Here we visit with the people renting the cabin. They are from a little town in Germany, and coming here is a lifetime dream. We shared some stories and talked about one of my favorite places, Bavaria. Then it was time to leave ... off to the RTMM Eagle Lake Cabin. Pfüat Di !

8 Eagle Lake RTMM Cabin 
Direct Heading: 140 
Distance: 1.4 m
Way Point: R131A
We take off down the lake for a 1.5 mile hop to the Eagle Lake RTMM cabin. There have been reports the cabin was broken into by a bear, it's on our itinerary to investigate. We fly only 100 feet above the water watching for the cabin on the starboard shore. Sure enough, the two couples staying there showed us the damage. We gave them a roll of silver Duct Tape (you can fix EVERYTHING with that!). Made sure they were ok. Called in our report on the VHF and climbed back in the plane ... next stop Anchor Pass Cabin.

9 Anchor Pass Cabin 
Direct Heading: 132 
Distance: 4.5
Way Point: R372A
We take off down Eagle Lake heading about 086. At the end of the lake we come to starboard to 132. When we come upon Anchor Pass, we turn to port and follow the port shoreline. The cabin is about 2 miles ahead. Three men are renting this cabin, they came for the fishing, and a buddy lives up here and is taking them salt water fishing in the area. The Anchor Pass Cabin looks good, no major leaks after the rain last night. One small repair on the canoe (they "sort of bounced off a rock"). Fixed it, off to Reflection Lake.

10 Reflection Lake Cabin 
Direct Heading: 272 
Distance: 5.9 m
Way Point: R518A
We take off on a heading of about 315 up Anchor Pass. Once airborne, we turn a little to port to 272 looking for Reflection Lake. If the ceiling is low, fly the water! At the end of Anchor Pass, turn left following the water (Bell Arm). About 3 miles ahead you will see a gap in the mountains to starboard and you can turn toward the lake. The lake is about 2 miles "back into" the countryside. Land at the leading edge of the shoreline. At lake's edge, you will pass over Reflection Lake Shelter, another mile to starboard and you will find the Reflection Lake Cabin. These folks needed a new broom, the old one caught on fire when they were "adjusting the campfire" .. oh me. Back to the plane. We climb back aboard, (less one broom!) and head out onto the lake..

11 Blind Pass Cabin 
Direct Heading: 181 
Distance: 7.3 m
Way Point:
We taxi heading of 325 to give us some take off room, coming around we line up on 125, take off and adjust for terrain coming to our 181 "Next" heading for Blind Pass. We fly over Short Bay to the Bell Arm and turn to starboard flying down "the arm". Follow the port shore, the narrow gap between Black Island (which will pass to starboard) and the port shore is Blind Pass. The Blind Pass Cabin will be on the port shore. We take supplies ashore, they are short on cleaning supplies. There is a roof leak from the rain last night, so we climb on the roof and fix it. Then back to the plane for the trip back to Yes Bay Lodge.

1 Yes Bay Lodge 
Direct Heading: 265 
Distance: 4.4 m
Way Point: 78K

(Welcome back!)

We take off heading on down Blind Pass (215). At the end of Black Island we turn to starboard for our approach to Yes Bay (260 Mag). What a great day! A lot of work inspecting the cabins and checking of the lists and carrying supplies from the plane to the cabins ... but you've earned a great dinner (on the USFS) and a beverage of your choice. Beautiful country, beautiful trip, friendly people to meet and hard work ... you'll sleep well tonight... with a smile on your face and the trip of a lifetime! Maybe the USFS Ranger will take you along again? We hope so!

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