R E T U R N - TO - M I S T Y - M O O R I N G S


1 Misty's Place -Ramp
Aircraft: Amphibian

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Having had a successful check ride with the USFS pilot that inspects the cabins, you've been asked if you'd like to stay on another day and help him inspect the Ketchikan Area USFS Cabins. You don't hesitate to take him up on the offer! You meet him at Misty's Place, ready for a great day of flying, beautiful scenery, and a little hard work along the way. The pilot sets the heading of 320. You will fly for 22 miles in that direction to arrive at the Helm Bay Cabin. Buckle up ... your "work day" (pure fun!) is beginning. Set your GPS for "R438A" the way point for Helm Bay cabin.

2 Helms Bay Cabin
Direct Heading: 320
Distance: 23 m
Way Point:

Set Way Point R438A on your GPS. We started at the ramp by the hanger at Misty's Place in an amphibian. Went across the runway and down into a little creek, pulled up the landing gear and followed the creek to the inlet where we took off. We circled and came back to our "to" heading of 320 for the Helm Bay Cabin 23 miles ahead. We fly over Vallenar Bay, then over the Guard Lighthouse. After 20 miles we crossed low over Smugglers Cove and over Helms Bay. We fly along the port shore and Force Island comes up to starboard. The Cabin is on the port shoreline just beyond the point of land. The cabin checks out ok, but nobody home They must be out fishing.

3 Jordan Lake USFS
Direct Heading: 077
Distance: 14 m
Way Point: R448A
Set Way Point on GPS. We set our next heading of 077 and prepare to fly to the first of 2 Jordan Lake cabins 14 miles ahead. We approach Loring Bay and stay to the port shoreline. At the end of Loring Bay, we go around the mountain to port for our approach to Jordan Lake. The USFS cabin is port side just as you come over the lake. We go here first. The residents are glad to see us and offer us some morning coffee, made the way it SHOULD be made since they are from Brasil! "Obrigado" and off we go across the lake. (Taxi to other cabin)

4 Jordan Lake RTMM
Direct Heading: 082
Distance: 0.4 m
Way Point: R161A
Set Way Point on GPS. All we have to do is taxi to the RTMM Jordan Lake Cabin. Here we meet one of the Ranger's friends, discuss the up-coming fishing tournament and give him ANOTHER application to join the USFS, he would make a great ranger, but all he wants to do is sit in his cabin at night and fish all day! Now there is less hope he'll join up, look at the new porch he's built! Life is good! We set a heading for Heckman Lake only about a half mile from here.

5 Heckman Lake Cabin
Direct Heading: 116
Distance: 0.7 m
Way Point:R437A
Set Way Point on GPS. We taxi to the far side of Jordan Lake to get lined up for a 116 heading take off for our 1 mile trip to the Heckman Lake Cabin. Up over the tree line, then right back down. (approach) Land just beyond the little islands, the cabin is close by on the starboard shore. It's on top of a small bluff. So "huff and puff" your way up to give the cabin its inspection. A couple of items to note, but all ok. Now for the "SE" cabin, only a mile and a half down the lake ... we just taxi this one. (Relative Distance Between cabins)

6 SE Heckman Lake Cabin
Direct Heading: 117
Distance: 1.4 m
Way Point: (nearby #5)
Set Way Point on GPS. We taxi to the next cabin, heading 117 down Heckman Lake. Watch for small islands and sand bars as you cross the lake! The Heckman Lake SE cabin is on the port shore toward the end of the lake. Just a little "A" frame. But the ranger has to write a warning ticket, the place is a mess, the bear can is open and there are a lot of fish "remains" near the lake ... the birds love it, but the people are warned to clean up their act or they'll pay a fine on the way out! (Some people!) We now set up a heading of 360 for Patching Lake.

7 Patching Lake Cabin
Direct Heading: 360
Distance: 3.2 m
Way Point: R495A
Set Way Point on GPS. The Patching Lake Cabin is only 3 miles from this location. Go back to the center of the lake (noting the islands) and take off on about a 115 heading. When you get over the end of the lake, turn to port, come around the ridge and you'll be almost lined up with Patching Lake. The Cabin is at the far end of the lake. What a beautiful view here down the lake. Cabin looks good, people are happy! (This is a cabin I could stay at and be happy forever!) What a view!

8 Fish Creek Cabin
Direct Heading: 122
Distance: 16.5
Way Point: R421A
Set Way Point on GPS. Flying to the Fish Creek Cabin, we will fly 16 miles to get there. We fly the length of the lake away from the cabin, then pick up a heading of 122 at the end of the lake. If the clouds are low, you'll have to pic your way through the mountains ahead. ("Safe" is to starboard a little over George Inlet then back to port to Fish Creek!). You will pass over the Shoal Cove Loran C Station on this route. You should pass over the north end of the Thorne Arm, the cabin is on the far shore toward the end of the arm, on the bluff. Cabin looks good, "A+" Inspection report!

9 Phocena Bay Cabin
Direct Heading: 216
Distance: 24 m
Way Point: R499A
Set Way Point on GPS. We set the Next Heading of 216 for Phocena Bay, 24 miles away and take off down the Thorne Arm. On a clear day, follow the heading, on a cloudy day, follow the water. Fly more "south" 180. If over water, at the end of the arm, turn to 250 for China Town. Round that point to port to a heading of 191. Head for the far point to starboard, you'll round that point and Phocena Bay will be to starboard, enter the bay, the cabin is to starboard. (Approach)All well at this cabin, let's head home to Misty's Place. (Notam: on the end of this route, go around the point).

1 Misty's Place
Direct Heading: 350
Distance: 5.3 m
Way Point: PF20
Set Way Point on GPS. Misty's Place is only 5 miles away, due north. Between where you are and Misty's Place is a mountain. You can fly directly over it if the weather is ok, but flying back around the point is best. After the Dall Head (the point) turn to port into Bostwick Inlet. Land on the water, then taxi down the creek if you like, put down the gear and power out of the water and head for the ramp. That was a great day!! One very cold beer is waiting for you at the Misty's Place Bar.

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