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Manual Downloads and Location Information

We Recommend the "Express Download" you can find on the home page. Below are the manual download locations for each individual site. Also there are two "mods" we use frequently throughout RTMM Scenery, they are Windy things and EDHK Lights. Links are here:

  1. Windy Things (Optional 3rd Party Modification Recommended.
  2. EDHK Lights and Objects

This page is primarily for those wishing to download the items separately. But there is some good information on each one of them that can be read to learn more about the locations.







1. RTMM Object Library Part 1 and Part 2

PART 1. The current version is: rtmm-objectlib-0.5.1 (08.27.2021)

PART 2. The current version is: rtmm-objectlib-part-2-v1.3 (06.02.2023)

To Install the RTMM Object Libraries Part 1 and Part 2.

  1. Click on the Mod Zip button to the left and download the zip
  2. Open the zip and place the mod in your community folder
  3. Do this for both Part 1 and Part 2


  • Ensure the latest RTMMObject Library Packages are installed, both Part 1 and Part 2  (see link on main FS2020 page under Section B Scenery, point number 2), otherwise some, or many, objects will not be visible.
  • The FS2020 World Updates must be installed or all objects may not be seen.
  • If you want windsocks and flags, install the "Windy Thingsmod.
  • Make sure your BING Data and PHOTOGRAMMETRY are both 'ON'.
  • Mod Compatibility Table - third party add-ons that we know to be non-compatible with RTMM scenery is listed in the final section of this page.


(short form)

The RTMM FS2020 object libraries are the exclusive property of Return to Misty Moorings and may not be uploaded, shared, or redistributed in any manner, including usage in scenery files, on any other website or made available through an outside group or organization.


2. RTMM Effects Library
The current version is V2.00 - UPDATED 11.10.2022

  1. Clck on the "Mod Zip" button to the left and download the mod.
  2. Unzip the mod and place it in your Community Folder

Effect Examples:


3. RTMM AI Planes and Objects (by Jan)
The current version is v0.1.2 -

  1. Clck on the "Mod Zip" button to the left and download the mod.
  2. Unzip the mod and place it in your Community Folder

This is needed to show all of the static aircraft and objects in SPBs by Jan


4. Windy Things - Recommended 3rd Party Mod

To see the windsocks and flags at the RTMM locations, you must dowload and install the Windy Things Mod. Click on the "Mod Zip" button to go to the download page for it on Flightsim.TO.

CLICK HERE FOR POW/USCG flags update - follow the readme to add POW and USCG flags to Windy Things.


5. EDHK Lights and Objects

To see enhanced evening/night/morning lighting, we recommend this mod. Many of these lights are used for our Lighthouses and Sea Plane Bases.

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New alphabetical tables below will be added as scenery locations are added.

A.I. Boats for MSFS - by Jan De Jong
Version 2.4 Updated: 04.30.2023

Jan De Jong's AI Boats package provides extensive AI vessel enhancement in FS2020 for a number of areas around the world with a special focus in RTMM's area of operations. Jan De Jong's AI Boats provides moving ships in the following selected areas: Southern Alaska, British Columbia, Cape Cod, France, Gibraltar, Holland, Italy, San Diego and Sicily.

This project was made possible by the combined talents of Jan De Jong, Dexter Thomas and Henrik Nielsen. Jan De Jong's AI Boats provides moving ships in the following selected areas: Southern Alaska, British Columbia, Cape Cod, France, Gibraltar, Holland, Italy, San Diego and Sicily.

NOTAM: This package is incremental to Henrik Nielsen's "Global AI Ship Traffic MSFS" package so both can be installed at the same time.

NOTAM- REINSTALLATION and UPDATES - You must remove the old rtmm-ge-boats-msfs... from your community folder before adding the new folder.  As for clearing the old one from the content.xml, that is probably not necessary but it doesn't hurt to delete the context.xml file from the LocalCache folder and let FS2020 rebuild it.  That is a good maintenance thing to do every now and then since the content.xml file keeps all the package names in it even after you have removed them from the community folder.

 <=Boats File

<= Traffic File

Annette Island Facilities - By Doug Linn
Version 1.1 - (10.06.2023)

We have added three facilities that show clearly on Google Earth.:

Annette Fish Hatchery (AIFH) (and remote hatchery) - The remote (smaller) hatcher is located across the water from the Tamgass Harbor SPB. The main hatchery is about 3 miles south on the same side of the channel. There is a helipad and a dock at the main site.

Unknown Facility (UNKN) ... We do not know exactly what this is. It shows clearly in Google Earth and it is a fairly large facility. Some think it is an old logging camp, but the configuration seems wrong. If you know what this is, let us know.

Alaska Marine Highway Ferry Terminal (AMHT)... this is the main ferry point for Annette Island and the Marine Highway Ferry docks here. There is a road that goes all the way to Metlatkatla. There is a dock and a helipad at this location.

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Chugach Airfields - By Doug Linn
Version 1.1 - (09.30.2023)

This is a set of 22 Airfields that are in the Chugach Area. We used the Tundra Pilot web page to locate the airfields. When one was not "indicated" in FS2020, we left it our. All runways have "snow markers" at the edges for winter landings and you should use a Ski enabled STOL-type plane for winter.

There are 22 locations in this set.

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RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

El Capitan Lodge 5C5 - By Doug Linn
Version 1.01 - 08.10.2021

This is RTMM's version of the beautiful El Capitan Lodge. The lodge is "based" out of Craig, Alaska. (An excellent starting point for your journey - ICAO is CGA. See the readme for pictures and information on the actual lodge.

Update: Added cabin dock and roads from cabin

1 Location: El Capitan Lodge

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RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

George Inlet Lodge and Cannery - By Doug Linn
Version 1.2 - 05.12.2023

George Inlet Lodge and George Inlet Cannery have been recreated for RTMM. This scenery set is located about 8.4 miles from (PAKT) and 10 miles from Misty's Place (PF20). The ICAO for the lodge is GINT and the ICAO for the cannery is GINC. (RTMM Terrain Recommended)

2 Locations: Goerge Inlet Lodge, George Inlet Cannery

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RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Lighthouses for AK by RTMM
By Doug Linn
Version v1.6 - 05.09.2023

This is the BETA version for the Alaska Lighthouses set. There are 17 lighthouses in all. Two are already done (part of Tongass docks). You can click on the date and bring up the latest "update log" so you can see what has been updated.

17 Locations: Cape Decision, Cape Hichinbrook, Cape Sarichef, Cape Spencer, Cape St Elias, Eldred Rock, Fairway Island,Five Finger Light (TF05), Guard Island, Lincoln Rock, Mary Island, Minor Light, Point Retreat, Point Sherman, Scotch Cap, Sentinal Island, Tree Point.

RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod


PDF Overview of BC Lighthouses


Lighthouses for BC by RTMM
By Doug Linn
Version V3.7 - 04.28.2023

This is the latest version for the "Lighthouses for BC by RTMM". There are 49 lighthouses in this group accounting for all the lighthouses around Vancouver island. From time to time, we will update this when we find better lighthouse models, etc. When you click on the "date" it will bring up the change log so you can see the changes we made in the latest version. For now, PLEASE READ the ReadMe as it can explain some things that are different about what you might be seeing. If you see a problem, check the readme first, but let us know if you spot an error or something we could do better.

45 Locations: Active Pass, Addenbroke Island, Amphitrite Point, Ballenes Islands, Boat Bluff, Bonilla Island, Brockton Point, Cape Beale, Cape Mudge, Cape Scott, Camarah Point, Chatham Point, Chrome Island, Discovery Island, Dryad Point, East Point, Egg Island, Entrance Island, Estevan Point, Fisgard, Green Island, Holland Rock, Ivory Island, Langara Point, Lawyer Islands, Lennard Island, Lucy Island, McInnes Island, Merry Island, Nootka, Ogden Point, Pachena Point, Pine Island, Porlier Pass, Portlock Point, Prospect Point, Pulteney Point, Quatsino, Race Rocks, Sand Heads, Scarlett Point, Sheringham Point, Sisters Islets, Trial Islands, and Triple Islands.

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NOTAM: You will need:

Library Part II

Windy Things (optional)

EDHK Lights and Objects (optional)

NOTAM: Remove Misty's Place V1

Misty's Place - RTMM Home Base (Fictional)
by Doug Linn
Version 2.2- Update 04.30.2023

Misty's Place is our home base and club house for RTMM. This is a combination land/water based airport - PF20 now combines the ground and water runways, PF21 is discontinued. We had to create a new Misty's Place PF20 because Asobo changed the ground polygons for FS2020 and this "dried up" the canal we were using. See "update" for the new information.

The RTMM Forum provides a virtual 'bar' where you can sit and discuss this web page, your flights or your fancies, in fact, most anything flight related, with other members. You can visit the forum by clicking "HERE".

We hope you will stay and make this your 'home base' for flying the Ketchikan environs.

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RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

New Eddystone Rock - By Doug Linn
Version 1.05 - 12.05.2022

This is RTMM's depiction of the iconic New Eddystone Rock found in the Behm Canal at lat/long: 55.50315 -130.93834

1 Location: New Eddystone Rock

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RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Pelican Sea Plane Base - PEC
Version 1.00 - 09.04.2021
By QuelCertolLeo

The town of Pelican is nestled deep in Lisianski Inlet, a narrow fjord carved by glaciers between the towering snow-capped mountains of Yakobi and Chichagof Islands. Built to be a fishing town, Pelican has plenty of fishing opportunities where visitors may catch King Salmon or Halibut.  The route by float plane to Pelican is one of the most scenic in Southeast Alaska, passing over sheltered coves, alongside alpine slopes and finally descending into the Inlet with its rafts of otters and the occasional orca pod.

1 Location: Pelican Sea Plane Base

RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Port Alexander - PAAP
Version 1.00 - 08.06.2021
By Kevin Lewis

Port Alexander is located on the south end of Baranof Island, 65 miles south of Sitka, AK. It provides a safe harbor during the gales and storms that frequent Chatham Strait. It is also an ice -free port during the winter.

Today Port Alexander is still a fishing commnity with a quiet, family-oriented lifestyle. Commercial fishing and subsistence uses of marine and forest resources constitute the economic base.

The dock#1, 2, 3 and 4 are available for any float or amphibian planes. The "S" Parking 5 is for amphibian flyers wishing to start from land and access the water via slipway.

1 Location: Port Alexander

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RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

RTMM Terrain - By Doug Linn
Version 1.00 - 08.16.2021

RTMM Terrain is added like any other "mod". It corrects terrain problems in the vicinity of many RTMM Locations. This does not cover a huge portion of Alaska, just terrain nearby the RTMM scenry locations that can be affected by poor terrain from FS2020. The individual scenery package will indicate if it will help.

1 Location: RTMM Terrain

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RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Sea Otter Sound Lodge - PF11
Version 2.6 - 04.30.2023
By Doug Linn

This is a very accurate rendition of a real location, the beautiful Sea Otter Sound Lodge, located about 100 miles north of Ketchikan.The complex is accessible by boat and seaplane only. and is, as one guest stated, 'a floating paradise'.

(The update changed the RTMM airport code from PF03 to PF11 and fixed the water issues on the island.)

1 Location: Sea Otter Sound Lodge


NOTAM:  Delete any previous mods you may have for the SPBs included in this package.

NOTAM: If you want windsocks and flags, you must download and install "Windy Things".

RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Sea Plane Bases for RTMM-By Doug
Version 3.8 - 06.22.2023
By Doug Linn

WayPoint Table Designator - SPBJDL

This mod will be used to put in the missing SPBs for the RTMM area.

18 Locations: Port Protection 19P, Loring SPB 13Z, Bell Island Hot Springs KBE, Kasaan SPB KXA, Meyers Chuck 84K, Metlakatla SPB (PAMM), Tamgas Harbor SPB (Z43), Coffman Cove SPB (PAKC), Clark (Hollis) SPB- (HYL), Craig SPB (CGA), Waterfall (KWF), Hydaburg (HYG), Angoon (PAGN), Hoonah (OOH), Yakatat (2Y3), Point Baker (KPB1), Kake SPB (KAE), Klawock SPB (PAQC), Funter Bay SPB (PANR)

NOTAM: You must install "rtmm-jj-alaska-ai-plane-objects" to see the static planes in the scenery. Updated: 12.12.2021

RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Sea Plane Bases for RTMM-By Jan
Version 1.05 - 04.30.2023
By Jan De Jong

WayPoint Table Designator - SPB-JJ

15 Locations:

Ketchikan SPB (5KE), Ketchikan Peninsula Point Pullout-Murphy's Pullout (9C0), Tatiteck Harbour (PAKA), Seward Harbour (PAWD), Juneau Harbour (5Z1), Homer Coal Point SPB (PACP), Zeballos SPB (CAA5), Ocean Falls (CAH2), Gold River (CAU6), Rivers Inlet (CAU8), Port Hardy (CAW5), Hartley Bay (CAY4), Port Alberni (CPW9), Roche Harbor (W39) and Rosario (W49).





RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Sea Plane Base Thorne Bay for RTMM-By James
Version v1.04 -12.17.2022
By James

WayPoint Table Designator - SPBJF

There is one SPB in this "group" at present by James Feehan. It is Thorne Bay SPB, a rather complex marina and destination.

1 Location: Thorne Bay SPB

RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Silver King Lodge (SKL1)
Version v1.3
By Doug Linn - 06.02.2023

WayPoint Table Designator - S.A.

Silver King Lodge is the ultimate global destination for salmon and halibut fishing. Ketchikan is known for being the Salmon Capital of the World, and Silver King Lodge is perfectly situated on premier fishing waters for an epic fishing expedition. Did you know that all five pacific salmon species travel directly through Silver King waters? Waste no time and get straight to fishing on the same day you arrive.

1 Location: Silver King Lodge

RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Snettisham Airport - 7AK2 - By Kevin Lewis
Version 2.1 - 07.31.2022

Snettisham Airport is a publicly owned, private-use aircraft facility near the Snettisham Hydroelectric Project in Snettisham, Alaska. It is located 30 miles (50km) southeast of the city of Juneau.

Loosely based on the Google earth and Bing data for the region the airport offers facilities for GA aircraft, including seaplanes, amphibians, and helicopters.

The main employment in the area is the hydroelectric project which provides local power and also serves Junea via a 40 mile transmission line. In 2020 RTMM sponsored the installation of two custom hangars to support the growing tourist trade that are flocking to the region to explore the beautiful landscape and lakes in the area. Seaplanes can provide custom tours of the local lakes and while you are waiting you can enjoy the spectacular shows that the local dolphins put on as they wait for the return of fishing boats.

1 Location: Snettisham Airport

RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Stikine Glacier Icefields - by Karl-Heinz Klotz
Version 1.0 - 10.28.2023

The Stikine Icefields are fictional, but entirely possible. These are basically temporary sites that are placed in the glaciers to study the ice activities. Karl has recreated the Stikine Ice Stations for us with this set of 11 stations.

These can be difficult to fly, especially if you are adding real weather to your mix and are new to ice landings. You will need to fly an STOL type aircraft equiped with skiis.

11 Locations: ST01, ST02, ST03, ST04, ST05, ST06, ST07, ST08, ST09, ST10, and ST11. There is a map for these and specs on each icefield in the ReadMe.

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RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Tongass Fjords Docks - Part A - By Doug Linn
Version 2.6 - 06.02.2023

This is Part A (the first part) of the RTMM's Tongass Fjords Docks.

9 Locations: TF01 Cape Decision, TF02 Corner Bay Dock, TF03 Biorka Island Dock, TF04 Edna Bay, TF05 Five Finger Lighthouse, TF06 Frederick Point VOR Dock, TF07 Institute Creek Marina Dock, TF08 Labouchere Dock and TF09 Naukati Bay Dock.

RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Tongass Fjords Docks - Part B - By Doug Linn
Version 2.5 - 06.02.2023

This is Part B (the second part) of RTMM's Tongass Fjords Dock.

9 Locations: TF10 Pakes Landing, TF11 Portage Bay, TF12 Rowan Bay, TF13 Scow Bay, TF14 Saint Johns Dock, TF15 Sawginaw West, TF16 Thomas Bay, TF17 Tonka Mountain, and TF18 View Cove.

NOTAM: You must FIRST download and install "SPBs by Jan". All being done on the Tongass Narrows project is predicated upon that scenery set.

RTMM Prerequisites Needed to View this Mod

Tongass Narrows (Addons for Ketchikan Area) - By Doug Linn -08.23.2021

This set of mods in one download will be adding in special areas along the coasts of Tongass Narrows in the Ketchikan Area. The first major addition was Jan De Jong's "Sea Plane Bases - by Jan" that you can find above. Download and install this first as it is the base. When you add this Tongass Narrows mod, it will begin to fill in more of the areas along the Ketchikan Coast. "SPBs by Jan" needed for this scenery set.

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161 FREE Cabin Locations!

For the full list of USDA Forest Service [USFS] cabins in the Tongass National Forest, click HERE. Clicking on the link for any of the cabins in this list takes you to a page where the details of that cabin are shown plus what you need to take with you if you stay there, availability, fire hazard level, etc.

RTMM CABINS CVS.ZIP - By Dieter Linde. Clicking on the link will download the CSV (zipped) file that has all of the RTMM cabin positions esactly located. When taking off from a cabin, they are listed as airports and you select the "dock" and you will be in front of the cabin. However when landing, the position of the cabin is not that clear and this CSV file gives the exact location so you can find the cabin from the water runway, which can be some distance away. This file can be added to Plan G or to Little NavMap to give you those exact cabin positions.


  1. Download the Latest RTMM Effects Library and RTMM Test Library. Smoke and Campfires are included in this mod.
  2. To travel to all of the cabins in a single trip, use the DISPATCH and view it during the trip. Click on the FltPln zip for the route.


USFS Cabins - Group USFS1
Ketchikan District - By Doug Linn
Version 2.5 - 06.02.2023

The USFS merged the Misty Fjords Ranger District cabins into the Ketchikan Ranger District, so we have done the same.

As a result, this group now contains the 28 USFS Ketchikan District Cabins plus Heckman Hatchery, which is part of the Heckman Lake Cabins scenery [HECK]. Coordinates and POIs for all locations can be found on the RTMM 2020 WayPoint Webpage.


  1. Check you have the latest versions of the RTMM Effects Library and RTMM Test Library installed [available at the top of this page].

28 Locations: Alava Bay, Anchor Pass, Bakewell Lake, Big Goat Lake, Blind Pass, Checats Lake, Ella Narrows, Fish Creek, Heckman Lake Hatchery, Heckman Lake N, Heckman Lake S,, Helm Bay, Helm Creek. Hugh Smith Lake, Humpback Lake, Jordan Lake, Manzanita Lake, McDonald Lake, Patching Lake, Phocena Bay, Plenty Cutthroat, Punchbowl Lake, Relflection Lake, Wilson Narrows, Wilson View, Winstanley Island, Winstanley Lake.

NOTAM: If you had previously downloaded the USFS Cabins Group USFS2, you must delete it. These cabins are now combined in Ketchikan Group 1 USFS1.

USFS Cabins - Group USFS2 (No longer exists)
Misty Fjords District - By Doug Linn.

Delete this mod if you have it installed.


  1. If installed, delete all RTMM USFS Cabin mods and any mods for Admiralty Cabins from the freeware site flightsim.TO before adding this scenery package.
  2. Download the Latest RTMM Effects Library and RTMM Test Library. Smoke and Campfires are included in this mod.

USFS Cabins - Group USFS3
Admiralty District - By Doug Linn
Version 2.4 -06.04.2023

There are 14 cabins in the Admiralty Nat'l Monument Ranger District: Admiralty Cove, Big Shaheen, Church Bight, Distin Lake, East Florence, Hasselborg Creek, Jim's Lake, Lake Alexander, Lake Kathleen, Little Shaheen, Pybus Bay, Sportsman Lake, Young Lake North and Young Lake South. The district is complete.

14 Locations: Admiralty Cove, Big Shaheen, Church Bight, Distin Lake, East Florence, Hasselborg Creek, Jim's Lake, Lake Alexander, Lake Kathleen, Little Shaheen, North Young Lake, Pybus Bay, South Young Lake, Sportsman Lake.



USFS Cabins - Group USFS4
Craig Ranger District
By Doug Linn
Version 2.4 - 06.07.2023

This is a group of 8 cabins that are located in the Craig Ranger District. The Craig Ranger District is located on the southern half of Prince of Wales Island, the largest island in Southeast Alaska. Prince of Wales Island has the most extensive road system in Southeast Alaska, ranging from paved scenic byways to logging roads that require four-wheel drive. These roads provide access to numerous areas where you can fish, hike, camp, hunt, boat and view wildlife. 

11 Locations: Honker Lake, Kegan Cove, Kegan Creek Point Amagura, Polk Camp, Salmon Lake, Sarker Lake, Shipley Bay, Stanley Creek, Sweetwater Lake, Trollers Cove.

USFS Cabins - Group UFSF5
Chugach Ranger District by Doug Linn
Version 2.1 - 06.22.2023

36 Locations: Aspen Flats Cabin, Barber Cabin, Beach River Cabin, Caribou Creek Cabin, Coghill Lake Cabin, Crescent Lake Cabin, Crow Pass Cabin, Dale Clemens Cabin, Devils Pass Cabin, Double Bay Cabin, East Creek Cabin, Fox Creek Cabin, Goose Bay Cabin, Granite Creek Cabin, Green Island Cabin, Harrison Lagoon Cabin, Hook Point Cabin, Jack Bay Cabin, Juneau Lake Cabin, Log Jam Bay Cabin, Lower Paradise Lake Cabin, Martin Lake Cabin, McKinley Lake Cabin, Nellie Martin River Cabin, Paulson Bay Cabin, Pigot Bay Cabin, Port Chalmers Cabin, Power Creek Cabin, Romig Cabin, San Juan Bay Cabin, Shelter Bay Cabin, Shrode Lake Cabin, Softuk Bar Cabin, Swan Lake Cabin, Tiedeman Slough Cabin, Trout Lake Cabin, Upper Paradise Lake Cabin, Upper Russian Lake Cabin, West Swan Lake Cabin


USFS Cabins - Group USFS6
Juneau Ranger District By Doug Linn
Version 2.4 - 06.07.2023

There are 10 USFS cabins in the Juneau Ranger District. This includes the famous "Denver Caboose". (Special thanks to Kevin Lewis for the RR tracks and trestle).

This cabin group has its own "readme". It better explains what was done to create this group noting vagarities at each of the locations.

12 Locations: Berners Bay, Dan Moller, Denver Caboose, Eagle Glacier, East Turner Lake, John Muir, Katzehin River, Laughton Glacier, Peterson Lake, Taku Glacier, West Turner Lake, Windfall Lake.




USFS Cabins - Group USFS7
Petersburg Ranger District By Doug Linn
Version 2.4 - 06.22.2023

There are 20 USFS cabins in this group. All of these are in the Petersburg, AK area.

This cabin group has its own "readme". It better explains what was done to create this group noting vagarities at each of the locations.

20 Locations: Beecher Pass, Big John Bay, Brietland Slough, Cascade Creek, Castle Flats, Castle River, Deboer Lake, Devils Elbow, Harvey Lake, Kadake Bay, Kah Sheets Bay, Kah Sheets Lake, Petersburg Lake, Portage Bay, Ravens Roost, Salt Chuck East, Spurt Cove, Swan Lake, Towers Arm, West Point.

USFS Cabins - Group USFS8
Thorne Bay Ranger District by Doug Linn
Version 2.4 - 06.22.2023

There are 9 USFS cabins in this group. All of these are in the Coffman Cove/Hollis/Thorne Bay area. Each description in the readme discusses the individual cabin and what was needed to be done to create it.

9 Locations: Barnes Lake, Black Bear, Control Lake, Josephine Lake, Karta Lake, Karta River, Red Bay Lake, Salmon Bay Cabin, Twelvemile Cabin.

USFS Cabins - Group USFS9
Wrangell District Cabins by Doug Linn
Version 2.4 - 06.22.2023

There are 23 USFS cabins in this large group. All of these are in the Wrangell areea. The Readme discusses brief comments on the cabins and what was needed to create the location.

23 Locations: Anan Bay, Anan Lake, Berg Bay, Deep Bay, Eagle Lake, Frosty Bay, Garnet Ledge, Gut Island 1, Gut Island 2, Harding River, Koknuk, Little Dry Island, Mallard Slough, Marten Lake Middle Ridge, Mount Flemer, Mount Rynda, Sergief Island, Shakes Slough 1, Shakes Slough 2, Steamer Bay, Twin Lakes, Virginia Lake.

USFS Cabins - Group USFS10
Hoonah District Cabins by Doug Linn
Version 2.4 -06.22.2023

There are 5 cabins in the Honah Ranger District Group. The "readme" discusses each cabin, a little about it and what needed to be done to make it work in FS2020.

Many of these are not the typical USFS style cabin

5 Locations: Bohemia Basin, Eight Fathom, Greentop, Kennel Creek, Pinta Cove.

USFS Cabins - Group USFS11
Yakutat District Cabins by Doug Linn
Version 2.4 - 06.22.2023

There are 8 cabins in the Yakutat Ranger District Group.Many of these are "hunting cabins" so there are more tundra landings in this group. The "readme" discusses each cabin, a little about it and what needed to be done to make it work in FS2020.

7 Locations: Alsek River, Harlequin Lake N/S, Italio River, Middle Dangerous River, Raven Eagle, Situk Lake, Tanis Mesa N/S.

USFS Cabins - Group USFS12
Sitka District Cabins by Doug Linn
Version 2.4 -06.22.2023

There are 25 cabins in the Sitka Ranger District Group. The "readme" discusses each cabin, a little about it and what needed to be done to make it work in FS2020.

25 Locations: Allan Point, Appleton Cove, Avoss Lake, Baranof Lake, Brents Beach, Davidof Lake, Freds Creek, Goulding Lake, Kanga Bay, Kook Lake, Lake Eva, Moser Island, North Beach, Piper Island, Plotnikof Lake, Salmon Lake, Samsing Cove, Seven Fathom, Sitkoh Lake East, Sitkoh Lake West, Starrigavan Creek, Suloia Lake, White Sulphur Springs.

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Yes Bay Lodge - 78K V1.2 (Update 06.02.2023)
By Doug Linn

This is a depiction of the famous Yes Bay Lodge (78K) found in the Ketchikan Area. President Jimmy Carter once was a guest at this lodge and fished here. The lodge object is custom made as are the elevated walkways and supporting trestles.

Mod Compatibility Table
Mods We Recommend for RTMM
Addons Linker Freeware - Flightsim.TO Link - organize your mods safely!
Northern Sky Studio - Ketchikan International Payware ($16 US) - Simmarket Link - A good rendition of PAKT with sloped runways.
Petersburg James A Johnson PAPG Freeware - Flightsim.TO Link - an excellent rendition of PAPG by "quelcertoleo".
Sitka Alaska Freeware - Flightsim.TO Link - Enhances the Sitka AK area, marinas, etc. - by "quelcertoleo"
Mods NOT Compatible with RTMM
NA-USA-AK-ALASKA_kui-pakt Source Flightsim.TO - Puts coastal flattens into the RTMM area that interfere with RTMM mods for the area.
Taburet’s Alaska Water Bodies Source Flightsijm.TO - see this thread: https://forum.mistymoorings.com/index.php?topic=5522.0
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Beginner Scenery Designer Startup Package

Modifications - by Doug Linn - 10.27.21

This is a beginner scenery designer startup package that gets you "past" the most difficult part of the FS2020 Scenery Development Process ... setting up the files and folders for a project. Click on the zip and follow the README closely. As of the moment this only will set you up. To use this, I'm working on a Part C and this will be updated.

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Express Change Log Documents

Here is what changed in each of the updates: donation

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