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EXPRESS and MANUAL Download Setups

WELCOME to the Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) FS2020 Website. If you are looking for the ultimate Alaska/Canadian BC bush flying experience, you have landed in the correct place. To get started. Follow the quick start to add 161 FREE cabin locations, and 29 Sea Plane Bases, 69 lighthouses and all RTMM special objects. Also available are 12 other free locations. We guarantee you hours of pleasure seeking the locations we have placed for you in the breathtaking Alaska/Canadian BC area.

EXPRESS INSTALLATION METHOD - (Single File Download for everything!)

  • Alternately to all of the single file downloads, there is a single master RTMM Add-on Scenery Package download for MSFS2020 that contains all of the required RTMM libraries as well as all of the RTMM scenery locations. (Extract and the libs and every scenery piece is ready to use: either direct link into the community folder using MSFS Add-ons linker, or cut/paste the individual scenery pieces into the community folder and all of the RTMM scenery for MSFS2020 is setup.

<= EXPRESS installation . . . (Updated 09.28.23)

- - - - NOTAM: All Change Logs can be viewed at THIS THREAD which also includes COMING changes.- - - -

The only additional scenery additions required are "Windy Things" (by trfsto - Link: https://flightsim.to/file/14024/windy-things) which supports our windsocks and flags, AND, EDHK Lights and Objects: Link: https://flightsim.to/file/2549/edhk-lights-pack


MANUAL INSTALLATION METHOD - (Downloading one folder at a time)

1. Download the RTMM Object Library HERE - adds all of the specialized RTMM scenery objects.

2. Download the RTMM Effects Library HERE - adds special effects, (smoke, etc).

3. Download "Windy Things" (Optional) HERE - adds moving objects, windsocks, etc.

4. Download the "EDHK Lights and Objercts" (Optional) HERE - adds special effects lighting.

5. Download all 8 USFS Cabins Groups HERE -This gives you all 161 Cabins

6. Download Sea Plane Bases for RTMM - By Doug HERE - This gives you 17 SPBs*

7 Download Sea Plane Bases for RTMM - By Jan HERE - This gives you 12 SPBs*

8. Downlad the Alaskan Lighthouses - By Doug Linn HERE - This gives you 18 lighthouses.

9. Download the Canadian Lighthouses - By Doug Linn HERE - This gives you 48 lighthouses.

10. Put all of these into your COMMUNITY folder - Restart FS2020 - And Enjoy!

NOTAM1: Misty's Place is our fictional "home base" and you can download that from the top of the Scenery Page HERE. All other locations in RTMM are REAL locations, only Misty's Place is fictional.

NOTAM2: RTMM is now compatible with ORBX Alaska Mesh, in fact it is RECOMMENDED.

The Beaver is what we all have been waiting for...it is perfect for the RTMM scenery package as most of our locations are on the water. Each location has its own ICAO so you can set it into your GPS "direct" and go right to the location. Each location has "transparent" water runways and all have docks or mooring balls. 

We hope you will visit us, select the freeware you need for 161 cabins, 29 SPBs, 66 lighthouses, and 15 special lodges ... one stop FREEware shopping for Canadian and Alaska Bush lovers!


  •  A single download for all RTMM Scenery Flight plans for LNM and MSFS2020 that cover all of various RTMM scenery locations. 
<===  https://tinyurl.com/4sjdmtew Updated 12.08.2002

A. Forum & News
News, Help and Discussions, Special Downloads
  1. Use this to get your questions answered from RTMM Team Experts and for casual discussions with other RTMM members.
  2. First, sign up here (free) .
  3. "News" will show at the top inside the forum, or you can click on NOTAMs in the RTMM Library below.
B. Scenery
Downloading the Scenery Locations for RTMM FS2020

We are just beginning to populate the RTMM FS2020 Scenery page with FS2020 scenery packages.  Please click on number one below to see what is available at this time.  Each RTMM scenery package will also require that you have the rtmm-objectlib-<version> package which contains many common  RTMM FS2020 legacy objects that will support current and future RTMM FS2020 sceneries.  As a result, this package will be large even with only one scenery developed. 

  1. RTMM Scenery Page - information and download link for each location
  2. RTMM FS2020 OBJECT LIBRARY Package - common objects for all FS2020 Scenery
  4. Modification - A beginner's guide to creating scenery in FS2020 (on-going)
C. Navigation
Features to download to enhance Navigation and Planning
  1. Misty Flying Club Link - RTMM's Virtual Airline
  2. WayPoints FS2020 Table for RTMM - all locations identified
  3. Flight Plans for RTMM and MFC (coming soon)
D. Enhancements
Repaints, AI Traffic, SimObjects Downloads
  1. RTMM FS2020 Repaints
  2. AI Traffic and Enhancements
E. Activities
Special Activities for Return to Misty Moorings
  1. FS2020 Missions - zip files for complete missions
  2. Manual Dispatches - How to use them and the Dispatch Table
  3. How to use a Dispatch
  4. Video: Using a Dispatch
F. RTMM Library
Site Information, Maintenance and Archived Materials
  1. About Page - The RTMM team, copyrighting, authoring
  2. FS2020 FACTS Page - tips, tricks, things to remember
  3. Forum - sign up, chat, discuss
  4. FS2020 Maintenance Log for Site - anytime anything is updated, it is logged here
  5. NOTAMs - "News" on any changes for RTMM (FSX/P3D and FS2020)
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