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WELCOME to the Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) FS2020 Website. If you are using Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020), this is the RTMM section you should be using. We are only beginning to use Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) at RTMM so, at first,  our offerings will be sparse as we begin to add locations. RTMM in FS2020 will focus on bringing many of our real life scenery locations to FS2020 as well as some of our key "fantasy" locations like Misty's Place, our home base.  We will also be creating some brand new bush locations in the future.  In order to support this effort in a timely fashion, we are converting many of our current objects to be native FS2020 objects (.glTF models).  These converted objects will not feature PBR textures but will still fit into the scene well as native objects.  We do plan on integrating some full PBR .glTF models into our scenes as we progress.


A. Forum & News
News, Help and Discussions, Special Downloads
  1. Use this to get your questions answered from RTMM Team Experts and for casual discussions with other RTMM members.
  2. First, sign up here (free) .
  3. "News" will show at the top inside the forum, or you can click on NOTAMs in the RTMM Library below.
B. Scenery
Downloading the Scenery Locations for RTMM FS2020

We are just beginning to populate the RTMM FS2020 Scenery page with FS2020 scenery packages.  Please click on number one below to see what is available at this time.  Each RTMM scenery package will also require that you have the rtmm-objectlib-<version> package which contains many common  RTMM FS2020 legacy objects that will support current and future RTMM FS2020 sceneries.  As a result, this package will be large even with only one scenery developed. 

  1. RTMM Scenery Page - information and download link for each location
  2. RTMM FS2020 OBJECT LIBRARY Package - common objects for all FS2020 Scenery
  4. Modification - A beginner's guide to creating scenery in FS2020 (on-going)
C. Navigation
Features to download to enhance Navigation and Planning
  1. Misty Flying Club Link - RTMM's Virtual Airline
  2. WayPoints FS2020 Table for RTMM - all locations identified
  3. Flight Plans for RTMM and MFC (coming soon)
D. Enhancements
Repaints, AI Traffic, SimObjects Downloads
  1. RTMM FS2020 Repaints
  2. AI Traffic and Enhancements
E. Activities
Special Activities for Return to Misty Moorings
  1. FS2020 Missions - zip files for complete missions
  2. Manual Dispatches - How to use them and the Dispatch Table
  3. How to use a Dispatch
  4. Video: Using a Dispatch
F. RTMM Library
Site Information, Maintenance and Archived Materials
  1. About Page - The RTMM team, copyrighting, authoring
  2. FS2020 FACTS Page - tips, tricks, things to remember
  3. Forum - sign up, chat, discuss
  4. FS2020 Maintenance Log for Site - anytime anything is updated, it is logged here
  5. NOTAMs - "News" on any changes for RTMM (FSX/P3D and FS2020)
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