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Everything we have works now in FSX, FSXDX10 and Prepar3D

HISTORY: Years ago with Microsoft 2004, we started "Misty Moorings, Inc," a flight simulator site covering the Ketchikan area of Alaska. As FS2004 faded away and FSX took its place, many GA fans of our Misty Moorings, Inc. website for FS2004 asked us to create a website version for FSX, and FSX-DX10. The new effort was named "Return to Misty Moorings." Since RTMM started, we have moved forward to stay technically updated with Lockheed Martin's P3D V3 and V4.

EXPLORING and NAVIGATING RTMM: To explore the RTMM website, use the links in the right hand column, entitled "Site Internal Links" or in the "Features" section below this text. As you browse a page, you will see "back to top" links. These take you to the top of the page where there is a link called "Home" in the top header index. Clicking on that will bring you back to this page. Explore the site all you want, you'll always be able to find your way ‘Home’!

ABOUT RTMM: for details and information about the RTMM ‘ethos’ and RTMM’s policies, click the link ‘About Return to Misty Moorings’ in the right hand column. RTMM urges ALL potential users to read the document that is there.

SCENERY: After all, that’s why you’re here, right? RTMM offers over 700 quality scenery locations, mainly in Alaska, plus those in Canada and Hawaii - from a cabin to a community. There’s enough content here to keep RTMM pilots in the air for years to come.

GETTING STARTED: A useful feature is the RTMM Forum where you can interact with the RTMM Team for help or chat and mingle with over 3,000 other registered RTMM pilots. You can, if you wish, "Introduce Yourself" and say ‘Hello’ or ‘Bonjour’ or ‘Guten Tag’ or ‘Heg’ or whatever…..

In the Forum you'll find various technical subjects discussed and many problems raised and solved. A hallmark of the RTMM Forum is effective and timely help for RTMM users – ‘we never leave one of our own behind’. From here you can go to the Getting Started page where there is comprehensive guidance and information about finding, storing, and installing the RTMM scenery packages and much more. Now it’s up to you where you go next…Happy Landings!


Must Haves...'

Flight Simulator programs – all RTMM scenery is designed for and tested in:

  • Microsoft’s FSX updated with the ‘Acceleration’ pack (Amazon Link), and/or
  • Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D (Prepar3D Link)
Listed below is the region scenery software [payware] necessary for the proper operation of RTMM scenery areas and AI traffic - without it, most scenery and AI simply will not work or scenery will not display as intended:
  • Tongass Fjords Area - "Tongass Fjords" by FSAddon *
  • Ketchikan Area - "Pacific Fjords" (PFJ) (ORBX Link)
  • Vancouver and BC Area -"Pacific Northwest (PNW) " (ORBX Link)
  • Juneau to Anchorage Area - "Southeast Alaska" (SAK) (ORBX Link)

Object Libraries Necessary for all areas:

'Nice to Haves...' In addition to the ‘Must Haves...’ here are a few free programs to check out:

  • Plan-G
  • Little NavMap
  • Wildlife 2
  • Groundhandling 6

That’s it. RTMM has everything else you need … from ‘HERE TO THERE’

This website aims to give the user the full experience of flying and boating in one of the most beautiful regions of North America, if not the World. RTMM scenery is placed in the entire Southeast Alaska "Panhandle", a large part of British Columbia, parts of South Central Alaska and the Yukon Territory. These areas offer some of the very best "bush flying" experiences: exciting and beautiful in blue skies but also sometimes dangerous when they’re not! RTMM offers scenery for all GA pilot skill sets.

Because RTMM offers so many beautiful scenery locations spread far and wide, its focus is also on getting RTMM pilots "From Here to There". Hopefully, most of the RTMM aviators' time will be in the air flying from location to location and to make finding them a little easier RTMM has made over 1000 flight plans TO and FROM all locations. For those looking for more adventure, there are ‘Dispatches’, ‘Trip Tickets’, and ‘Medical Facilities’ and ‘Emergencies’. To explore these look at the links under "Here 2 There" in the right hand column.

Features: Here are some of the features of this site:

  • well-placed scenery in beautiful locations
  • location placement to enhance what is seen during the flight/voyage
  • ‘Plan-G’ maps to give overviews of the flights/voyages
  • 1000+ FSX/P3D flight plans ready to use
  • storylines that help bring you closer inside the RTMM experience
  • Trip Tickets (TripTic) … narration and commentary for flights
  • land routes and marine routes for land vehicles and boats
  • missions that will take you on flights of challenge and scenic discovery
  • RTMM's 'eSwitcher' -  a new and sophisticated, but easy to use, season changer - built to a professional standard

CONTACT: If you have questions about the site, if you find an error (and you might!), if you just need more information contact us at and we will try to respond to your email.

Ready to get started?

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RTMM WayPoint Program:

  • All of the RTMM locations and all of the USFS cabins are included in the RTMM WayPoint program.


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