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WELCOME to the Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) website. The purpose of this site is to offer FREEWARE to FSX and P3D flight simmers giving them nearly a thousand individual locations throughout the Alaska/Western Canada land area. The installation process basically follows the outline of the Site Map below. Each topic is linked to a page dedicated to the topic, with download links, explanations and installation instructions. Following the format of the Site Map below will act as your installation and discovery checklist. This is an EXTENSIVE combination of scenery locations, SimObject repaints and navigational plans. It will take a little time to have it all working properly but when you are finished, you will have a very complete scenery series for the Alaskan/Western Canadian Bush simming experience.


A. Forum & News
News, Help and Discussions, Special Downloads
  1. Use this to get your questions answered from RTMM Team Experts and for casual discussions with other RTMM members.
  2. First, sign up here (free) so we can help you through the installation process. You will also need to be logged into the forum to download the next needed package, Tongass X.
  3. "News" will show at the top inside the forum, or you can click on NOTAMs in the top-of-the-page headers which is a duplicate NOTAMs set.
B. Scenery
Downloading Tongass X and RTMM Scenery Locations


  1. Go to RTMM Forum, Join, Go to Tongass X Download at bottom of page
  2. Follow instructions to download Tongass X and Install

RTMM DOWNLOAD - files and instructions

There are nearly 850 specially-designed scenery locations throughout the RTMM area. The very large Scenery Object Library with re-engineered objects is incorporated into this download. Downloaded and Installed, this gives you the following locations:

  1. Alaska Power Project - Hydro Plants Information and Usage
  2. Blue Wave Energy Partners - Pipeline Information and Usage
  3. CIRP- Ice Stations Information and Usage
  4. RTMM Scenery Page - in depth information on each location
  5. USFS Cabins - Complete list of all USFS cabins and lighthouses in RTMM *
  6. Getting Started
  7. Installing the Object Libraries (for Traditional Installation)
  8. AFTER MASTER DOWNLOADS table (for items added after the master file creation)
D. Enhancements
Repaints and RTMM SimObject Downloads
  1. AI Shipping - Shipping for entire RTMM Area
  2. AI Traffic- Local Boats and ships for the RTMM area
  3. Boating - The Moorings, Boating Activities, River Runs
  4. BWEP Repaints - Helicopters, Planes, Ships
  5. Enhancements - Traffic, Repaints, etc
  6. RTMM Repaints of Helicopters, Planes, and Boats
E. Activities
Special Activities for Return to Misty Moorings
  1. Automated Dispatches - how the work, setup
  2. BWEP Dispatches
  3. Boating Page - water routes and river runs
  4. Flight Plans Package for all 650+ RTMM locations
  5. Medical Emergency Dispatches
  6. MultiPlayer - Flying with others online
  7. Missions - zip files for complete missions
  8. (Manual) Dispatches - How to Use them and Dispatch Table
  9. TripTics - How to use them
F. RTMM Library
Site Information, Maintenance and Archived Materials
  1. About Page - The RTMM Team, Copyrighting, authoring
  2. Designer's Corner - tips for RTMM designers
  3. FAQ Page - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
  4. Forum - Sign up, Chat, Discuss
  5. Maintenance Log for Site - anytime anything is updated, it is logged here
  6. Misty's Place- RTMM Videos, Ketchikan Weather, Archived documents, etc.
  7. NOTAMs - "News" on any changes for RTMM
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